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On Friday, Crude oil futures prices ascended after the biggest one-day rally climb in six years the day before, that drove by the news …

According to the Lundberg survey, the average price of a gallon of gasoline in the US has remained stable in the past two weeks, …

Truth about Oil & Gas Prices and the Economy

Oil and gas prices have been going up, and the whole thing continues to take up an important piece of the spotlight. Because we know that the average gallon of gasoline is hovering around $4, it is considered that either some left-wing conspiracy must be promoting alternative energy or proofing that is enough to develop our own resources, according to the right wing claims.

Ben Bernanke Cautions on Slow Growth of Job Market

The recovery of U.S. from the brutal recession has been uneven and modest, and has been hampered by a depressed housing market, tight credit for borrowers, budget-leashed governments and uncertainties in resolving the eurozone debt crisis. The job market is far from normal. Continued improvement is likely to require stronger growth in final demand and production.

Greece is Confident Even as Crude Oil Prices Rise on Iran Worries

A high rise in the oil market shot the crude oil prices above $ 102 a barrel in Asia. The rise in the crude oil prices come as Iran decided to increase threats to cut the supply of crude oil to many of the European countries from the region after sanctions were imposed by the European Union against the Iranian energy and banking sectors.

Iran Threatens to Block Oil Transportation, Crude Oil Prices Rise

This year end has seen a rise in the prices of crude oil for the sixth day, adding 0.1% or 11 cents to $101.45 a barrel on Globex during Asian trading hours. This has been the highest level for crude oil in the past six months.

Crude Oil Prices Drop Despite Projections of Stable Demand

Due to weak economic growth projections in the United States, slumping manufacturing activity in China, and continuing instability in Europe, oil prices dropped yesterday …

New York sees a huge drop in Oil And Gas Prices

Crude oil and natural gas prices in New York are dropping, according to the latest reports. The crude oil futures contract on the 12th of October closed at a rate lower than was expected. With weather conditions easing up and natural gas reserves expected to grow, natural gas prices in New York too have dropped, at a rate of 3.6%.

Slippery Slope for global economic recovery: Oil price close to $100 a barrel

With heating oil and crude oil prices reaching 27-month highs as supplies of crude fell to the lowest level in 11 months, the scary …

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