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The Chinese economy growth ducked 7% below on Monday, for the first time since the world financial crisis. This activity has left Beijing in …

Disappointing China’s factory output for May bolster fears over country’s growth

The newest findings showed that China’s factory output contracted in May, strengthening concerns over world’s second economy growth. The contraction, which was driven by anemic export orders and weak domestic demand, indicated that China was losing its stem in the second quarter of the year. But what is interesting is the fact that HSBC data showed a more pessimistic picture of the China’s economy as official figures indicated that manufacturing rose in May.

IMF pushes China to introduce essential reforms as it cuts growth outlook

It may come as no surprise that the IMF decided to downgrade its growth outlook for China. The revision was driven by weak global economic conditions and unsatisfactory results recorded in China as well. Indeed, the IMF is concerned about the economic recovery in China and it believes that the country’s authorities should introduce essential reforms aimed at bringing a sustainable recovery.

China sees industrial profit climb in April

China saw its industrial profit climb in April as the energy and automotive sectors visibly accelerated. Yet the Chinese officials pour cold water on hopes that the economy will recover at the faster pace.

Bad days are gathering over China’s manufacturing in May

Apparently, signs of the China’s economic recovery are weakening as the latest flash manufacturing PMI showed that factory activity slumped significantly in May. Data released by HSBC Holdings Plc indicated that the economic growth of the world’s second economy was visibly slackening in the second quarter of the year. It seems that bad days are gathering over China’s manufacturing.

Further stimulus unlikely, China’s Premier Li says

China’s Premier Li Keqiang surprised analysts as he announced that further stimulus measures to foster growth were unlikely. Certainly, this new approach is surprising for many analysts, taking into account that Premier Li Keqiang underlined that the world’s second economy should have faith in market mechanisms. The statement of the prime minister dealt a lethal blow to some investors’ hope that China will take more aggressive steps to boost the economy.

China saw inflation speed up in April

Even though China saw inflation speed up vaguely in April, it remained subdued, thereby making it possible for the government to introduce measures aimed at fostering the economy. Concerns have been recently raised over the strength of the economic recovery and the state of the world’s second economy.

Little sunshine over China as trade growth in April beats expectations

It seems that there is little sunshine over China as country’s trade growth substantially improved in April, topping analysts’ estimates. Indeed, China surprised with its figures on exports and imports as they climbed more than initially estimated. Recent data will certainly assuage some concerns over weakness in the economic recovery of China, but many questions and worries have not been resolved yet.

China and India see services PMI drop in April

Two fast growing economies, China and India, saw their services PMI slump significantly in April. Certainly, it is not good news as indeed these two countries with other Asian nations have been driving the growth of the global economy – nothing to sneeze at. The findings by HSBC Holdings show, however, that India and China will face more challenges on their growth road.

Black clouds over China as its factory PMI slows down in April

It seems that black clouds are again over China. The world’s second economy saw its manufacturing activity slow down in April more than expected, raising fears that the highly-anticipated recovery was not strong enough. The drop in the China’s manufacturing PMI in April awoke fears that the slowdown in the China’s economy would also be witnessed in the second quarter.

China’s manufacturing PMI embitters

China’s manufacturing activity for April certainly embittered analysts and markets as the preliminary reading showed that the factory activity expanded at a slower pace than initially expected, adding to signs that the world’s second economy was slowing down. There are still many various obstacles ahead of China which is trying to get back on the growth track.

China saddens with its GDP growth of 7.7%

The latest data on the China’s economy saddened analysts as figures showed that GDP growth in the first quarter of the year was lower than initially anticipated. Economists ask themselves whether that means that global expansion is slowing down.

March sees China’s inflation slowing down

Following Chinese New Year holiday, there was good news for the China’s economy. Inflation was contained and the country saw the 10-month high food prices drop. Implementing a ‘prudent monetary policy’, the governor of the People’s Bank of China underlined that the policy would not be ’relaxed’ or ‘relatively neutral.’

China manufacturing activity improves in March

As it was widely expected, China’s manufacturing activity improved in March adding to signs of the much-anticipated economic recovery in the Asian dragon. Even though China witnessed an expansion in its factory output, analysts expected a bigger increase.

China to replace US as the World’s Biggest Economy in 2016

According to the new study by the OECD, China will witness economic growth of 8.5 percent in 2013. To secure its economic growth, Chinese authorities should be more focused on crucial reforms in several areas. If China secures the rate of economic growth, it will replace the United States as the world’s largest economy in 2016.

China Manufacturing Slowely Rebounds in March after Feb’s Plunge

Newest preliminary data showed that China’s manufacturing rebounded moderately in March after the world’s second economy saw its factory activity slump in February due to the timing of the Lunar New Year holiday. The findings were welcomed with a relief as an increase in a key gauge might mean that the China’s economy is after all on the road of recovery. Certainly, all this will help new Premier Li Keqiang to make the China’s economy stand on its feet.

China enjoys strong exports in February

Official data showed that China enjoyed strong exports in February, highlighting signs that the economy was deliberately rebounding. Yet, China’s imports were weak, missing analysts’ expectations. The surprisingly good results of China’s exports were driven by improving global demand. In addition, data on China’s exports was higher-than-expected, leaving some analysts baffled as they had estimated that the economy would see a trade deficit due to the timing of Lunar New Year holiday.

China maintains 7.5% growth target for 2013

On the 5th of February, Wen Jiabao informed that the growth target for 2013 was left unchanged at 7.5 percent. While the leaders did not decide to change growth target, they modified inflation goal establishing it at the level of 3.5 percent. In addition, China wants to boost consumer spending as it aims to have an internal-driven economy so that it will be not so much dependent on external factors.

China’s manufacturing PMI drops to 50.1 in February

On the 1st of March, the National Bureau of Statistics released its data showing that the China’s manufacturing sector slowed down in February. The slower-than-expected expansion suggests that the China’s economic recovery might be losing its momentum. Data showed that the significant gauge dropped to 50.1 in February from 50.4 in January.

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