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In-Byung Kang said in a statement that by 2017 the company will have successfully developed an Ultra HD OLED panel more than 60-inches in size, which will be flexible as well as transparent.

LG Demonstrates World’s First 18-Inch Flexible, Transparent OLED Display

Korean manufacturer LG Electronics has created a TV screen so flexible that it can be rolled into a tube measuring just 3cm across. On Thursday the company demonstrated the world’s first rollable 18-inch flexible OLED panel as well as an 18-inch transparent OLED panel. With TVs turning thinner these days, the new rollable factor will [...]

Amazon's own employees recognized the serious problem its process created. Many customers have objected in regards to the virtual purchases made by the children.

Amazon Sued by FTC over In-App Purchases by Kids

America’s biggest online retailer has been sued by the Federal Trade Commission after a recent report that the organization charged a hundred thousands of dollars in unaccredited transactions through smartphone applications. The lawsuit has been recorded in U.S. District Court in Seattle as the retailer permitted children to buy virtual products in gaming applications. [...]

One developing issue is the expanding utilization of microplastics straightforwardly in consumer goods, for example, microbeads in toothpaste, gels and facial cleaning agents, the Year Book says.

UNEP: Plastic Waste causes $ 13 billion damage to Marine Ecosystem

Plastic waste causes an overall financial damage of over $13 billion to marine ecosystems each year, according to two reports released on the opening day of the first United Nations Environment Assembly. The eleventh version of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Year Book takes a gander at ten issues hailed as materializing by past [...]

Last year alone in Oklahoma, there were over a hundred earthquakes of magnitude greater than 3.0.

Fracking Wastewater in Oklahoma Triggers Earthquakes, study says

According to a new study conducted by top US universities, four wastewater wells in Oklahoma, where energy companies dump water following the completion of hydraulic fracturing process, has caused a series of earthquakes, some 30km from the site in the past five years. The report, published in Science magazine, wrapped up on the Midwestern state, [...]

The bogus charges levied were for services such as flirting tips, horoscopes, wallpaper, celebrity gossip and antivirus scans that were allegedly concealed on customers’ monthly bills.

FTC files suit against T-Mobile for fraudulently charging customers

On Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission filed suit against the nation’s No. 4 carrier T-Mobile, alleging that the wireless carrier earned a windfall in fees related to premium text message services that customers didn’t sign up for. The bogus charges levied were for services such as flirting tips, horoscopes, wallpaper, celebrity gossip and antivirus scans [...]

Juicy Juice is amongst several other brands that Nestlé sold off in past one year, including PowerBar a sports-nutrition brand and a major portion of Jenny Craig diet business.

Here’s Why Nestlé Sold Juicy Juice to Brynwood Partners

Nestlé SA has sold its Juicy Juice brand to buyout firm Brynwood Partners, in its latest bid to simplify its rambling U.S. business by flaking off languishing brands. Brynwood, of Greenwich, Conn., has a thing for snapping out-of-favor brands from multinational corporations and has long been a regular buyer of Nestlé’s desolated brands including Bit-O-Honey [...]

Fearing that movie pirates will use Google Glass to illegally record movies Google Glass wearers will now be asked to take them off in all UK cinemas

Just a Week after Launch Google Glass Banned from all UK Cinemas

Google Glass which recently went on sale in the UK is now under already banned from local cinemas amidst piracy concerns. Fearing that pirates will use Google Glass to illegally record movies Google Glass wearers will now be asked to take them off. According to a recent report published by the Independent, UK cinemas are [...]

In 2011, Retail giant Wal-Mart pledged to pool $20 billion of goods from U.S. women-owned businesses by 2016.

Wal-Mart Encourages Women Entrepreneurs with new ‘Women-Owned Businesses Logo’

Consumers are more likely to purchase products that make them feel good about the fact that they are making a difference in the world. Retail labels across America’s are designed to appeal consumer’s preferences and values, be it ‘gluten-free’, ‘fair-trade’, ‘locally sourced’ or ‘organically certified’ or ‘made in America’. Not long from now, shoppers will [...]

(Attorney Paul Clement)

Supreme Court Rules Aereo as illegal, Victory for Nation’s Biggest Television Broadcasters

On Wednesday, the U.S. Supreme Court reached a 6-3 decision against TV streaming service Aereo, which held that the company’s technology of allowing subscribers stream and record broadcast TV without the broadcaster’s permission violated the Copyright Act. Justices ruled that Aereo is tantamount to a cable company, not merely an equipment provider. Cable companies normally [...]

The Harvester transforms organic fertilizers from scraps of meat, seafood, deli and produce division that is then sold to agriculturists, farmers and retail clients.

WISErg Brings Food Waste Recycler to California

WISErg, a bio-tech organization that recycles disposed food waste into organic compost while reaping data from the scraps, announced today that it has raised a Series B round of $5 million from private investors. Total WISErg funding rose to $7.75 million and will permit the Redmond, WA-based organization to venture into California. WISErg makes food [...]

Is London overtaking Silicon Valley?

Overtaking Silicon Valley!? Is London blowing its tech trumpet too early?

It’s London Technology Week the capital’s flagship event, celebrating the city’s status as a global tech powerhouse. Leading tech juggernauts such as Microsoft, Google, Eventbrite, Yammer and Samsung are set to attend the event next to local successes such as Mind Candy and Hassle. Over the next week there will be more than 200 events showcasing ideas from leading tech companies attended by more than [...]

Infosys gets its first CEO from outside the Founders Club. Guess Who?

Infosys gets its first CEO from outside the Founders Club. Guess Who?

Under constant pressure over the mass departure of its staff, India’s second largest software and outsourcing company Infosys Ltd. appointed SAP AG executive board member Vishal Sikka as the chief executive officer and managing director (CEO and MD) of the company on Thursday. In the meantime, current executive chairman, Infosys’s founder N.R.Narayana Murthy and executive [...]

Grand Central Bakery, Portland, Oregon.

Americans have more confidence on small businesses than large US Corporations

A majority of Americans, in a new poll condemn that large U.S. corporations are much better at creating good jobs for citizen in other countries than for Americans. Grand Central Bakery, Portland, Oregon. Results of a Gallup survey released last month revealed that respondents have more confidence in small businesses than large, with 43 percent [...]

Seamless White Background Photography

This is real: Amazon Granted Patent for taking Photographs against White Background!

In one of the most bizarre patent news that comes straight from the US Patent and Trademark Office recently – Amazon has now been granted a patent for photographing people and products against a white background. Currently debates are going on whether the patent will cause any serious disruptions in the world of photography or [...]

Google Shopping Express

Google Expands Same-Day Delivery Shopping Express Service

Unfazed by some of the defunct home-delivery operations, Google is preparing to roll out same-day delivery for online retail customers in West L.A. and Manhattan. Google’s shopping express service promises to offer products from a variety of retailers including Costco, Target, Walgreens and L’Occitane within hours for a flat fee of $4.99 per store. The [...]

Image: Google Driverless Car

Google’s Driverless Car Can Navigate Through Chaotic City Streets

According to the latest updates released by Google, its self-driving cars can now navigate through the chaotic city streets and a range of different challenges they bring from jaywalkers, bicyclists, blind corners, blocked lanes and railway crossings, a significant milestone for any commercially available self-driving car technology. The driverless car program, launched in 2009 have [...]

James Patten interactive chemistry display

The future of Touch Screen is here! Your hands could be the next best Computer Interface!!

James Patten sees the future of human interaction with computers differently than we normally do.  An interaction designer, inventor and a visual artist, James Patten is the founder and principal of the design firm Patten Studio. Patten often gets at play, to spark innovation between the intersection of the physical and digital world questioning the [...]

Giving in to inflationary pressue that affects profit margins for the company, Chipotle executives are considering an increase of 3% to 5% in its menu prices.

Beware Burrito Lovers! Chipotle plans to charge you up to 5% more for your favourite meal !!

Mexican food chain, Chipotle recently announced that it would raise prices for the first time in three years. Chipotle Chief Financial Officer, Jack Hartung during the quarterly earnings call on April 17th said that “We plan to increase prices on average somewhere in the mid-single digits. We expect we will start installing the menu boards with [...]

Solar- powered Ubuntu laptop is set to enter the market at $350. While the submersible waterproof model, comes at a price tag of $400. (Image Credit: WeWi Telecommunications, Inc.)

Meet World’s First Solar Powered Laptop that makes Battlestar Galactica Designs look Lame

Overview: A Canada-based inventor has created the world’s first solar-powered Ubuntu laptop that will cost you just $350. ‘Sol’ has a 10-hour battery life that comes from two to three hours of sunshine and can be exclusively used for military and off-road purposes. It had a built-in GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFI and 3G/4G LTE. Canadian [...]