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Google makes ‘Time Travel’ possible for users who want to see how the world has changed!!

Google Inc., pioneer in Internet search and innovative technology is now taking a step further by introducing a new feature in Street View service …

Beware Burrito Lovers! Chipotle plans to charge you up to 5% more for your favourite meal !!

Mexican food chain, Chipotle recently announced that it would raise prices for the first time in three years. Chipotle Chief Financial Officer, Jack Hartung …

U.S. Police Departments considering Google Glass, to be Used to Combat Crime

Police departments throughout the U.S. are considering the use of Google Glass as a crime fighting tool. During a press conference last week, New …

Google Glass makes its way in to the Airline Industry

Virgin Atlantic is working with SITA, the IT Company specializing in air transport industry on a six-week trial project. Employees at Heathrow airport terminal …

World Bank’s Thirsty Energy Initiative Signifies Growing Importance of Energy-Water Nexus

Two of our highly important global resources, Energy and water are intricately linked. However, when it comes to organising, the regulatory agencies, who manage …

Samsung teaser reveals Samsung Galaxy S5 features

Korean phone manufacturer Samsung is reportedly expected to announce its highly-anticipated Galaxy S5 at its Unpacked event at this year’s Mobile World Congress (MWC) …

Microsoft and Nokia Team Up to launch a windows 8 smartphone.

In a bid to up Nokia’s sales again, the Finnish company has decided to team up with the new version of Windows, Windows 8 and has planned to launch a smartphone. This news comes as no surprise to the various sources spread across the country. Since Nokia has been hitting an all-time low in business for some time now and seeing that their competition are getting famous and ahead of them. This might have in a way triggered off the want to up the business again.

Japanese economy on a recovery path while other countries still worry the global slowdown

According to the reports released by a popular Business Magazine on Monday, the economy of Japan led by the robust reconstruction and spending of the consumers is still recovering after the country was hit by an earthquake only last year. The government reported on Monday that there are still signs that show a slowdown in the economies of the global market. This factor of slowing down of economy is spreading and it poses a threat to the market all over the world.

Slowest Q2 GDP growth for China in three years

According to the reports by some business magazine in line with a poll from the Reuters, the GDP number for China marked a sixth consecutive quarter of easing growth. These reports have left the analysts trying to accumulate data and figure out whether the second quarter of the year will mark the bottom or the extension of this downward cycle. It is important for the investors that the trajectory of economy is facing a downward slope not only in the country of China, the second largest economy of the world but also other emerging economies.

Telstra ends its struggle in New Zealand, sells off to Vodafone.

According to the reports released by a Business Magazine on Thursday, Australia based company Telstra has stated that it would sell its struggling operations in New Zealand to Vodafone, an operator of mobile services in Britain. This step will help bring more muscle for competing with Telecom New Zealand which is the leading telecommunications provider in the country.

Marks & Spencer hits the all time worst

The business of Marks & Spencer deals with clothes, upmarket foods, footwear and home ware as well. As per reports from the firm on Tuesday Kate Bostock, the head of its non food business is going to leave the business and thereby add her name to an elite list which maintains significant departures of top managements this year.

UBS Note leading to a political crisis in UK on Rate fixing of Libor

According to the document that was published in a business magazine simple proposals for the improvement of the legitimate policies were stated. The Labour party’s spokesman stated that the document included efforts to lower the costs of the banks’ lending among themselves during the crunch credit situation. The finance minister of the coalition, George Osborne was called upon to withdraw the false allegations on the people close to Brown were made that they were involved in the scandal of rate fixing.

“Absence” of the British from the Battersea Power Station auction

The significant Battersea Power Station site that covers a total area of 39 acres is situated on the southern bank of River Thames. The site has two power stations that have a twin or identical design that comprises of a layout that can be called as a four chimney layout. The two stations were built at different times one in the 1930s and the other in 1950s in such a way that it looked like one single building. Even though the station has stopped generating electricity long back in the year 1983 it has been considered as one of the famous landmarks of the city for a period of nearly 50 years.

World’s Most Popular New Gen Companies With Big Impacts

FrescoData is without a doubt the world’s foremost email lists and marketing lists company and is rightfully listed in 100 best New Gen countries. It is a provider of top quality email lists of business contacts globally. The company has distinguished itself as a provider of the world’s most complete, accurate and up-to-date business contacts and company data. The company offers email lists of top quality business decision makers, CEO Email lists and executives’ management lists.

Spain Downfall Strengthens Fears on Debt Crisis

The economic problems of Spain were put in strong relief after figures showed that unemployment is near 25 percent Friday.The figures showed that unemployment has spiked to 24.4 percent in the first quarter of 2012. Now people are afraid that France, the second-biggest eurozone economy, also could face a downgrade from S&P after the presidential elections.

Dropping Deutsche Bank Q1 Profit after Crisis Reduces Trading

Deutsche Bank AG reported a fall in its first-quarter net profit by one-third from a record level a year earlier. Deutsche Bank blames this on the sluggish client activity, which has continued to pressurize investment banking activities across the board and due to exceptional charges has resulted in the bank’s effort to reduce risks.

World’s Youngest CEO: Harli Jordean

Harli Jordean’s marble company has a long story behind its evolution. London’s tiny tycoon has been running the blooming, prosperous and successful website for two years, selling anything from tubs of marbles to £599 limited edition Duke of York solitaire tables.

Vinci Construction

Vinci is a French construction and concessions company. Vinci was formerly called Société Générale d’Enterprises. There are over 179,000 employees working at Vinci and it is the largest construction company in the world by revenue. Vinci Construction offers our customers unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise.

Up, Up and Away at Mount Roraima

Within the heart of Venezuela’s dark and mysterious jungle lie islands, isolated islands of sandstone which have eventually been forgotten by time. Mount Roraima is the tallest of tepui plateau in the Pakaraima chain in South America.

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