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Steve Jobs in his Isaacson biography wrote that the meeting of biology and technology was going to be the next big phase of tech. The iWatch project began in late 2010, when Steve Jobs was still alive.

Practical, fluid and cool: The Apple iWatch

A smartwatch that will not just tell you time but also provide insights into the quality of living standards without pricey medical tests and visits to facilities? Yes Please! How about a smartwatch that can prove to be a boon for hypochondriacs?  Yes again! Introducing, the Apple iWatch The standalone Apple iWatch will be peripheral [...]

Steve Jobs

Apple & E-Book Publishers Held Responsible for Price Fixing

Steve Jobs helped organize and arrange for a complex price-fixing plan that cost its consumers tens of millions of dollars in the last two years by enhancing the price of many new releases and bestsellers by $3 to $5 each.

Apple Inc.

Possibility of One Trillion Dollars Market Cap for Apple

One trillion dollars! Piper Jaffray, analyst Gene Munster, thinks Apple could have one with twelve zeroes by 2012 as the market cap. Piper Jaffray has been trying to compare it with the relatively pedestrian $586 billion at which it currently stands.

The Apps World

Christmas brings Rush hour for iPhone and iPad App Developers

iPhones and iPads have been the most popular among the new generations. And when it is Christmas, it is the biggest day of the year for app sales. Hundreds of thousands of people will open their Christmas gift – the new iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. And soon after this, the downloading of games and other applications for them will start in abundance.

Apple iPad 2

iPad Replaces Textbooks, Enters The Education Sector

The world has changed increasingly over the last few years in terms of clubs of people, thinking and most of all, “technology”. Education was always considered vital for one reason. It was needed to compliment technology. And now is the phase where technology is used to compliment education. Well, if you are considering this contradictory, it’s not. It’s just in the reverse motion.

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Apple Genius Steve Jobs Dies At 56

Iconic inventor and superior tech guru, Steve Paul Jobs (1955-2011), known the world over as the co-founder and former CEO of Apple Inc., died on Wednesday. Jobs was only 56 years old and had been ailing from a number of health complications, which were also speculated as being the reason behind his resignation as the CEO of Apple Inc., some months back.

Steve Jobs Quits as CEO of Apple.

Apple Star Kid Quits. “I hereby resign as CEO of Apple” Says Jobs

Jobs’ stunning announcement said, “I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come.” Despite his long-continuing ill health, his resignation has caused shock waves in the tech [...]

Forget Start-Up Companies: Peter Thiel Invests in Start-Up Countries.

Forget Start-Up Companies: Peter Thiel Invests in Start-Up Countries.

The venture capitalist with the knack of identifying and investing in “the next big thing”, the founder of PayPal and the guy who helped Facebook expand beyond Harvard, Peter Thiel, has announced his latest investment: a $1.25 million funding to the Seasteading Institute towards developing what would essentially be floating sovereign nations. Imagining these start-up [...]

Android’s Edge Over Apple & Microsoft: Google to Buy Motorola for $12.5 bn

Android Scores a One Up Over Apple & Microsoft: Google to Buy Motorola

In its largest-ever acquisition deal, Google announced on Monday an all-cash acquisition bid to buy Motorola Mobility Holdings for $12.5 billion. The move is aimed at increasing the search engine giant’s leverage in the highly competitive mobile computing market. The deal with Motorola would give Google over 17,000 mobile technology patents. At a time when [...]

Apple Posts Quarterly Results: iPad, iPhone Boom in China Big Profit Chunk

Quarterly Results by Apple: Big Profits from China iPad iPhone Boom

With its third-quarterly earnings statistics showing an 82% increase in revenue, and 125% rise in profits year-on-year, Apple, while releasing these statistics, said that a massive jump in profits in China has contributed significantly towards Apple’s performance. With the released data suggesting that as compared to the 4% revenue share contributed by China over the [...]

Scott Forstall talks about iOS5 at Apple's WWDC

“Post-PC” Era Leaders iOS5 & iCloud unveiled by Jobs at Apple’s WWDC

Explaining the central theme of his presentation at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) yesterday, Scott Forstall, senior vice president of the iPhone Software at Apple said “”We have a lot of customers coming to us and saying ‘I want to buy an iPad as my only device’…And that’s exactly what we’re going to support in [...]

Apple claims top-spot in BrandZ Top 100 as world’s most valuable brand

Apple claims BrandZ Top 100 top-spot as world’s most valuable brand

The no.1 spot in BrandZ Top 100, the listing that identifies and ranks the world’s most valuable brands, has been taken by Apple this year, ending the four-year reign of search-engine giant Google. With its brand value estimated at over $153bn, the iPhone and iPad maker’s rank has been boosted significantly by the success of [...]

Foxconn factory_Foxconn set on $12 Billion Brazil expansion move

iPhone-maker Foxconn considers $12 Billion Brazil expansion move

The Taipei-based Taiwanese company, Foxconn, popularly known for being Apple’s iPhone and iPad maker, is considering spending around $12 billion over five to six years towards expanding by setting up production facilities in Brazil. This information, regarding Foxconn’s intentions, was released in a statement made by Dilma Rousseff, Brazil’s President. If this comes through, Foxconn’s [...]

iPad2 :worth the month-long wait

ipad2: worth the month-long wait? TAB-so-lutely.

Wait in a long queue for hours and hours on launch day for Apple’s newest “magical” baby (Apple has oft displayed its modesty by calling all of its devices “magical”), and you might start thinking “is this really going to be worth the wait ?” 10 minutes into the launch of the new tab, you [...]


$5 billion Intel microchip plant in Arizona by 2013

As part of a major global expansion plan, Intel Corp has announced plans of building a $5 billion, cutting-edge microchip factory in Arizona by 2013, sharply ramping up its U.S. manufacturing capacity. Designated Fab 42, this new chip manufacturing facility at Chandler, Arizona will be built as a 300mm factory. The cash-strapped western U.S. state, [...]

Nokia CEO Stephen Elop

The Out-Smarted Market of Connecting People: Nokia teams up with Microsoft

Nokia’s been a buzzing hive over the last week after the internal memo issued by new CEO Stephen Elop in which he candidly likened Nokia to a man standing on a burning oil platform, saying the company “poured gasoline” on its “own burning platform.”. The latest reports that are pouring in state that Nokia is [...]

honhai goes solar

Apple, Dell, Nokia supplier and world’s largest electronics maker, Hon Hai, goes solar

The world’s largest contract maker of electronic products by revenue, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., has made its first investment in a solar-cell company by acquiring a 36.77% stake in debt-ridden Taiwanese firm E-Ton Solar Tech Co. for NT$4.04 billion (US$139 million) via a private placement. This makes Hon Hai the latest Taiwanese technology firm [...]

Nintendo 3DS: Will 'We' make it the new ‘Wii’?

Nintendo 3DS: Will ‘We’ make it the new ‘Wii’?

At a press event in New York on Wednesday, Jan 20,the launch date of the  much awaited portable 3DS gaming device, Nintendo 3DS was announced. The Nintendo 3DS will hit US stores on Mar 27, 2011 for $250, the UK for a very expensive €249 on Mar 25, 2011 while Japan will be the first [...]

Steve Jobs Job is ‘Cook’ing

Steve Jobs Job is ‘Cook’ing

Steve Jobs, 55, CEO, Apple Inc. has taken yet another medical leave of absence, the second time in the two years maintaining his CEO profile and leaving Tim Cook, the Chief Operating Officer of the company in charge during the leave. Steve Jobs was diagnosed with a very rare form of Pancreatic Cancer somewhere in [...]