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Apple Ebook

Federal Charges Apple to Drive up EBooks Price-Fixing

On Tuesday, a federal appealed court in New York upheld a judge’s ruling that Apple Inc was guilty of conspiring with five publishers to drive up the price of e-books. By a 2-1 vote, the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals consented that the conspiracy has violated federal antitrust law, and that the judge acted […]


Apple to replace defective 3TB HD in older iMacs

If you have a 27-inch iMac with 3TB hard drive that was sold out between December 2013 and September 2013, which you’ve purchased within that time frame and got defected, Apple provides you its replacement program and will refund the amount of the hard drive as well. Recently, Apple has identified an issue in the […]

Apple music

State attorneys general investigating Apple music and label

Apple launched its brilliant Apple music services yesterday that could stream music over the internet for a fee. At the same time, the state attorneys general of New York and Connecticut were investigating Apple’s negotiation with record label conglomerate in search of potential antitrust violations. The two states attorney general were keen at knowing whether […]


iPhone Will Soon Start Guessing Where You Are Going to Point Finger

Apple’s senior software engineer, Craig Federighi unveiled iOS 9 at the company’s developers conference on Monday, where Federighi introduced new feature that will be seen in the iOS 9’s new versions – touch prediction. There’s almost no more hampering than tapping on a smartphone screen, just to have it do completely nothing. But, Apple’s forthcoming […]

June’s Smart Oven

June’s Smart Oven recognizes Food and Cooks Perfectly for You

Former Apple engineers have built an intelligent oven that uses image recognition technique to identify your food and cook perfect meals for you. Now, San Francisco-based startup – June has introduced a smart oven that automatically recognizes food items using image recognition system and cooks it perfectly every time. Professional chefs are already trained for […]

Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet to be more valued by 2018

According to a forecast made by Digi-Capital, it stated that the revenues from mobile internet are likely to increase massively over the next several years. The Mobile Internet Report Q1 2005, as spotted by TechCrunch, in which company notes 27 sectors across -mCommerce consumer apps, enterprise mobility, wearables, and mobile advertising with an assumption that […]


iPhone 6s rumor update, release date, specs and new features

Now that Apple’s latest device, the Apple Watch has been released, it’s time to look ahead to Apple’s next flagship smartphone, which is a mere three and a half months away. According to KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple’s newest offering will be called the iPhone 6s and will come with some significant changes including better […]

iOS 8.4 Beta 3 Version

Apple releases iOS 8.4 Beta 3 Version

After three week release of Apple’s iOS 8.4 first version, and two weeks release of its second version, finally Apple makes a debut of its iOS 8.4 Beta 3 Version. Apple, after its former two released versions, has come up with a big and new updated software – 3rd iOS 8.4 beta version. The recent […]


Apple Pledges to Boost Its Renewable Energy Goal

On Monday, CEO of Apple Inc. Tim Cook pledged to generate sufficient amount of energy through renewable energy source in China’s manufacturing plant, to power its global operations. Apple, is partnering with WWF which happens to have one of the largest energy manufacturing plants in Sichuan province of China. The company has disclosed a new […]


Apple is reportedly planning to launch iPhone trade-in programme in China with Foxconn

Cupertino, California-based Apple is apparently planning to introduce a trade-in programme for iPhones in China in association with contract manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group to cater to the huge demand for the US-company’s used smartphones. According to reports, the iPhone trade in program will start in Apple Stores on the 31st of March. Under the programme, […]

Apple iCloud

Apple issues security warning for iCloud following reports of hacks in China

On Tuesday, Apple posted a new security warning for users of its iCloud online storage service amid reports of a determined effort to intercept customer information and other data from people who use the service in China. “We’re aware of intermittent organized network attacks using insecure certificates to obtain user information, and we take this […]

The settlement would compensate consumers in nearly 33 states whose attorneys sought damages for Apple's price-fixing.

Apple agrees to pay $400 million settlement over e-book price fixing lawsuit

Tech giant Apple has agreed to pay as much as $400 million to reimburse consumers for illegally conspiring with publishers to fix the price of electronic books. According to a statement from New York’s attorney general, the settlement would compensate consumers in nearly 33 states whose attorneys sought damages for Apple’s price-fixing. Apple violated antitrust […]

On July 11, China Central Television citing Ma Ding, head of the online security institute at People’s Public Security University of China reported that iPhone function can gather information which could result into a leak of state secrets.

Apple to China: ‘iPhone is not a threat to National Security’

Apple Inc. has assured that location tracking on its iPhone can’t be utilized to track activities of its users, a day after China’s state-owned TV broadcaster made public revelation that its software could cause a serious security hazard. On July 11, China Central Television citing Ma Ding, head of the online security institute at People’s […]

U.S. Transportation Department Seek To Regulate Smartphone Navigation And Maps Applications

U.S. Transportation Department Seek To Regulate Smartphone Navigation And Maps Applications

The U.S. Transportation Department could be looking at the possibility of regulating Google and Apple Maps. If a proposed bill from President Obama’s administration is cleared, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) would regulate all kinds of navigation aids, including apps on smartphone and electronics built into car dashboards. The U.S. Transportation Department asserts […]

Samsung Galaxy F aka S5 Prime Flaunts a Metallic Panel [LEAKED IMAGES]

Samsung Galaxy F aka S5 Prime Flaunts a Metallic Panel [LEAKED IMAGES]

We’ve been enduring false rumors surrounding Samsung Galaxy F for quite some time now.  And just as were getting acquainted with them, someone anonymous tipster on the internet decided to leak images featuring the alleged device, setting the speculations and rumors on fire once again. Two set of pictures are doing rounds on the internet, […]

Image: Smarthouse Illustration

Internet of Things to be a $7 Trillion Industry by 2020

SUMMARY: The worldwide market for Internet of things will develop more than triple from US$1.9 trillion in 2013 to US$7.1 trillion in 2020, as per figures from IDC. Over the coming years, IDC expects product offerings will be differentiated and competition for the most part will heap on, especially around comprehensive solution offerings that infuse […]

Bitcoins accepted in a café in the Netherlands as of 2013

Apple New Policy Update to Allow Bitcoin Payments

Apple has raised the likelihood of utilizing iphones and ipads to perform transactions in bitcoin and other available cryptocurrencies, after a change in the for its app store. As of recently, the tech juggernaut had picked up a notoriety for dismissing app which facilitated cryptocurrency transactions, for the most part referring to rules which banned […]

Apple’s home automation initiative

Apple’s home automation initiative in the works, to be unveiled at WWDC

A recent report suggests that Apple may just unveil a new iOS-based platform that would let the iPhone or iPad control every aspect of the user’s home, from security systems, lights and connected appliances. The iPhone would be the focal point of a user’s digital universe. The report claims that this home automation system will […]

Image: Hacker Team doulCi

Biggest Non-Governmental Hack … Apple’s iCloud Breached by Dutch-Moroccan Hackers

iPhone theft accounts to half the crimes in cities like New York and San Francisco, pushing law makers in to imposing legislations that require smartphones to have a kill-switch. The proposed kill-switch technology under the Smartphone Theft Prevention Act allows smartphone owners to turn stolen devices into unreadable and unusable devices. Apple already has Activation […]