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NSA Headquarters

Apple Inc. Repudiates Claims About Working With NSA For Access To iPhone Data

Recently Apple categorically denied knowledge about the potential exploit in its iPhones that might have helped the US spy agencies to install backdoors into its products. The software implant for Apple iPhone is codenamed DROPOUTJEEP that has various kinds of handy spy capabilities.

in-car IOS

Audi and Google Inc. Join Hands To Bring Android Into Cars

According to reports Android was planning to team up with auto makers to get larger market share in information and entertainment market. However, the platform experienced fierce opposition. Many car makers want to defend their branding over their in-car systems. Google Inc. also plans to use Miracast, a Wi-Fi Direct integrated screen-casting standard to display apps from an Android smartphone on an in-car system.

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. on a buying spree; acquires digital mapping firm BroadMap and note-taking app Catch

Apple Inc.’s buying spree continues. It has reportedly acquired two companies, mapping company BroadMap and note-taking firm Catch. The Cupertino-based company purchased both the companies for an undisclosed amount. While BroadMap, which is a mapping firm, was acquired in the first half of 2013, Catch was acquired in recent months.

Tax dodging

Apple Inc., Google Inc., Facebook Inc., Inc. and eBay Inc. accused of UK Tax Dodging

The Five Internet Companies, Apple Inc., Google Inc., Facebook Inc., Inc. and eBay Inc. are accused of UK Tax dodging. The money owed to the exchequer is known by the officials as the tax Gap has grown to an epiphora of 35 billion HM Revenue and Customs has admitted.

Cue App

Apple Inc. reportedly buys Personal Assistant App Cue

Apple buys the Cue App, the popular personal assistant app that had announced that it was shutting down. The terms of the deal is still undisclosed but as reports suggest it could be anywhere between $35 million to $60 million.

Apple iphone 5C

Will the launch of Iphone 5S and Iphone 5C elevate Apple’s Sales Graph?

Apple Inc. introduced a pair of new iPhones, including a cheaper plastic version in bright colours and an updated high-end device with a fingerprint scanner. The new devices, which were unveiled by Apple chief executive Tim Cook at the company’s headquarters in Cupertino, California is seen as a strategy shift to reach a broader range of customers around the world.

Iphone 5s

iPhone 6 release date, features, price and more gossip

Since the release of iPhone 5, rumours about its follower have filled the internet, analyzing how the next gen Apple smartphone could evolve. Apple’s iPhone 5S or iPhone 6, depending on which name the Apple Inc. goes for, is arguably the most hotly anticipated smartphone of the year.

iphone 5 IOS 7

Apple cuts ice with new iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks software updates at WWDC keynote

At WWDC 2013, Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook did what this technology giant has always been famous for- setting the industry standards – from presentation to the slew of software updates and revamps, new service products for their top of the line desktop and mobile operating systems.

Apple Inc. to launch iRadio

Apple to start trade-ins on its iPhone in US and mulls launch of iRadio

Apple Inc. has begun a new program in continuation to its earlier programs to offer latest models to loyal users. Most analysts believe it is also a step to counter the Samsung Electronics Co.’s deluge of latest smartphones and devices.

Story of patent wars between two giants continues

Story of Samsung – Apple patent wars continues

It is nothing new that Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. have been at war with each other for infringing technology patents held by the respective companies, so simply the story, which is full of twists in the plot, continues. Considering that Samsung Electronics Co. provides the processors used in Apple’s products, the patent wars are long-drawn and involve a lot of subtle contesting.

Apple Inc. continues to be embroiled in legal hassles over ebook pricing with the US government

Did Apple Inc. and publishers ‘control’ ebooks prices to beat Amazon?

Apple Inc. continues to be embroiled in legal hassles with the US government. On the 3rd of June 2013, the high net-worth technology company will be facing a non-jury trial filed by Department of Justice.
Apple Inc. set foot in the ebook market space in 2010 with its iBookstore. Prior to setting up of the ebook store, Apple Inc. had tied with several publishers to sell books on its platform. However, the company chose a pricing-model for its ebooks that was different from existing market structures.

Samsung Electronics - best in consumer devices

Samsung best in consumer devices say Consumers at CTIA show

Samsung Electronics Co., which has established itself as the market leader in the Android tablet and smartphone categories, was on display at 2013 E-Tech Awards on the 23rd of May at the CTIA trade show held in Las Vegas. In an interesting development, Apple Inc. has added one more Samsung model to its long list of Samsung devices that it wants the federal judges to review for patent infringement.

Tim Cook - CEO at Apple Inc.

Apple to face Senate’s criticism over US taxes

Black clouds are gathering over Apple Inc. and its CEO Tim Cook as the Senate panel has found that the smartphone giant avoids paying corporate income tax. The Apple CEO is due to excuse the company’s tax practices to the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigation on the 21st of May and it seems that he will face bitter criticism over the company’s operations.

Google to enter music streaming world

Google Inc to soon bring music streaming product

Famed Google Developer Conference Google I/O held between the 15th May and the 17th May in San Francisco emblazons the technology giant’s latest products, services and more. Google Inc. is expected to soon bring music streaming product as it wants to gain share in the market dominated by Apple Inc.

The US DoD approved Blackberry OS 10.

DoD reviews Apple and Samsung devices, approves BB 10

The competition among the top players in the smartphone and tablet segments has now reached the corridors of the US Department of Defense. Undeniably, the recent approval of Blackberry Operating System 10 by Pentagon implies that personnel can use Blackberry devices and applications for communication.

Apple Inc. ships nearly 20m tablets in Q1

Apple outperforms IDC projections as it ships 19.5 million tabs in Q1

Not surprisingly, Apple Inc.’s iPad, the game-changing device, continues to dominate market with its latest version release – the iPad mini. The research firm IDC projected that Apple Inc. would sell approximately 18.7 million units in the first three months of 2013.

Samsung Electronics Co.

Samsung delivers record profits on smartphone bonanza

Samsung Electronics Co. can surprise. And it has surprised again with its record quarterly profits exceeding analysts’ expectations as the smartphone bonanza continues. No doubt that the South Korean electronics manufacturer witnessed these strong results as strong sales of its Galaxy models indeed offset weak demand for the company’s TVs. It seems that Samsung Electronics Co. will enjoy maybe even stronger results in the upcoming months as its new Galaxy S4 smartphone is expected to strengthen the company’s presence in the US market.

Apple Inc.'s headquarters

Slew of Apple devices to arrive in autumn

The Apple Inc.’s conference on quarterly earnings turned out to be a curtain raiser on the devices to be released later this season. Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed that a follow-up to iPhone 5 will be launched by the end of the year. He also reiterated that Apple’s position as a market leader in the smartphone and tablet form factor was the ‘distinct and unique’ advantages it had due to hardware/software and services skills

Apple Inc. to pay multi-million settlement

Apple to pay $53 million as it aims to end service warranty issue

If news is to be believed, then, the much harried users of legacy iPhone variants and iPod Touch are likely to receive nearly $200 or more as compensation, against Apple’s refusal to service their devices despite a valid service warranty. According to a leaked settlement between consumers and the chief of Apple Inc.’s litigation unit-Noreen Krall, the US-based company will pay $53 million to settle a class-action suit.