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Renault sees sales surge in India

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Renault witnessed an increase in sales of Duster SUV in India

Renault witnessed an increase in sales of Duster SUV in India

Renault witnessed an increase in the sale of its Sports Utility Vehicle, Duster, in India as middle class families lifted sales by approximately 60 percent. The company may glory in its Duster SUV which bagged the Indian Car of the Year award.

India Strong

The Indian market has proved to be beneficial for Renault Duster in terms of sales as it gained popularity among mainly Indian middle class families. The New Year started at a good note for the French carmaker as its sales jumped by around 4,915 units in January. Renault Duster SUV gained popularity in India soon after its launch and the company delivered more than 25,000 units of the model in the last six months. Moreover, in the first three fiscal quarters of 2012, Renault Duster sold more than 60 percent units of vehicles while net sales dropped by a negligible 0.3 percent in the same period. In the initial month of its launch, the French carmaker Renault received about 12,000 bookings for Renault Duster SUV from Indians alone. Renault strongly believes that India will emerge as one of its top 10 markets in 2013.

Renault Duster gained immense popularity among Indian buyers and topped as the second most sought after Sports Utility Vehicle. With an increase in the sales of Duster, Renault also reported a gain in the production by 400,000 Dusters at its Romania plant. In contrast, the Europe’s largest carmaker, Volkswagen AG, reported a 16 percent drop in sales to around 53,140 units as demand for Polo and Vento slumped. Moreover, rival Mahindra and Mahindra bagged market share by introducing its own SUV Quanto in the Indian markets and kept a lower price range than Renault’s Duster. However, its good looks, sturdy body and an impressive power built compelled Indian buyers to opt for Renault Duster making it the second most sought after SUV in India.

‘Indian Car of the Year 2013’

The launch of Renault Duster started a series of distinctions which were received by the French carmaker in Mumbai on the 20th of December, 2012. The title of Indian car of the year 2013 was awarded to Renault Duster SUV due to its solid features like intrinsic design and high performance oriented qualities. Renault bagged 18 awards in the last seven months and has emerged as the most applauded carmaker in India. Renault was honored with awards such as car of the year, viewers’ choice, best mid-sized sedan and best utility vehicle. Renault Duster is included in the top 15 best-selling models of Indian cars and Indian sales of the car account for about two-third of Renault’s revenue.

Within a time frame of just two years Renault has succeeded in creating hype for its Sports Utility Vehicles in the Indian market. Prior to the launch of the model in the India, the monthly sales of Renault were estimated to be around 700 vehicles in the market. However, with the introduction of the SUV, sales increased to approximately 5000 units per month. The carmaker even received an approval from Mark Webber, Red Bull Formula 1 driver. Renault is rumored to launch the LPG version of Duster in India in 2013.

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