McDonalds New Mascot ‘Happy’ Makes People Feel Anything But Happy in the Meme Age

McDonalds has unveiled a new mascot named “Happy” which has been around in France since quite some time now. However, to some people the new mascot reminds of the mimic monster from the Final Fantasy franchise and much more. The backlash doesn’t end there, American audience has turned to display of creepy humor on Twitter making it absolutely certain that ‘Happy’ makes them feel anything but happy.

Image: McDonalds Happy Meal Ambassador 'Happy'

Image: McDonalds Happy Meal Ambassador 'Happy'

On Monday, McDonalds revealed a new low-fat yoghurt side dish and Happy in the U.S., to promote healthy meals, which comes less than a month after the unenthusiastic reception to Ronald McDonald’s makeover.

From McDonald's website:

“Happy is an animated McDonald’s Happy Meal box who was first introduced in 2009 to children and families in France. Happy has since made its way to Latin America and other countries in Europe and is now set to make a grand entrance in the U.S. Happy is about bringing more fun and excitement to kids’ meals, including eating wholesome food choices like low-fat yogurt.”

McDonalds spent millions of dollars on the happy meal ambassador that is a ‘happy meal with a face’ on it, to bring fun and excitement to kid’s meals. The happy meal ambassador will be introduced nationwide from May 23 and is expected to promote a balanced and wholesome meal.

McDonalds has always striked a cord in the mind of American audience for introducing scary mascots. Right from the nightmare inducing clown Ronald McDonald, the 1989 “Make It Mac Tonight’ crescent moon-man, the Evil Grimace character, and now the new big-toothed, bug-eyed mascot, the mascots have created nightmares for some of its consumers.

In the past, Ron Bergold, former Chief Creative officer at McDonalds had made a statement calling the milkshake stealing ‘Evil Grimace’ an accidental creation. “The original Grimace was scaly, mean-looking, had four arms, and had no charm whatsoever. He scared kids. We changed him to a soft, plush, two-armed blob of a sweetheart who only wanted McDonald’s milkshakes and to hang out with Ronald.”

McDonalds had road-tested the 2014 Happy Meal Ambassador ‘Happy’ in France in 2009 before unveiling it in the U.S. Julie Wenger, Senior Director of McDonalds U.S Marketing Unit said in the statement that “At McDonald's, we're always looking to bring fun and happiness to families.”

Just minutes after the new mascot was unveiled, social media reaction went swift, with two of the first four tweets even dropping F-bombs.

Image: McDonalds Happy Meal Ambassador 'Happy'

Image: McDonalds Happy Meal Ambassador 'Happy'

Take a look at a few infuriating and funny reactions from people on Twitter:





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