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Amazon’s New Uber-Like Delivery Model Is Coming Soon

The San-Francisco based Amazon is considering a new Uber-Like delivery model, using a crowd-sourced delivery system that it opens a new pool of potential …

Wal-Mart plans its own $50 per year shipping service to take on Amazon Prime

Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer plans to test a new unlimited shipping service for online shoppers this summer that will be priced lower than …

Wal-Mart builds supply chain networks to fulfill growing E-Commerce demands

Wal-Mart, one of the world’s fastest growing big-box retailers, has created a supply chain network mainly designed to meet e-commerce demands. The company expects …

Upset, Amazon Threatens to Take its Drone Testing Overseas

Amazon sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration monitioning that it would “have no choice” but to move a majority of its drone …

China Posts Record Surplus: Exports Up 9.4%, Imports Shrink

China’s exports climbed to a record surpassing earlier forecasts in August with increased shipments to the U.S. and Europe, while imports sunk out of …

Alibaba Plans to Ink History with the Biggest US IPO Ever!

Chinese e-commerce conglomerate Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., plans a noteworthy debut of its U.S. initial public offering that may additionally set the worldwide record. …

Amazon CFO Szkutak Retiring In Summer 2015, Olsavsky Named Successor

World’s biggest online retailer, Inc.’s Chief Financial Officer Thomas Szkutak after serving for more than a decade, will step down in June 2015 …

Amazon Clashes with Disney, Blocks Pre-Order Titles

There is no denying Amazon’s historical and present behavior has not only raised eyebrows but also created a certain imbalance in the market. Latest …

China Exports Accelerate in July, Imports Stall

With excessive demands from the west – U.S., Europe as well as Southeast Asia, China’s exports boosted, leading to a record monthly trade surplus, …

Amazon Sued by FTC over In-App Purchases by Kids

America’s biggest online retailer has been sued by the Federal Trade Commission after a recent report that the organization charged a hundred thousands …

Retail Industry Leader Amazon under the Noose?

Rarely has a contract negotiation between a retailer and a supplier made its way into the press. But for the past several months, Amazon’s …

This is real: Amazon Granted Patent for taking Photographs against White Background!

In one of the most bizarre patent news that comes straight from the US Patent and Trademark Office recently – Amazon has now been …

Rolls-Royce Drone Ships Set Course to Change the Face of Shipping Industry

While the shipping industry is at the heels of standards in comparison to developments in aviation industry, there have been talks about advances since …

U.S. joins forces with Russia for the upcoming Winter Olympics

In response to threats against the upcoming Winter Olympics from North Caucasus jihadists, who seek to institute a Caucasus Emirate separate from Russia, the Pentagon has agreed to aid Russian security forces with counter-terrorism technology.

Facebook: a new field for Artificial Intelligence

In order to generate more accurate, appealing, and personalized insights for users, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg has decided to launch a research lab for artificial intelligence. The worldwide leading social network will embrace the project in order to enrich its social newsfeed functions, which will be improved in order to offer more specific insights to its users, based on all the content they share on their profiles.

Wal-Mart business move, new CEO

Duke for Doug! Or the opposite? Never mind facts are that world’s largest retailer Wal-Mart, just changed top leadership, new CEO is company veteran Doug McMillon, 47. The replacement will take place on February 1and previous chief executive and President Mike Duke, 63 will remain with the company as chairman. It’s kind of a surprise that this announcement became public just few days before the start of the holiday shopping season, when Wal-Mart is expecting trouble again, or new CEO was maybe smart move.

Is ranking employees truly beneficial?

Have you ever wondered about which is the best way to carry on employee and staff evaluation in your company or the one you work for, in order to have a more efficient management? Several approaches have been put into practice, but before you choose one or suggest to somebody else, let us share with you the experience of one of the most important technology firms in the globe: Microsoft.

UK government faces harsh criticism over Huawei-BT deal

The report of the parliament’s intelligence and security committee was surely not a thing that was expected by the UK government which will certainly have to excuse its oversights regarding the Huawei-BT deal. Moreover, the report clearly underlined that there were many procedural mistakes while granting the access to British communications network to the Chinese company, including not providing ministers with necessary information about the plans.

Facebook to acquire navigation App Waze for $1bn?

If news bytes by people in the know-how at Facebook Inc. are to be believed, a high-net-worth-navigation app called Waze is likely to be acquired for an astounding $1 billion. Waze is a free-to-use navigation tool for mobile devices and popular in more than 193 countries.

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