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Cisco Live 2016: The Security Revolution is here!

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At Cisco Live 2016 on Monday the company announced three new network security additions for its Digital Network Architecture (DNA) solution to allow application developers, network engineers, channel partners, and IT customers to place advanced and simplified security within their network infrastructure layer. Those are: Umbrella Branch, Stealthwatch Learning Network License and Meraki MX Security Appliances with Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) and Threat Grid.

Cisco 2016 live

These network security additions are designed to essentially improve existing Cisco gear and expand security coverage, according to the company.

The first technology, Umbrella Branch cloud-delivered security software provides organizations simple, fast and comprehensive security over guest Wi-Fi usage through content filtering. The software can be activated on the Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISR) 4,000 series, and IT can apply to filter content and block malware, command and control (C2) callbacks, and phishing before these threats can reach the network.

The company's second new security technology, the Stealthwatch Learning Network License was acquired as part of Cisco's Lancope purchase for $452 million. It extends the company’s network as a sensor and enforcer capability for branch-level threat detection and response. The software lies on the ISR 4,000 series and offers new adaptive security anomaly detection technology.  It works by analyzing and identifying malicious traffic and data on the network device to provide protection against immediate threats.

Lastly, Meraki MX Security Appliances with AMP and Threat Grid is a cloud-managed unified threat management (UTM) solution that enables administrators to rapidly identify, manage, and find remedies for security threats by integrating Meraki cloud management with Cisco's threat-protection software. The system works through an automated cloud-based system for checking files against cloud databases to detect and block malicious content before users download them.

Besides the three Cisco security services, Nectar Services also launched a quality-of-service (QoS) application for DNA. The network monitoring, management, and diagnostic software provider automates quality of service to optimize communications experience across Cisco Unified Communications Manager and Microsoft Skype for Business, both running on a Cisco Network.

According to Nectar, the company offers UC device agnostic configuration, cut down the overall cost of ownership, and improves the UC and end-user experience by using its policy engine with a pre-decided QoS policy established by DNA.

First introduced in March, the Digital Network Architecture enables developers, engineers, partners, and customers to develop and manage what Cisco terms as digital-ready networks.

According to Cisco, the latest announcement is the most critical change to its enterprise networking model ever, and flagged its objective to develop a portfolio of security applications for the network-management solution.

As part of the Cisco One suite, DNA was developed to supplement its Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) for data centre and connected clouds management. Additionally, the company also briefed about a new APIC-EM Automation Platform; the Cisco Plug and Play cloud automation service; intelligent WAN; network settings management labelled Easy Quality of Service; an advanced version of its network operating system, named Cisco IOS XE, including network function virtualisation (NFV) for carriers to provide services; and analytics-as-a-service product CMX Cloud.

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