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Steel sector of China in troubles

Steel sector of China haunted by its absent warehouse stocks

Some of the Chinese banks and companies have discovered the fact that the steel that some of the loan defaulted firms pledged on was never present in the warehouses at all. The economy of China has faltered in the recent times thereby lowering the China steel price to a record low for a span of three years. The situation made it really tough for the traders and the mills to be at par with the debt payments that amounted to about $400 billion.

UPS truck_UPS goes green with telematics technology

The Parcel Service that’s Cutting Costs by Going Green: UPS

With fuel prices shooting through the roof, there’s been increasing interest expressed by global logistics leaders in developing technology that is likely to help cut costs as well as decrease impact on the environment. United Parcel Service (UPS), the world’s largest logistics corporation is doing exactly this, by starting to test implementation of a technology, […]


Kenco. Logistic Services. The Right Way.

Kenco is one of the nation’s leading third party logistics providers (3PL) managing over 100 facilities and 25 million square feet of warehouse space across North America. Kenco’s core competencies include  logistic services, transportation, real estate management and material handling equipment. The Kenco family of companies includes Kenco Logistic Services, Kenco Transportation, Kenco Toyota-Lift, Kenco […]