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Oskar Levander, the company’s Vice President of Innovation in Marine Engineering and Technology said that drone ships can offer much safe, cheaper and less polluting prospects for the $375 billion shipping industry that carries almost 90% of world trade.

Rolls-Royce Drone Ships Set Course to Change the Face of Shipping Industry

While the shipping industry is at the heels of standards in comparison to developments in aviation industry, there have been talks about advances since last few decades. Disappointingly the scenario hasn’t changed much.  Every now and then, news or statements surface hinting at a new technology to change the face of the industry some of [...]


Wal-Mart business move, new CEO

Duke for Doug! Or the opposite? Never mind facts are that world’s largest retailer Wal-Mart, just changed top leadership, new CEO is company veteran Doug McMillon, 47. The replacement will take place on February 1and previous chief executive and President Mike Duke, 63 will remain with the company as chairman. It’s kind of a surprise that this announcement became public just few days before the start of the holiday shopping season, when Wal-Mart is expecting trouble again, or new CEO was maybe smart move.


Knock, knock! Who’s there? Amazon.

Many of you must have experienced already how it feels like when you have to postpone all of your plans on Sundays, since many things don’t work in the same way as they do during the week. For some of you Amazon decided not to keep you wait for that package you would really needed before Monday. So starting from this week Amazon package could knock on your doors even on Sundays.

Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd

UK government faces harsh criticism over Huawei-BT deal

The report of the parliament’s intelligence and security committee was surely not a thing that was expected by the UK government which will certainly have to excuse its oversights regarding the Huawei-BT deal. Moreover, the report clearly underlined that there were many procedural mistakes while granting the access to British communications network to the Chinese company, including not providing ministers with necessary information about the plans.

The plane of IAG Spanish division Iberia

IAG Records Alarming Loss

On the 28th of February, International Airlines Group informed that it reported a net loss worth €943 million after battling through restructuring charges from its Spanish division Iberia. In addition, the company is planning to downsize its workforce by 3,800 people at its Iberia division in order to reduce costs.

Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

Singapore and Malaysia open new chapter with high-speed rail link

On the 19th of February, Singapore and Malaysia informed that a new high-speed rail link would be build between the wealthy city-state and Kuala Lumpur. The news on the new high-speed rail link between two cities opens a new chapter in the bilateral relations. The Southeast Asian neighbors certainly will benefit from this new communication link not only on a human level, but mainly on the economic one. Economic ties between Singapore and Malaysia will be even stronger than these days. The high-speed rail link is expected to be a “game changer” for both countries.

American Airlines and US Airways to merge

Merger of American & US Airways to be announced

At last, the merger of American Airlines and US Airways is said to be announced on the 14th of February. And if the day of the long-anticipated announcement may suggest that the merger has some romantic inclinations, the truth is that the transaction is clearly pragmatic. Undoubtedly, the deal will create one of the US largest carriers. But the merger of American Airlines and US Airways is also expected to be one of the last biggest transactions in a time of increased consolidation in an industry which has been recently struggling amid tough economic conditions.

Japan Airlines raised the operating profit forecast

Japan Airlines Raised Earning Estimates

On the 4th of February, Japan Airlines informed that it raised the operating profit forecast to 163 billion yen from analysts’ expectations of around 140 billion yen. Despite sluggish fourth quarter earnings, the airline the airline decided to raise forecast slightly more than 15 percent as demand for the European and American routes climbed.

Jeff Bezos, CEO at Inc.

Amazon Reports High Q4 Revenues While Profits Slump Inc. saw an increase in the fourth quarter earnings as revenues climbed by more than 20 percent during the holiday shopping season while the profits dropped as much as 45 percent.

Ryanair enjoyed strong results in Q3

Ryanair Sees its Q3 Profits Climb 21%

Ryanair witnessed strong profits in its third fiscal quarter ended December as the company enjoyed extensive pre-holiday reservations. The increase in fuel prices, however, did not seem to affect the profits of the airline.

The holiday season is the busiest period for shipping companies and postal services

Here comes Christmas, here come gifts – shipping companies in rush

Christmas is closer everyday… The suspense is increasing as presents are being sent out. Without a doubt the holiday season, namely the holiday shopping season, is the busiest period for shipping companies and postal services all over the world. And with Christmas only 14 days away, shipping companies and post offices are madly busy with all those holiday packages and presents.

American International Group Inc.

AIG decides to sell 80% of aircraft leasing unit to Chinese Group

American International Group Inc. informed that it would sell an 80.1 percent stake in its International Lease Finance Corp. to a group of Chinese investors for as much as $4.2 billion. The acquisition is expected to be the China’s biggest acquisition of an American company. What is more, the group of Chinese investors has an option to buy an extra stake of 9.9 percent, which would give them as much as a 90 percent stock in ILFC.

Delta Air Lines

Delta in talks to acquire Singapore Airlines stake in Virgin

On 3rd of December, Singapore Airlines informed that it was in talks with several companies which were interested in an acquisition of its 49 percent stake in Virgin Atlantic Airways. According to sources familiar with the situation, among those interested parties is Delta Air Lines which seeks ways to reinforce its international operations.

Cyber Monday shopping

At last Cyber Monday online deals to begin!

Here it comes, after days of waiting Cyber Monday deals are to begin. The phantom of the Thanksgiving evening, Black Friday and the weekend is slowly fading away to be replaced by Cyber Monday, which is expected to be the busiest online shopping day of 2012.

Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd

Virgin enters Scottish air as it grabs new routes

Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd will be operating Heathrow routes to two Scottish cities, Edinburgh and Aberdeen after being offer take-off and landing slots at the Heathrow airport. British Airways was made to relinquish these slots after the successful acquisition of BMI by International Consolidated Airlines Group, S.A.

Alibaba Group

Net profit for Alibaba Group in China doubles for the second quarter

China’s Alibaba Group has not only doubled its net profit margin reached for the April-June quarter in the recent quarter but also exceeded past the double value handsomely. Alibaba’s Q2 profit doubled and its sales for the period increased by approximately 7o percent thereby proving the fact that the biggest e-commerce firm of China has trifled the growing rivalry in the concerned sector.

eBay Inc.

EBay has been sued as a result of its illegal agreement with Intuit

E-commerce company eBay Inc. has been summoned on the 16th of November by the state of California and their Department of Justice as well. The case is a result of an illegal agreement of the e-commerce company eBay Inc. with Intuit Inc. that the former would not employ the workers of the latter.

Royal Mail's 2012 Christmas stamp

Royal Mail gears up for Christmas

Royal Mail gears up for Christmas as it hears Santa’s steps. Therefore Royal Mail has decided not only to open new handling centers to keep up with a boom in online shopping, but also to publish its new Christmas stamps and introduce a new cheap stamps scheme as well.

John Borghetti, CEO at Virgin Australia Holdings Ltd.

Virgin Australia sharpens its knives as it sells 10 % stake to Singapore Airlines

Virgin Australia Holdings Ltd. announced on the 30th of October that it sold a 10 percent stake to Singapore Airlines Ltd. The company announced two other deals as well. Virgin Australia, the Australia’s No. 2 carrier, is sharpening its knives as recent deals are aimed at threatening Qantas Airways Ltd., which has been a leader of Australian aviation market for over a decade.