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SABMiller, Coca-Cola and GFI create African Bottling Company

Beverage giant SABMiller, The Coca-Cola Company and Gutsche Family Investments (GFI) are combining their bottling operations of their non-alcoholic ready-to-drink beverages businesses in Southern and East Africa. The merger has led to the formation of Coca-Cola Beverages Africa with $2.9 billion (R32 billion) in revenue across 12 high-growth markets that make up 40% of all Coca-Cola beverage […]

Geberit Switzerland Jona Headquarters

Swiss firm Geberit offers to buy Finnish Sanitec for $1.35 Billion

Geberit of Switzerland, maker sanitary equipments, said it would buy Sanitec Corporation, Finnish maker of toilets and bathroom ceramics, for $1.4 billion in cash, in what could be marked as its biggest acquisition by CEO Albert Baehny. “The outstanding reputation of both companies for product quality and reliability, service and innovation combined with strong brands make […]

In 2011, Retail giant Wal-Mart pledged to pool $20 billion of goods from U.S. women-owned businesses by 2016.

Wal-Mart Encourages Women Entrepreneurs with new ‘Women-Owned Businesses Logo’

Consumers are more likely to purchase products that make them feel good about the fact that they are making a difference in the world. Retail labels across America’s are designed to appeal consumer’s preferences and values, be it ‘gluten-free’, ‘fair-trade’, ‘locally sourced’ or ‘organically certified’ or ‘made in America’. Not long from now, shoppers will […]

Union Wine Company #Beerification of Wine

Clever Packaging: A Great Way of Capitalize on Cost Cutting & Rebranding

Packaging is the primary means of communication brands use to create an identity and demonstrate their philosophy. It’s important for businesses to understand that the brand is fitting their target consumer sectors as well as the cultures it operates in. However, marketers see packaging more of a cost than an investment to remain competitive. Hence, […]


Hershey’s will soon be selling 3D printed edible chocolates!

3D Systems (DDD) announced a partnership with The Hershey Company last Thursday, in order to collaborate on creating a 3-D food printer that will be able to produce printed edible chocolates and other products.

3D-gun printing info removed for the website

State Department points gun at Defense Distributed to delete 3D gun print info

As expected, the US State Department has set things straight by directing the non-profit group Defense Distributed to remove all content related to the printing of handguns using 3-Dimensional printers from its website. Defense Distributed is the brain-child of Cody Wilson, an anarchist, who has been outspoken on 3D-gun printing ever since the recent gun-shooting sprees at schools that led to the death of several innocent students and teachers.

Era of e-book dominance has begun

New era of eBook dominance has begun

Is the centuries-old publishing business going to disappear for good? Probably not… But the latest survey shows that certainly a new era of e-book dominance has begun. And all this is because of fascination with digital tablets which are a main driver of a fundamental change in how Americans and also other nations read books. According to a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, e-book reading is growing at unexpectedly fast rate.

Emerald green -PANTONE's color of the year for 2013

Emerald green becomes prime color for 2013

Emerald green is to dominate 2013 as Pantone LLC has chosen it to be the color of the coming year. To be exact, PANTONE® 17-5641 Emerald has been chosen to be the color of the year for 2013 by the worldwide guru on color for a wide range of industries.

Encyclopaedia Britannica

‘Print’ No More for Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc.

After about 244 years, the Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc., a company based in Chicago, is departing from print. Encyclopaedia Britannica Inc. said that it will stop publishing print editions of its flagship encyclopedia for the first time ever since the sets were originally published in 1768, more than 200 years ago.