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Amazon’s New Uber-Like Delivery Model

Amazon’s New Uber-Like Delivery Model Is Coming Soon

The San-Francisco based Amazon is considering a new Uber-Like delivery model, using a crowd-sourced delivery system that it opens a new pool of potential drivers to deliver packages and existing retailers to store them – all powered by a mobile app. If the company’s new service materializes, then it will join both giant tech companies […]

Amazon Drone

Upset, Amazon Threatens to Take its Drone Testing Overseas

Amazon sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration monitioning that it would “have no choice” but to move a majority of its drone research outside the United States if it wasn’t allowed to carry out more testing outside soon. At present, Amazon is testing its delivery drones, which it hopes will gradually be able […]

Exports rose 9.4 percent in August, the Beijing-based General Administration of Customs said on Monday, beating an estimated rise of 8 percent however it is slower than July's 14.5 percent growth rate.

China Posts Record Surplus: Exports Up 9.4%, Imports Shrink

China’s exports climbed to a record surpassing earlier forecasts in August with increased shipments to the U.S. and Europe, while imports sunk out of the blue, pushing the trade surplus to a record high for the second consecutive month and underlining the difficulties confronting policymakers as they battle to revitalize unenthusiastic local demand. Exports rose […]

2014 Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi Russia on February 7-23

U.S. joins forces with Russia for the upcoming Winter Olympics

In response to threats against the upcoming Winter Olympics from North Caucasus jihadists, who seek to institute a Caucasus Emirate separate from Russia, the Pentagon has agreed to aid Russian security forces with counter-terrorism technology.

Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook: a new field for Artificial Intelligence

In order to generate more accurate, appealing, and personalized insights for users, Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg has decided to launch a research lab for artificial intelligence. The worldwide leading social network will embrace the project in order to enrich its social newsfeed functions, which will be improved in order to offer more specific insights to its users, based on all the content they share on their profiles.

Stack ranking microsoft

Is ranking employees truly beneficial?

Have you ever wondered about which is the best way to carry on employee and staff evaluation in your company or the one you work for, in order to have a more efficient management? Several approaches have been put into practice, but before you choose one or suggest to somebody else, let us share with you the experience of one of the most important technology firms in the globe: Microsoft.

Facebook to acquire the Waze app

Facebook to acquire navigation App Waze for $1bn?

If news bytes by people in the know-how at Facebook Inc. are to be believed, a high-net-worth-navigation app called Waze is likely to be acquired for an astounding $1 billion. Waze is a free-to-use navigation tool for mobile devices and popular in more than 193 countries.

Hewlett-Packard Co.

HP charges Autonomy with $8.8 billion for wrongdoing

Hewlett-Packard Co. has surprised analysts by alleging its British software unit, Autonomy, of a massive accounting scandal thereby charging them with $8.8 billion in write down. The HP accounting fraud is the latest in the chain of events that has once again raised concerns over the expertise of company’s top executives and board members as well.

Huawei and ZTE will not do business with the US companies

Expansion hopes of China telecoms dashed by US reports

According to a congressional report released on the 8th of October, two of the telecom equipment makers of China were stripped of their ambitions of doing business with the US companies. Chinese telecom’s hopes dashed as a result of this report thereby raising fears that would also retaliate at some point of time.