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The investigation comes amid escalating tensions with U.S. technology companies wrangled over data privacy and industrial espionage

Microsoft Under Scrutiny By The Chinese Government, Faces Antitrust Probe

In the latest of a growing number of competition probes that have unnerved U.S. technology companies in China, a Chinese regulator has opened an anti-monopoly probe into Microsoft Corp over problems arising from its Windows operating system. China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) seized computers and documents from offices in four cities, following an [...]

OkCupid duped users by inflating percentage scores when they actually had low compatibility, telling them that their compatibility score was 60 or 90%

Dating Site OkCupid Admits To Experimenting On User’s Compatibility Data

In a bid to refine the formula for finding love, online dating site OkCupid admitted to altering thousands of user profiles in a series of experiment including regularly pairing up seemingly mismatched people with fake statistics about how compatible they were. The revelations came on the heels of criticism of Facebook admitting to misleading users with [...]

The new suit means that Apple has to battle new patent infringements, in addition to its ongoing patent infringement case with Samsung and others.

Bose Files Lawsuit Against Beats Electronics Over Noise-Cancelling Patent

Bose Corp, one of the leading companies when it comes to sound technology has sued Beats Electronics over multiple alleged patents it holds related to noise-cancelling headphone technology, just months after the company was acquired for billions by Apple. The new suit means that Apple has to battle new patent infringements, in addition to its ongoing [...]

Bonzo Me pays users up to 80 percent of the earnings it receives from revenues of user generated posts.

Social media’s changing trend, users get paid for profitable posts

This month two new social networks were launched that share their profits with users for posts which go viral and attract advertisers. Instead of keeping the earnings for themselves, Bonzo Me and Bubblews provide unique ways for their users to make a buck for the material they share. The approach followed by these two new [...]

Canvas fingerprinting is basically utilized to build profiles of users based on their online activities, such as what ads they view, which news articles they find appealing

Meet the Creepiest New Tracking Tool that is virtually impossible to Block!

Remember the time when tracking of cookies restricted a few years ago, making it impossible for advertisers to track users and make more money? Well, it ended up with advertisers coming up with passable moves to track users every now and day, but none as strong and creative as the unwelcomed cooking-tracking moves that was [...]

Facebook posted earnings of 42 cents a share, excluding one-time items, on revenue of $2.91 billion, up 61 percent from $1.81 billion from the same quarter last year.

Facebook’s Stock Hits New High, Propelled by Mobile Ads

Social media giant Facebook once again demonstrated its mastery of the mobile computing wave by reporting bumper earnings growth in revenue and profits for the second quarter, thanks to its robust mobile ad business. “We had a good second quarter,” said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook founder and CEO, in a statement. “Our community has continued to [...]

Alerts can be sent to the watch, including notifications about incoming phone calls, text messages, social and news network feeds to be displayed on the wristband's display

Apple Granted Patent for Its Wearable Tech, iTime

A recent US patent granted to Apple bolstered rumours that the California-based company has designs on a smartwatch which is expected to launch this fall. Published on Tuesday by the U.S. Patent and Tradebook Office, the tech giant was granted Patent No. 8,787,006 originally filed in 2011, it describes an electronic wrist band possible with [...]

Flurry helps target ads at consumers by monitoring activity on more than 540,000 smartphone and tablet apps on over 1.4 billion devices

Yahoo Snaps Up Flurry To Bolster Mobile Ad Business

Yahoo is adding to its mobile lineup with the acquisition of Flurry, a mobile analytics company and an advertising startup, in its bid to beef up a fast-growing mobile advertising business that still trails behind Google and Facebook in scale. Although the financial aspect of the deal has not been disclosed, online reports valued the [...]

In an unclassified but restricted report, FBI predicts that Driverless cars have the potential to be used as deadly weapons

FBI Believes Driverless Cars May Be Used As Deadly Weapons

While Google’s driverless cars are seen as the vision of the future, the FBI isn’t too excited though. In an unclassified but restricted report, FBI predicts that Driverless cars have the potential to be used as deadly weapons. The technology used in automated cars can also be used in lethal applications that pose a dire [...]

goTenna is partially disaster relief-smartphone accessory that Perdomo invented with the assistance of Brooklyn-based design firm Pensa

No Service? GoTenna Lets You Text When There’s No Service

When Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey coastlines, a large number of zonal cellphone towers were devastatingly affected leaving millions of residents stranded without a cellphone service or power. Less than two weeks later, Daniela Perodomo, has outlined designs for a GoTenna, a device that could have given individuals stuck without service the [...]

Members on desktop computers or mobile devices can make use of the buy button to purchase goods directly from participating businesses through their advertisements or other posts on the site.

Facebook tests new ‘buy’ button to let users purchase products that are advertised on its social network

Social network Facebook is testing a new buy button on its website to facilitate users to purchase products that are advertised on its social network. The new service represents Facebook’s latest efforts to help businesses accelerate their sales through the world’s largest online social network. The company said in a statement that the button will [...]

Google cars fit with methane sensors have taken millions of readings along the streets of these cities over the past two years as part of a pilot program run by the non-profit Environmental Defense Fund

Google Street View Cars Being Used to Detect Natural Gas Leaks in US Cities

Lately Google Inc’s Street View cars have been doing much more than just capturing the world’s roads, highways and back alleys. In Boston, Staten Island, and Indianapolis, Google’s cars were equipped with air monitors to detect the thousands of natural gas leaks that are blighting major U.S. cities. Google cars fit with methane sensors have taken [...]

The settlement would compensate consumers in nearly 33 states whose attorneys sought damages for Apple's price-fixing.

Apple agrees to pay $400 million settlement over e-book price fixing lawsuit

Tech giant Apple has agreed to pay as much as $400 million to reimburse consumers for illegally conspiring with publishers to fix the price of electronic books. According to a statement from New York’s attorney general, the settlement would compensate consumers in nearly 33 states whose attorneys sought damages for Apple’s price-fixing. Apple violated antitrust [...]

IBM and Apple plan to develop more than 100 industry-specific enterprise solutions including native apps developed exclusively for the iOS platform along with IBM cloud services, analytics and security.

IBM and Apple join forces to push iPhone and iPad into the enterprise market

Two tech titans who were historically fierce rivals are partnering up. Apple and International Business Machines Corp announced an agreement on Tuesday where IBM will develop exclusive iPhone and iPad apps for Apple devices geared at enterprise clients. Neither Apple nor IBM disclosed the financial terms of the deal. The announcement of the deal was [...]

Googles Project Zero to search for online bugs and hackers

Google Announces Project Zero, An Elite Hacker Squad To Fix The Internet

On Tuesday, Search giant Google unveiled a new initiative called Project Zero, a broad attempt to weed out security bugs in third party applications through which Google users are harmed every day by a variety of targeted attacks. These vulnerabilities are known as zero-day exploits. Through these flaws, hackers of criminal, government-paid agencies and industrial origin [...]

With the evolution of internet and the way lives have changed around us, Nielsen can no longer depend on its presently obsolete methods for measuring TV ratings.

Facebook Soon to Track User’s TV Habits

At the point when the fall TV season commences and Facebook users all around the nation are making up for lost time binge-watching their most loved sitcoms and programs throughout the day, Nielsen will be tracking them. Surprised? In yet another partnership between the flagship social network Facebook and Nielsen, will now permit Facebook to [...]

LinkedIn headquarters Mountain View , Calif.

LinkedIn Corp Acquires Notification Service Newsle

World’s largest professional network LinkedIn has acquired California-based startup Newsle Inc, an alerts service that will help the business-oriented LinkedIn to track users outside its website. While the transaction details were not disclosed, a joint statement was issued by the two companies stating that the new technology would enhance Linkedin’s current feature that notifies a user’s [...]

Microsoft's CFO Amy Hood alleged to investors that Microsoft's objective was to cut $600 million in costs within year and a half of the Nokia deals end.

Microsoft Expected to Announce Major Layoffs under CEO Satya Nadella

“Fundamental Cultural Changes” – that’s what the 3,000-words long memo from Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella promised to its employees. Yet all his discussions of rejuvenating the organization has got some of the top industry leaders into believing that what Nadella truly means is ‘layoffs’. Microsoft to announce major layoffs later this week Let’s rewind a [...]

In-Byung Kang said in a statement that by 2017 the company will have successfully developed an Ultra HD OLED panel more than 60-inches in size, which will be flexible as well as transparent.

LG Demonstrates World’s First 18-Inch Flexible, Transparent OLED Display

Korean manufacturer LG Electronics has created a TV screen so flexible that it can be rolled into a tube measuring just 3cm across. On Thursday the company demonstrated the world’s first rollable 18-inch flexible OLED panel as well as an 18-inch transparent OLED panel. With TVs turning thinner these days, the new rollable factor will [...]