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Hackers Demand 9.5 Bitcoins from Plex as a Ransom Pay

Video streaming service – Plex has reset client passwords, after it was breached by a hacker, who debilitated to discharge stolen information unless he’s paid a payoff. On Wednesday, Plex found that a server hosting its blog, and forum had been compromised, as stated by Chris Curtis – a Plex support engineer, in a blog […]


Now Facebook Will Talk and Write Messages for You

Today, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerburg posted in a public Q&A on his own Facebook Page about spending that the company vesting in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality Technology, and the project. The company presents a closer look to improve its product beyond promising that it aims to advance the relevancy of the News Feed, and […]

Apple Ebook

Federal Charges Apple to Drive up EBooks Price-Fixing

On Tuesday, a federal appealed court in New York upheld a judge’s ruling that Apple Inc was guilty of conspiring with five publishers to drive up the price of e-books. By a 2-1 vote, the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals consented that the conspiracy has violated federal antitrust law, and that the judge acted […]


Chinese Handset-Producer Xiaomi Plans to Set up Its Empire in Brazil

Chinese Handset-producer – Xiaomi will start selling smartphones in Brazil by this month. The company is going to make its first appearance in Latin America, and the first market for the low priced devices outside Asia. Hugo Barra, VP of Xiaomi Global, said in a telephonic talk in Sao Paulo that the Redmi 2 will […]


AOL in Talks with Microsoft to Acquire Its Display Ad Business

On Monday, AOL declared a portion of the value, while announcing a deal with Microsoft. At the point when the approval for Verizon to acquire AOL was declared a month ago, officials from both companies said that AOL was a winsome acquisition due to its promoting technology. Under the agreement, AOL will dominate management and […]

Yelp and Google

A New Yelp-Sponsored Study Claims Google Distorts Search Results

A Yelp-sponsored study conducted by lead researchers, Tim Wu of Columbia and Harvard’s Michael Luca revealed that Google has discriminated against competitors by worsening its search results. According to lead researchers, their study showed that Google favors search results, which direct users to Google content over listed results that point to competitors, like, Orbitz, and […]

Massive Data Bandwidth Rates

Researchers Set Networking Record with Massive Data Bandwidth Rates

A group of University bodies claim to have developed a method to ramp up the data bandwidth of fiber optic cables by excluding a barrier, which has restricted the maximum power at which optical signals can be sent. The team of researchers from University of California, San Diego said that their technique of adjusting the […]

Tumblr TV

Now Watch and Share Endless Trending GIFs from Tumblr TV

Tumblr, Inc. revealed a new feature called Tumblr TV, which will change the way people view, and find trending GIFs on the Internet. The new Tumblr feature is aimed at helping users discover and share GIFs on the web. It is the combination of a search engine and viewing feature of GIFs. Founded by David […]


HBO NOW Earns More from its New Standalone Streaming Service

HBO premium content officially embraced cord cutters in April, when it discharged HBO NOW – a standalone subscription streaming service, which does not require cable to access live stream content. Presently, it seems that the company is paying dividends. App Annie reported that the HBO NOW app bested their income graph for iOS applications a […]

Amazon Echo’s Alexa,

Amazon Echo’s Alexa, a voice-powered device for the home computing

Amazon Echo is a voice-powered device for an in-home general purpose computing experience, with 9.25 inch cylindrical black speaker that can sit around the kitchen counter and provide information like Siri. Amazon Echo’s features: This home gadget has a futuristic-looking cylindrical black speaker that was made available in the market to a limited number of […]

IBM and Box

IBM and BOX declare a global partnership to advance cloud solutions

IBM and Box have confirmed a global partnership designed to advance cloud solutions nationwide. The alliance between the cloud storage service provider and Big Blue was revealed on Tuesday. Both the companies will contribute their shares in existing products and technologies to design new, innovative solutions that will target a range of industries, and professions, […]


Samsung’s new transparent Safety Truck promises to save lives

Recently, search engine giant – Google has introduced self-driving car endeavor, delivering reports on car accidents occurring on its vehicles. So far experts have assumed that accidents only occur when humans are in control of the vehicle – that seems to show that people are the cause behind their own problems on the road. But, […]


Apple to replace defective 3TB HD in older iMacs

If you have a 27-inch iMac with 3TB hard drive that was sold out between December 2013 and September 2013, which you’ve purchased within that time frame and got defected, Apple provides you its replacement program and will refund the amount of the hard drive as well. Recently, Apple has identified an issue in the […]

Energy-saving bulbs

Energy-saving bulbs capture momentum in the realm of semiconductors

A material used to make energy-saving bulbs is capturing momentum in the realm of semiconductors. KKR & Co. is the most recent to place a bet. The big private-value firm, mainly known for funneling cash from other financial investors into buyouts of well-established companies is planning to declare on Monday that it is using its […]


Federal’s New rules against Robocalling Nightmares

The FCC has affirmed consumers’ right to control the calls in response to the number of consumer complaints and nearly two dozen petitions filed, where they receive calls and made it clear that telephone companies can make use of robocall-blocking technology to help them. The Federal Communication Commission has also regulated that customers have the […]


FCC Fined AT&T for Misleading Customers for Its Unlimited Data Plans

The Federal Communications Commission said on Wednesday that it plans to charge AT&T Mobility $100 million for misleading customers about its unlimited mobile data plans, imposing the agency’s highest proposed fine ever in charging that the carrier “seriously” eased off the data speeds for customers with such plans. The FCC said that AT&T failed to […]


Gogoro debuts its new upcoming electric Smartscooters

The Taiwan-based startup – Gogoro has raised $150 million in stealth mode, before launching its flagship electric Smartscooter that has now been finally revealed by the company. Today, in a press conference, co-founder, Horace Luke said that a Smartscooter would cost about $ 4,140 per-order in Taiwan, where the company – Gogoro, is currently is […]

Apple music

State attorneys general investigating Apple music and label

Apple launched its brilliant Apple music services yesterday that could stream music over the internet for a fee. At the same time, the state attorneys general of New York and Connecticut were investigating Apple’s negotiation with record label conglomerate in search of potential antitrust violations. The two states attorney general were keen at knowing whether […]


iPhone Will Soon Start Guessing Where You Are Going to Point Finger

Apple’s senior software engineer, Craig Federighi unveiled iOS 9 at the company’s developers conference on Monday, where Federighi introduced new feature that will be seen in the iOS 9’s new versions – touch prediction. There’s almost no more hampering than tapping on a smartphone screen, just to have it do completely nothing. But, Apple’s forthcoming […]