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Contributor by Google

Google rolls out Contributor, a subscription service to remove ads from sites

Google Inc. announced an initiative Thursday that offers ad-free web browsing to users interested in paying a monthly subscription fee. The crowdfunding tool called Contributor asks users to pay anywhere from $1 to $3 to view the pages. Essentially it’s kind of a subscription service for online publications allowing people to pay to remove ads from participating websites. [...]

Cloud Data Centre

Amazon pledges to long-term renewable energy on its cloud platform

Amazon has pledged to achieve 100 percent renewable energy usage vowing to run its data centers completely on renewable energy, after being criticised by Greenpeace for being stuck in a dirty energy past. Major tech companies are making an extensive environmental pledge to use renewable energy, considering the large number of data centers and machines [...]

WhatsApp messaging app adds end-to-end encryption between Android devices

WhatsApp messaging app adds end-to-end encryption between Android devices

WhatsApp, the Facebook owned massively popular messaging app is now encrypting text messages by Android users, boosting efforts by technology companies to shield consumers from hackers and government spies. The change is the result of a partnership with Open Whisper Systems to use TextSecure protocol so messages can’t be deciphered when stored or traveling between [...]

Parrot’s HD-Video Bebop Drone Launches For $499

Parrot’s HD-Video Bebop Drone Launches For $499

French drone company Parrot on Tuesday unveiled its latest flying machine, the Bebop drone. Named Bebop for its ability to dance in the air, the drone is smaller, lighter and infinitely more powerful than Parrot’s AR.Drone 2.0. The announcement of Bebop drone was made back in May and Parrot today announced that its Bebop Drone [...]

LinkedIn Chocolates

Facebook developing workplace network similar to career website LinkedIn

Facebook is reportedly working on another version of its social networking site that would cater to workplace environments. While LinkedIn connects businessmen, enterprises, entrepreneurs and companies, Facebook wants to become the platform that would allow users to keep their personal profile separate from their professional account. The professional version of the website called ’Facebook at Work’ [...]

Facebook Privacy Basics

Facebook updates its privacy policies to make it easier to understand

Facebook updated its privacy policies on Thursday, making it easier for the 1.3 billion users of the social network to take control of their own privacy. The social network launched a page called Privacy Basics, which tells users how to manage settings to make sure they have the level of privacy they want for their Facebook [...]

Marissa Mayer

Yahoo acquires video-advertising service BrightRoll for $640 Million

On Tuesday, Yahoo announced it has acquired digital video ad firm BrightRoll for $640 million to bolster its ability to sell video ads in real-time to marketers. Video ad tech company BrightRoll hosts videos for publishers and along with algorithms, helps them select which ads to run against them. BrightRoll also helps advertisers find the [...]

Microsoft Lumia 535

Microsoft releases first Lumia smartphone without Nokia name

Microsoft has finally bid goodbye to Nokia branding for its Windows Phones. The first handset to drop the Nokia label is the new Microsoft Lumia 535, an entry-level device with everything one might expect from a modern day smartphone. In April, Microsoft acquired Nokia’s phone business for $7.2 billion in a deal that permitted the division to [...]

SpaceX Founder Elon Musk

Elon Musk planning internet satellites to bring affordable internet to the world

Following in the footsteps of Facebook and Google, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk is apparently looking to launch hundreds of small satellites to orbit Earth in order to deliver Internet access to even the remote corners of the world. Supposedly, Musk is collaborating with Greg Wyler, who led Google’s satellite division and now runs WorldVu Satellites in order to launch a [...]

A Lytro light field camera

Lytro Launches Its First Developer Kit, Could Empower Exploration Of Light Field Technology

Lytro, the company behind the fancy light-field camera technology announced the release of its first Lytro developer kit (LDK). Lytro intends to enable outside developers to use Lytro’s technology and adapt it in new ways so that they will be able to introduce improvement to their devices instead of just for the field of photography alone. [...]

The California based Palo Alto Networks said it had seen indications that the attackers were Chinese.

Palo Alto Networks discovers new WireLurker malware app, targeted at Apple devices

Cyber security software maker Palo Alto Networks Inc said on Wednesday that they had found a new method in which hackers can infect Apple products. The new family of malware, dubbed WireLurker can infect both iOS and OS X devices. A report from Palo Alto Networks claims the WireLurker malware can install third-party applications on potentially [...]

LG Electronics' New Headquarters in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey

LG and Google announce global patent license agreement that is set to last a decade

Korean manufacturer LG and Google announced a global patent license agreement. According to LG’s press release, the two companies have gotten into a cross-licensing deal that will allow them to use each other’s existing and future patents for the next ten years. The cross-licensing deal covers copyrights of a broad range of products and technologies [...]

A Reddit mascot is shown at the company's headquarters in San Francisco.

Reddit launches Redditmade, its own crowdfunding platform to help promote subreddits

The world’s most popular online forum reddit announced Wednesday a new crowdfunding platform, the Redditmade, a new competitor to the likes of Kickstarter and Indiegogo. According to Reddit, the home-grown platform is designed to help its users raise funds to bring their campaigns to fruition. “Redditmade gives you the flexibility to create almost anything you [...]

HP Sprout

Hewlett-Packard unveils new 3D printer and Sprout desktop PC

At an event in downtown New York City, HP announced its much anticipated leap into three-dimensional printing technology for large companies and an interactive desktop computer for consumers. HP plans to deliver a new 3D printer broadly in 2016 that can produce 3D parts in color and manipulate its strength, elasticity, form, texture, friction as [...]

Droid Turbo

Motorola’s New Droid Turbo Smartphone Specifications and Features Leaked

Motorola and Verizon have geared up to officially unveil the Droid Turbo that is expected to hit the shelves very soon. New images of the smartphone have leaked and the new Droid looks a lot like the second-generation Moto X and Nexus 6. Motorola recently teamed up with its previous owner, Google on its upcoming [...]

Cancer Pills

Google[x] Lab’s Bold Ambition: Pills that can detect cancer

Innovations pay off when they make life more apt for people around us in cogent ways. Google[x] innovation lab, devout to finding prodigious solutions to global problems is in the news yet again for a startling disclosure. The semi-secret facility behind innovations such as self-driving cars, stratospheric internet balloons, flying drones, Google Glass, and seamless [...]

XYZprinting launches all-in-one 3D printer and scanner

Taiwan’s XYZprinting launches all-in-one 3D printer and scanner for just $799

Taiwanese manufacturer of the world’s most affordable consumer grade 3D printers XYZprinting launched its ambitious next step, The Da Vinci 1.0 AiO or all-in-one 3D printer and scanner for sale starting today at $799. “With 3D printing continuing to gain traction across a variety of markets, including education, design, fashion, medical and automotive, the possibilities [...]

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing to the Moon and far beyond!

Cloud computing is no longer a state-of-the-art paradigm, but an alternative to a growingly powerful and established technology with even more advancements materializing in the area every single day. It’s inherent efficiency, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, scalability, and pay-per-use characteristics make it a highly attractive technology changing the way business works. It’s not just business that are [...]

Google Acquires Firebase

Google acquires Firebase to boost its mobile momentum

Google Inc announced that it has acquired a San Francisco startup Firebase, adding to its own Google Cloud Platform team. The startup is a backend cloud service that can be used to build apps for iOS, Android and the Web that store and sync data in real time. Terms of the deal were not revealed. [...]