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AT&T announced on Wednesday, that Cupertino, California is the first city in Silicon Valley that will get its 1gbps fiber service.

AT&T to Deliver Super-Fast Internet Service in Silicon Valley

Telecommunications giant AT&T said that Cupertino, the home of tech goliath Apple, will be rolling out super-fast broadband service in the coming months. AT&T is as of now offering the broadband service, which delivers 1Gbps downloads and additionally 1Gbps transfers, in Austin, Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. Furthermore it has affirmed plans to deliver the [...]

Intel Headquarters, Santa Clara, California.

50 Cent and Intel collaborate to develop heart rate monitoring headphones

Music mogul 50 Cent and Santa Clara chipmaker Intel have announced collaboration for the development biometric headphones that incorporate wearable technology and fitness tracking. With the company SMS Audio, an audio headphone and accessories brand backed by Curtis Jackson, more commonly known as the rapper 50 Cent, Intel will produce a new line of headphones that [...]

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo

Users disappointed with Twitter experiment showing ‘Favourite’ tweets in the timeline

Its Twitter’s turn this time around to get its users flustered with a new experiment. The social micro-blog website has been tweaking its features for a while now and in its most recent platform experiment, Twitter has been changing the way favourite feature works. Some users are seeing a few tweets in their timelines that [...]

Jetpac was founded in 2011 and secured a $2.4 million financing round in 2012

Google Acquires Travel Guide App JetPac

Google has eyed up, JetPac, a San-Francisco based travel startup that analyses Instagram photos to generate city maps or a traveler guide for public use. JetPac delivers relevant results to you of places of interest by searching through Instagram photos on Facebook using an algorithm to study pictures content. You may questions then, what’s so [...]

The new Live App Testing tool by Amazon rivals Google's app testing service for developers - Google Play Developer Console.

Amazon Launches Live App Testing for Developers

Amazon has launched a new tool to boost its growing mobile developer base, a live app testing. The live app testing tool lets developers test their apps on a customized set of testers before it is submitted to app stores for general availability such as Google Play and Amazon appstore. “We’re excited to announce a [...]

Apple has been facing criticism over its industrial facilities, after a string of worker suicides in 2010 by its supplier Foxconn Technology Group

Apple Bans Use of Two Harmful Chemicals from Assembly Plants

Recently, Green American and China Labor Watch approached Apple Inc to remove the utilization of benzene and n-hexane from its hardware manufacturing process. Both the chemicals are known to be extremely poisonous, yet are still being used in Apple’s industrial facilities during assembly and a few other processes. Benzene and n-hexane are found as common [...]

War Kitteh, is a new hi-tech cat collar designed to sniff out insecure Wi-Fi connections and showed the audience how they too, can turn their pet into a Wi-Fi hacker.

Mixing pets with computer security, War Kitteh sniffs out insecure Wi-fi networks

This year’s Def Con hacking convention in Las Vegas showcased some unique and strange security tools including mixing pets with computer security. Security researcher Gene Bransfield demonstrated his War Kitteh, a new hi-tech cat collar designed to sniff out insecure Wi-Fi connections and showed the audience how they too, can turn their pet into a [...]

URS HÖLZLE, Senior vice president of Technical Infrastructure at Google Inc (Image Courtesy: Sabine Wunderlin)

Google Invests $300M in Mega Fast Trans-Pacific Cable

Search engine Google Inc and five Asian telecommunications firms have teamed up to build and operate a $300m undersea cable system from the U.S. to Japan to support increasing bandwidth usage and better connection with its data centers in various parts of the world. The trans-Pacific optical fiber system has been named “Faster”, will have [...]

Yahoo and Gmail users can now send safe and secure messages between the two services.

Yahoo and Google in Joint Effort to Create a Secure, Encrypted Email System by 2015

On Thursday, Yahoo announced it will join Google Inc. to create a secure email system by next year that could make it almost impossible for hackers or ISPs and law enforcement to read users’ messages. Yahoo and Google together make up the vast majority of webmail users. Right now, there are over 425 million Gmail [...]

(Image: IBM SyNAPSE chip)

IBM Unveils revolutionary ‘Brain-like’ Chip

Researchers at IBM have created a one-of-a-kind chip/processor named TrueNorth that may in the long run exceed expectations of calculations done by today’s supercomputers. Details of the chip were first published in an article on Thursday in the journal Science. The chip’s electronic “neurons” can indicate when a sort of information, light, for instance, passes [...]

Verizon Office in Washington D.C.

Verizon Responds to FCC’s Letter over Unlimited Data Throttling

Verizon and the Federal Communications Commission have turned quite combative over Verizon’s practice of limiting ‘throttling’ broadband connection speeds for users who, in Verizon’s perspective, abuse or utilize more than a decent amount of bandwidth at top hours of the day. On July 30, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler inked an exhaustive letter to Daniel Mead, [...]

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft has to hand over customers’ emails stored on servers in Ireland, U.S. judge rules

In a case that has drawn concern from privacy groups and major technology companies, a New York-based U.S. District Judge ruled against Microsoft in the company’s effort to oppose a U.S. government search warrant for customer’s emails stored in a data centre in Ireland. Last year, the U.S. government had appealed for a search warrant [...]

Robotic Bees

RoboBees to Pollinate US Crops Instead of Real Bees

The term “Colony Collapse Disorder” (CCD) has been engraved into our mind affixed with a mysterious phenomenon where Honeybees, which pollinate almost one-third of the food we consume, are dying at an expeditious rate. The total number of managed honey bee colonies in the US currently has diminished from 5 million in the 1940s to [...]

U.S. Warns Retailers On The New 'Backoff' Malware Striking Sales Systems

U.S. Warns Retailers On The New ‘Backoff’ Malware Striking Sales Systems

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team warned retailers Thursday about a family of malware that allows hackers to access computer networks and steal customer data. The newly discovered malware, dubbed “Backoff,” was used for a number of attacks on retailers, analysts found during three forensic investigations of point-of-sale breaches and it was almost never [...]

Twitter Report Shows Sharp Rise In Government Requests For User Data

Twitter Report Shows Sharp Rise In Government Requests For User Data

Twitter’s latest transparency report shows that the law enforcement and intelligence agencies are hitting the social network for information about its users than ever before, with the most requests coming from the U.S. government. According to the social network’s latest transparency report, Twitter received a total of 2,058 government requests for user information between January [...]

Facebook’s Announces Free Limited Web Access In Zambia

Facebook’s Announces Free Limited Web Access In Zambia

In an effort to boost Internet usage in underdeveloped countries, Facebook-backed announced that it is launching a new Android app in Zambia that gives Airtel customers access to a handful of online services on their mobile phones without incurring any data charges. “Over 85% of the world’s population lives in areas with existing cellular [...]

BlackBerry Acquires Voice-Security Specialist Secusmart

BlackBerry Acquires Voice-Security Specialist Secusmart, To Make Mobile Communications More Secure

In a move to add extra power to its mobile security foundation, Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry announced it will acquire German voice and data encryption and anti-eavesdropping firm Secusmart, which developed technology to safeguard the smartphones of German government officials, including Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Waterloo, Ont.-based BlackBerry made the announcement on Tuesday at an [...]

The investigation comes amid escalating tensions with U.S. technology companies wrangled over data privacy and industrial espionage

Microsoft Under Scrutiny By The Chinese Government, Faces Antitrust Probe

In the latest of a growing number of competition probes that have unnerved U.S. technology companies in China, a Chinese regulator has opened an anti-monopoly probe into Microsoft Corp over problems arising from its Windows operating system. China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce (SAIC) seized computers and documents from offices in four cities, following an [...]

OkCupid duped users by inflating percentage scores when they actually had low compatibility, telling them that their compatibility score was 60 or 90%

Dating Site OkCupid Admits To Experimenting On User’s Compatibility Data

In a bid to refine the formula for finding love, online dating site OkCupid admitted to altering thousands of user profiles in a series of experiment including regularly pairing up seemingly mismatched people with fake statistics about how compatible they were. The revelations came on the heels of criticism of Facebook admitting to misleading users with [...]