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Uber News

Uber Unveils Plans to Construct Giant Glass Headquarters in San Francisco

Uber has revealed plans for constructing giant glass headquarters in San Francisco. It will soon start working on its new headquarter plans and design mockups for erecting the building. Late in September, Uber announced its joint venture with Alexandra Real Estate Equities to develop its new headquarters, and received request for qualification- RFQ, for the […]

Google News

Google Ubiquitous Computing Summit will take place this fall in San Francisco

Google has announced Ubiquitous Computing Summit that will take place this fall, where it will encourage developers to code softwares that run across of all sizes and shapes of smartphones, wearables, and tablets. Today, the giant search company announced that the event will be held in San Francisco, during its Google I/O developers conference Friday […]

Google Maps

Google Maps to Get New Offline Search, Including Navigation and Reviews

Google Maps is an incredible feat of technology that makes finding the destination easy and anxiety-free. However, it can be frustrating when the phone goes offline after cueing up a set of Google Maps directions to a particular destination. Google is looking to change that later this year. On Thursday, the search giant announced at […]


GoPro CEO Debuts a Spherical Camera Rig for Capturing VR Videos

Today, a California-based American Corp. – GoPro, which manufactures high-quality camcorders, debuts a spherical camera rig for capturing VR videos. GoPro CEO, Nick Woodman in an interview revealed a prototype of GoPros-based camera rig that has the ability to capture VR videos, and talked about the company’s foray into the new categories, and also introduced […]

3D-printed prosthetics

Google allots $20 million grant for 3D-printed prosthetics and other aid technology

On Tuesday, Google announced funding from its nonprofit arm to help people living with disabilities through the use of emerging technologies and liberate them as individuals. The company pledged $20 million and issued an open call to identify new areas of opportunity. Google launched a brand new initiative named the Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities […]

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Payments feature lets you to send money from P2P

In March, Facebook introduced its new payments services, and now, on Wednesday, it has begun to roll out its new payment services that will allow users to instantly pay or receive money from friends through Facebook Messenger. Facebook’s new payment feature is a part of its roll-out approach that will be made available in New […]

Data security research organization Ponemon Institute's 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study

Data breaches cost an average of $3.8 million a year for companies, study says

As the number of data breaches are increasing worldwide, so are the costs associated with it, according to a study released on Wednesday. According to data security research organization, Ponemon Institute’s 2015 Cost of Data Breach Study, sponsored by IBM, the average total cost for a data breach has increased by 23 percent over the past two […]

Classmate, FTD

Classmate, FTD agree to pay $11 MN for the settlement of deceptive ads and billing practices

A social-networking website- Classmate Inc. and floral-delivery services-Florists’ Transworld Delivery have agreed to pay around $455,000 to Ohioans, and a part of an $11 MN payment to 22 states, including Illinois, to settle charges, which both the companies that were engaged in deceptive ads and billing practices. The settlement was with Ohio Attorney General Mike […]

Rodney Rogers

EMC Corp. is acquiring Bethesda’s Virtustream Inc. For $1.2 Billion

EMC Corp. announced a deal in a news release that it is acquiring Bethesda, Maryland-based Virtustream Inc., a six-year-old Infrastructure-as-a-Service, which will append to the Hopkinton, Mass., storage giant’s offerings in managed cloud computing. The deal is valued at $1.2 billion, in cash. EMC’s stock shares were raised, before share market’s open. EMC Corp. has […]


Snapchat to announce Initial Public Offering Soon

After rejecting a $3 million takeover offer from Facebook, on May 26, CEO and founder of Snapchat, Evan Spiegel disclosed to make plans for its initial public offering, but didn’t disclose when that would happen. Earlier this year, the Chinese ecommerce giant, Alibaba committed to invest up to $200 million in Snapchat, which valued the […]

Mobile Internet

Mobile Internet to be more valued by 2018

According to a forecast made by Digi-Capital, it stated that the revenues from mobile internet are likely to increase massively over the next several years. The Mobile Internet Report Q1 2005, as spotted by TechCrunch, in which company notes 27 sectors across -mCommerce consumer apps, enterprise mobility, wearables, and mobile advertising with an assumption that […]

Google World White Web

Graphic Designer introduces World White Web project to add diversity to Google searches

A graphic designer – Johanna Burai, from Stockholm city of Sweden, has introduced a new project- World White Web– with a project to bring attention of the audience to the norms of whiteness online. The World White Web is attempting to modify the overabundance of white hands in Google searches. The World White Web ‘s […]

Samsung Group

Samsung Group Merges Cheil Industries with Samsung C&T

On Tuesday, the South Korean company, Samsung Group announced to merge with two major affiliates -Cheil Industries and Samsung C&T, as the business giant aims to accelerate its restructuring efforts ahead of generational power transfer within the founding Lee families. All the stock deal was approved by the board members of both the firms. It […]


BlackBerry plans another round of layoffs in the smartphone unit

Canadian smartphone maker BlackBerry Limited on Friday announced its decision to cut jobs globally as it consolidates its various business verticals including application, software and hardware. In an emailed statement, the Waterloo, Ontario-based company said that they decided to integrate its devices, hardware, software and applications business, affecting many employees worldwide. It further stated that BlackBerry […]

Google to Patent Teddy Bear that can turn into a Remote Control

Google to Patent Teddy Bear that can turn into a Remote Control

Google is hoping to break into the toy industry with stuffed animal toys that can control other Wi-Fi connected devices. Google has filed a patent for creating teddy bears that could turn into a remote control. Google’s new smart tech innovation would suggest of developing smart internet connected toys that could listen to instructions, and […]


A Hong Kong-Based Company is using People’s DNA with an intend to shame them for littering in public

It’s a very shameful thing when someone litters in public places, and even after doing such a shameful act, they go on their way thinking there’s nothing wrong in littering in public. Well, things in an Eastern city, might soon change! When such people litter, their posters will be put up around the city, publicly […]

Google is readying 'Brillo,' an OS for the Internet of Things

Google is readying ‘Brillo,’ an OS for the Internet of Things

Google is all set to enter at the Internet of Things (IoT) market at I/O next week with the launch of a platform for Internet connected devices. The search giant is reportedly developing “Brillo” operating system for the Internet of Things. Brillo will apparently be based on Google’s mobile operating system Android, and is targeted […]

LG showcased curved and bended OLED TV, sticks to wall like a refrigerator magnet

LG showcased curved and bended OLED TV, sticks to wall like a refrigerator magnet

  LG showcased a curved and bended OLED TV that sticks to your wall like a refrigerator magnet. Earlier this week, the South Korean electronics giant firm, LG debuted its new innovation- a thin 5.5 inch TV carrying a flexible TV screen, which sticks by pressing on the wall, using magnets. A small induction of […]


TrueView, Google’s Shopping Ads For YouTube

Google on Thursday announced that it is introducing a new feature to its YouTube video ad offering that allows viewers to shop from the video ads they are watching. The new feature, called TrueView for shopping essentially lets advertisers easily list several of the products they are selling alongside or within their video ads. The […]