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Since 2012, the labour practices at Samsung suppliers have come under intense scrutiny, when the watchdog accused one of Samsung’s suppliers of using child labour

Samsung finds evidence of child labour, suspends business with supplier in China

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd said it had temporarily suspended business in one of its facility in China after finding evidence that its supplier was employing child workers. The move comes less than a week after a US watchdog report accused the supplier of using under-aged workers and criticised Samsung’s monitoring of labor practices at suppliers [...]

On July 11, China Central Television citing Ma Ding, head of the online security institute at People’s Public Security University of China reported that iPhone function can gather information which could result into a leak of state secrets.

Apple to China: ‘iPhone is not a threat to National Security’

Apple Inc. has assured that location tracking on its iPhone can’t be utilized to track activities of its users, a day after China’s state-owned TV broadcaster made public revelation that its software could cause a serious security hazard. On July 11, China Central Television citing Ma Ding, head of the online security institute at People’s [...]

The latest investment accentuates IBM's strategy to keep developing semiconductor technology in the meantime its going separate ways with its chip factories.

IBM Pledges $3 Billion in Inventing Chips of the Future

International Business Machine Corp. (IBM) pledged to splurge $3 billion on semiconductor research and development in the next five years, a move to restore confidence in customers that the technology rudimentary to IBM’s hardware and software business will keep evolving. The organization will finance two major tasks to make miniaturized and powerful chips that might [...]

Leaked photos were originally posted on popular Chinese Microblogging site Weibo.

‘Superman’, ‘Rock’ or ‘McLaren’? Leaked Lumia 830 images start guessing-game!

Microsoft that recently acquired Nokia’s phone division apparently has some big plans for the future. The tech giant is planning to release at least 3 new Windows Phone 8.1 devices this year. Set to release this year, the three devices include a 4.7-inch mid-range ’Superman’ handset, a low-end ‘Rock’ device and Microsoft’s flagship device with the codename [...]

47 percent Americans admitted they couldn't last more than a day without their smartphone.

Survey Finds Almost Half of U.S. Can Hardly Function without Smartphones

It’s probably a common sight to see numerous people walking with a smartphone in their hand, most likely looking into their phones and not paying attention to where they are walking. Between emails, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, there’s so much to keep up with. But just how dependent are Americans on their smartphones? A [...]

The 16GB iPod touch is now available in six vibrant colours and features a 5 megapixel iSight camera for just $199 (CAD).

Apple Cuts Prices of iPod Touch Series, Updated with Vibrant Colours & iSight Camera

In an unexpected move, the Cupertino tech giant has updated its iPod Touch product lineup with colorful new variants of the next-generation device for up to $100 cheaper. The updated models debuted in the U.S. on Thursday. The 16GB iPod touch is now available in six vibrant colours and features a 5 megapixel iSight camera for [...]

Intel revealed another product line at the GigaOm Structure Conference

Intel’s New Product Line Woos Tech Giants

Intel revealed another product line at the GigaOm Structure Conference, that integrates Xeon chips with adjustable field-programmable data array chips, in efforts to address the needs of cloud service providers and carriers improved performance. The announcement was made by Diane Bryant, Intel data center group senior VP, at the GigaOm Structure gathering. Bryant said that [...]

Image: Ryden Dual Carbon Battery

Japanese Organic Cotton Battery to Revolutionize Electric Vehicles

A Japanese battery producer and a Japanese auto racing group have declared a collaboration to create an electric car battery, which will be like no other technologies you’ve come across – a pioneering cotton-based battery! The battery producer’s claims  — quicker charging times, extended capacity, longer range, greater number of charge-discharge cycles and less volatility [...]

Image: Nubia Z5 Android Smartphone

Chinese Android Smartphone Comes With Pre-Installed Spyware

Allegations about the Chinese government’s potential espionage have been around for a while but there has been no evidence to corroborate that theory. People have always been cautious about using Chinese handsets and now German security firm G Data Software says that Android phones manufactured in China are being shipped pre-loaded with malware. According to [...]

Leak reveals when Microsoft must kill Nokia brand

Leaked Microsoft Documents Reveals Resurrection of Microsoft-Nokia Mobile Brand

Earlier this year on April 25th, Microsoft completed its acquisition of Nokia’s handset for around $7.5 billion. The two companies which have dominated their respective markets for years came together and made a bigger impact in Nokia’s first ever ad after the purchase. Fascinatingly the ad sported the tagline ‘Not like everybody else´ with a [...]

Docomo-SIM (Image Credit: Tech In Asia)

Japanese Carrier DOCOMO unveils Portable SIM that can activate any mobile device to make calls

NTT DOCOMO, Japan’s biggest carrier today announced a prototype of the world’s first SIM based authentication device that can wirelessly activate any compatible smartphone or tablet. Portable SIM is a SIM-based authentication device that can wirelessly activate ‘multiple devices’ erasing the need to have a SIM in each and every device your carry. User’s subscriber identity [...]

Sprint and T-Mobile have reportedly agreed to a $32 billion merger

Sprint and T-Mobile have reportedly agreed to a $32 billion merger

A while ago Sprint and T-Mobile had publicly expressed their interest on a possible acquisition, and according to a recent report that deal is said to be nearing an agreement, Sprint would acquire T-Mobile for around $40 a share in a mega deal valued around $32 billion. Sprint will offer about 50 percent stock and 50 [...]

Samsung Unveils Its Next-Gen Health Tracker Simband & Sami Health Platform

Samsung Unveils Its Next-Gen Health Tracker Simband & Sami Health Platform

In an attempt to integrate health awareness with technology, South Korean electronics giant, Samsung unveiled a new digital health technology platform dubbed Simband On Wednesday. Unveiled at an event in San Francisco the new platform, Simband was used to show how the platform is intended to work. The watch isn’t for sale but the company [...]

In ‘What About the Heart’, Whitton offers a peak into the technological advances of the Japanese Robotics Industry

Japanese Humanoid Industry is progressing faster than you may have thought

The recent wave of adapting Robots, outbidding humans and replacing them in factories and industries around the world is taking place. Human fascination with Robots has resulted into robots in many shapes and sizes, sometimes, even social humanoids. We have technology titans and industry leaders, who would sneeze millions in a blink of an eye, [...]

The above image is a mock-up of the Samsung Smartwatch

Samsung Plans To Introduce A Stand-Alone Smartwatch That Can Make & Receive Calls On Its Own

World’s largest smartphone maker, Samsung is said to be developing yet another smart watch model that could debut this summer, one that can make or receive calls without being attached to a smartphone. None of Samsung’s smart watches that were introduced to the market so far could make calls or use the Internet without being [...]

New Free to Play Xbox 360 Game: World of Tanks

Microsoft showers affection with Free Xbox Gold Weekend in U.S and Canada

Microsoft seems to have caught the Valentine’s Day spirit by doling out a weekend–long gift of free access to all gameplay. Earlier this week Microsoft published that Xbox Live subscribers, living in the U.S and Canada who don’t have a membership to Live Gold will get free access to all gameplay and entertainment apps through [...]


Why ebay will not spin off PayPal

The online retailer eBay disclosed that billionaire activist investor Carl Icahn is pushing the firm to spin off Paypal into its own corporation. As predicted, eBay disagreed.

MIT transparent display

Soon your window will become a transparent screen!

MIT has unveiled its prototype nanoparticle display, which generates color images on a glass surface by just ‘tuning’ a silver nanoparticle coating until it allows just certain light wavelengths pass through.


Winner Winner Bitcoin Dinner!

Forget about dollars, euros, and pounds! Get ready for the digital era, for now you will be able to use virtual money to pay in a couple downtown Las Vegas casinos. The Golden Gate and the D casino have disclosed that customers are now free to use Bitcoin digital currency to stay at their hotels.