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Sony is partnering with ZMP to launch drone services for enterprise customers

Sony is partnering with ZMP to launch drone services for enterprise customers

Sony is getting into the drone business market in order to develop robotic solutions for data collection purposes within the enterprise. The electronics giant’s mobile arm is partnering with Tokyo autopilot startup ZMP to launch a drone subsidiary called Aerosense. Aerosense will apply Sony’s networking technology, camera, sensing and robotics technologies from its smartphone range to create aerial […]

Qualcomm to cut thousands of job cuts, eyes a breakup

Qualcomm to cut thousands of job cuts, eyes a breakup

The San Diego, California-based chipmaker revealed more signs of weakness in its latest earnings report on Wednesday. A huge drop in revenues and net income has prompted the company to reduce its workforce under a restructuring plan to cut down annual spending and review strategic alternatives, including a breakup. In spite of all of this, […]

Massive Data Bandwidth Rates

Researchers Set Networking Record with Massive Data Bandwidth Rates

A group of University bodies claim to have developed a method to ramp up the data bandwidth of fiber optic cables by excluding a barrier, which has restricted the maximum power at which optical signals can be sent. The team of researchers from University of California, San Diego said that their technique of adjusting the […]


Federal’s New rules against Robocalling Nightmares

The FCC has affirmed consumers’ right to control the calls in response to the number of consumer complaints and nearly two dozen petitions filed, where they receive calls and made it clear that telephone companies can make use of robocall-blocking technology to help them. The Federal Communication Commission has also regulated that customers have the […]


Gogoro debuts its new upcoming electric Smartscooters

The Taiwan-based startup – Gogoro has raised $150 million in stealth mode, before launching its flagship electric Smartscooter that has now been finally revealed by the company. Today, in a press conference, co-founder, Horace Luke said that a Smartscooter would cost about $ 4,140 per-order in Taiwan, where the company – Gogoro, is currently is […]


Alibaba to Launch Netflix-Style of Movie Streaming Business in China

E-commerce giant – Alibaba is planning to model China’s version of Netflix Inc., and HBO by using a new movie streaming services called Tmall Box Office. The company is aiming to facilitate its services to 600 million families that are carving more entertainment content. The new services will be sold in about two months via […]

Toyota Motors

Toyota Motors to invest $126 Million in Michigan Plants

Toyota Motor Corp. said that it is going to invest about $126 million in three new facilities in Michigan, for expansion of its technical center, which is already a part of its effort to merge previously separated operations. The funding effort is led by the CEO of Toyota North America Jim Lentz – the highest […]

Kickstarter campaign

FTC files lawsuit against Kickstarter Scammer

The FTC lodged the first-ever lawsuit related to crowdfunding in federal court on Wednesday against rookie developers – Erik Chevalier after delaying Kickstarter campaign and failed to follow promises to return financier’s money. In court documents, the FTC paints the picture of a man, tricking financial investors and spent the money he raised on personal […]

Power Storage System

Mercedes-Benz introduces Tesla-like Home Power Storage System

After Tesla Motors, and Ford, now it’s the German Automobile manufacturer – Mercedes-Benz, which introduced its sleek and portable home power storage unit, on Tuesday. The well-established auto manufacturer company took its time to work out with the plan, just similar as to Tesla’s approach to electric cars. But, one of the auto producer company’s […]

June’s Smart Oven

June’s Smart Oven recognizes Food and Cooks Perfectly for You

Former Apple engineers have built an intelligent oven that uses image recognition technique to identify your food and cook perfect meals for you. Now, San Francisco-based startup – June has introduced a smart oven that automatically recognizes food items using image recognition system and cooks it perfectly every time. Professional chefs are already trained for […]


Dish Network Will Soon Merge With T-Mobile Company

An American direct-broadcast satellite service provider – Dish Network Corp. is in talks to merge with mobile operator company – T-Mobile US Inc., to accelerate a wave of incorporation across the US media and communication industries. A person familiar with the case revealed that the talks to merge Dish Network / T-Mobile are in “formative” […]


Charter Communication to Acquire Time Warner Cable for $55 Million

Charter Communication is close to take over Time Warner Cable at $55 million, which would make it as the largest pay-TV provider in South California. The acquisition is expected to be disclosed on Tuesday, considering more likely to clear regulatory barrier, compared to the present scuttled acquisition of Time Warner Cable by Comcast Corporation, which […]

Audi R8 e-tron

Dreaming to be Iron Man! Here’s Audi R8 e-tron, the all-electric and driverless supercar of the future

Dreaming to be a real Iron Man, Audi debuts its Audi R8 e-tron, the all-electric and driverless supercar of the future. Back in march, the Audi R8 e-tron was introduced, catching a lot of attention of viewers. The new model of Audi was unveiled on stage at Audi’s pre-show keynote, demonstrating it in a driverless […]

DFKI Robotics Innovation Center

The unique EO Smart Connecting Car 2 can shrink and drive sideways to park in any tiny space

The explosive growth of cities has got commuters constantly struggling through ever-increasing congestion on the roads and limited space for parking. The less space on the road has increased the option of the small car and similar other vehicles. These cars act as a perfect solution as it can squeeze into smaller spaces and maneuver […]


Apple is reportedly planning to launch iPhone trade-in programme in China with Foxconn

Cupertino, California-based Apple is apparently planning to introduce a trade-in programme for iPhones in China in association with contract manufacturer Foxconn Technology Group to cater to the huge demand for the US-company’s used smartphones. According to reports, the iPhone trade in program will start in Apple Stores on the 31st of March. Under the programme, […]

Smartphone A7000

Lenovo Announces the A7000 Smartphone at Mobile World Congress

While Lenovo’s 5-inch A6000 has just gone on sale in select markets, the Chinese manufacturer has already announced yet another successor. Dubbed as A7000, it comes with even larger screen than A6000 and is the first smartphone to pack Dolby Atmos technology. The A7000 joins the maker’s other wares being showcased at Mobile World Congress. […]

Google decided to expand the program running it throughout the year to make it more accessible to people.

Google’s Offers ‘infinity million’ dollars to find bugs in Chrome

The Pwnium vulnerability reward program, Google’s yearly bug hunting event where security experts flag up vulnerabilities will now be running all through the year instead of a one day affair. Previously, Pwnium was held by the company annually at CanSecWest, a security conference in Vancouver to find security problems in its Chrome browser, Chrome OS […]


Sprint offering pre-orders for the LG G Flex 2 smartphone, features and pricing revealed

In an effort to reclaim the third place, service provider Sprint has come up with enticing offers and promos to lure lost customers, bringing in new customers and also ensuring that they remain loyal. Sprint has confirmed that it will be the first to distribute the LG G Flex 2 in the United States. Sprint […]

BlackBerry Passpot

BlackBerry Passport and Classic coming to AT&T, tipped for Feb. 20 launch

According to a report BlackBerry fans within the United States will soon be able to get their hands on the newly launched BlackBerry devices – Passport and Classic which will be made available through AT&T online or via retail stores across the country on February 20th. Previously, the Passport had been available online at full […]