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Toyota, Nissan

Toyota, Nissan recall 6.5 million vehicles over faulty airbags

Japan’s top and the largest carmakers, Toyota, Nissan and Honda Motors, to recall 6.5 million vehicles triggered by defects in Takata Corp.’s airbag inflators. Reportedly, all the three carmakers will recall millions of vehicle for investigation purpose. An unidentified source revealed that Toyota Motor Corp. and Nissan Motor Co. has recalled around 6.5 million vehicles […]

Volvo Cars Corp.

Volvo Cars Corp. to Build 1st Automotive Plant in South Carolina

On Monday, Volvo Cars Corp. announced plans to develop its first car plant in South Carolina (U.S). Volva, owned by Chinese company Geely, will have its second car factory by the end of this year with a financial package of 25 per cent in incentives for every dollar that Chinese auto maker spends. Volvo Cars […]

DFKI Robotics Innovation Center

The unique EO Smart Connecting Car 2 can shrink and drive sideways to park in any tiny space

The explosive growth of cities has got commuters constantly struggling through ever-increasing congestion on the roads and limited space for parking. The less space on the road has increased the option of the small car and similar other vehicles. These cars act as a perfect solution as it can squeeze into smaller spaces and maneuver […]


2016’s New Dodge Viper ACR: The Fastest Street-Viper Sports Car

Dodge president and CEO, Tim Kuniskis rolled out the new 2016’s Dodge Viper ACR’s sports car during an event and tour of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles’ Conner Avenue Assembly Plant that hand-builds the powerful sports car. It is one of the fastest new American club sports viper versions of the sports car, and one of the […]

Volkswagen introduces Car App for Apple Watch

Volkswagen introduces Car App for Apple Watch

A recent source survey stated how auto companies are turning their businesses to a software company. Just like that, today, the German car manufacturing auto mobile company, Volkswagen debuts Car-Net system, an app for Apple Watch. The VW’s previous car models were having Car-Net system that alerts and locks car remotely using fobs or pooping the […]

Ford to lay off 700 workers at Michigan plant due to a slump in car sales

Ford to lay off 700 workers at Michigan plant due to a slump in car sales

Ford Motor Co. revealed on Thursday it plans to lay off 700 workers at its small-car assembly plant in the Detroit suburb of Wayne, Michigan, due to slow sales of the small cars, hybrids and electric vehicles. Low gasoline prices have hit the sales of the plant, which manufactures small cars and hybrids. Ford officials said […]

Autonomous Car Successfully Completes 3,400-Mile Cross-Country Trip in 9 Days

Autonomous Car Successfully Completes 3,400-Mile Cross-Country Trip in 9 Days

Delphi Automotive successfully completed the longest automated vehicle campaign in North America, traveling from San Francisco to New York in the first trip ever taken by an automated vehicle. The vehicle used was a customized Audi SQ5 SUV, and was first launched in January during the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The Audi SQ5 SUV […]

Volvo plans $500 million U.S. plant to foster car sales

Volvo plans $500 million U.S. plant to foster car sales

China-owned Volvo Cars on Monday announced plans to invest about US$500 million to build a new manufacturing facility in the US as part of the company’s ambitious plan to reverse dwindling sales. Without providing more details or a timeline, Volvo said it was studying various locations for the U.S. factory and the complete details of […]

ChemChina seals deal to buy Formula 1 tyre maker Pirelli for $7.7bn

ChemChina seals deal to buy Formula 1 tyre maker Pirelli for $7.7bn

State-owned China National Chemical Corp (ChemChina) announced plans Monday to acquire Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli in a US $7.7 billion deal (€7.1 billion /5.1 billion pounds), the latest in a string of takeovers in Europe by high-profile Chinese corporate. The cash-rich Chinese companies are continuing with their overseas-buying spree to diversify operations, also taking advantage […]


Uber gives third-party apps ability to request rides

Uber’s quest to be everywhere took a big step forward by opening up its online booking to visitors of third-party apps to request an Uber ride within that app, without being redirected to Uber. Previously, just a handful of Uber’s corporate partners like Starbucks, United, OpenTable, TimeOut and TripAdvisor had permission to hail Uber cars directly. […]

Uber teams up with China’s BYD for electric car testing

Uber teams up with China’s BYD for electric car testing

Uber Inc. announced on Friday that it has teamed up with Chinese automaker BYD, or “Build Your Dream” to test a fleet of electric cars for its drivers. The test programme, which was initiated a few weeks ago in Chicago, could eventually expand to other cities as well. Uber spokeswoman Lauren Alltmin stated that the […]

Founded in 2010, AeroMobil launched the most current version of the prototype, called the Flying Roadster.

AeroMobil announces plans to sell flying cars by 2017

AeroMobil, a startup from Slovakia, unveiled a flying car at the Pioneers Festival in Vienna late last year, making the sci-fi lore a reality. But that’s not enough for the company. It now plans to build a car that not only flies, but does so without human intervention. At SXSW, AeroMobil CEO Juraj Vaculik spoke […]

Toyota plans to sell the Mirai for about $45,000 in the U.S.

Toyota begins production of Mirai electric car that runs on hydrogen fuel cells

In what would be a turning point in automotive history, the world’s biggest carmaker Toyota has unveiled the assembly on which the fuel-cell car will be me made. The car known as Mirai (meaning “future” in Japanese) will be the first mass market car that runs on electricity generated by the chemical reaction of hydrogen […]

Carmakers are failing to safeguard many of these wireless features.

Automakers condemned for cybersecurity failings, most cars are at the risk of being hacked

The business of manufacturing cars has been evolving day by day. Cars now have become much faster, less noisy and can even drive around without the need for a human driver. While carmakers are loading cars with wireless technology, a US study pointed out that there are serious gaps in security and customer privacy regarding […]

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Headquarters

Toyota to Offer Fuel-Cell Patents to Other Car Makers for Free

Toyota said Monday that it’s going to spread the adoption and further the development of the hydrogen fuel cell technology by opening up its patents to rival automakers, for free. The announcement made at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas reflects a similar move by electric car manufacturer Tesla in 2014, when Chief […]

Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sedan

Toyota Motor Corp Launches “Mirai” Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle, Plans Hydrogen Stations In Northeast

With Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles being the new alternative fuel vehicle, Toyota Motor Corp. offered more details about its long-awaited fuel-cell powered sedan named “Mirai,” meaning “future” in Japanese. The Japanese automaker made the announcement on the eve of the Los Angeles auto show. The eco-friendly car can travel 300 miles (483 kilometers) deriving energy from […]

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp.

Japan Rolls Out First Passenger Jet in 50 Years

Japan showed off its first passenger jet today after a hold-up of about four years, with some assistance from bullet train experts as it plans for test flights a year from now. Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp. unveiled the regional jet to the general public in Nagoya after three hold-ups as clients including ANA Holdings Inc. and […]

BMW’s prototype models will at first be operated on urban roadways in Beijing and Shanghai.

BMW is testing Autonomous Driving Project in China Next

Last week, leading media publications covered the historic event where Audi and Mercedes-Benz made headlines for receiving permits to test autonomous cars on California’s expressways and neighborhoods. It seems that BMW too has plans to test its fleet of cars, but someplace else, somewhere across the continent perhaps. BMW yesterday revealed plans to begin testing […]

General Motors headquarters in Detroit, Michigan

Jeff Massimilla Appointed as GMs First Cyber Security Officer

General Motors Co. on Tuesday announced the hiring of its first product cybersecurity chief as data and technology continues to become an integral part of automotive design and engineering innovations. Jeff Massimilla will now lead the No. 1 U.S. automakers fight against hackers to secure their vehicles, GM Vice President of Global Product Development Mark […]