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Toyota plans to sell the Mirai for about $45,000 in the U.S.

Toyota begins production of Mirai electric car that runs on hydrogen fuel cells

In what would be a turning point in automotive history, the world’s biggest carmaker Toyota has unveiled the assembly on which the fuel-cell car will be me made. The car known as Mirai (meaning “future” in Japanese) will be the first mass market car that runs on electricity generated by the chemical reaction of hydrogen [...]

Carmakers are failing to safeguard many of these wireless features.

Automakers condemned for cybersecurity failings, most cars are at the risk of being hacked

The business of manufacturing cars has been evolving day by day. Cars now have become much faster, less noisy and can even drive around without the need for a human driver. While carmakers are loading cars with wireless technology, a US study pointed out that there are serious gaps in security and customer privacy regarding [...]

Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. Headquarters

Toyota to Offer Fuel-Cell Patents to Other Car Makers for Free

Toyota said Monday that it’s going to spread the adoption and further the development of the hydrogen fuel cell technology by opening up its patents to rival automakers, for free. The announcement made at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas reflects a similar move by electric car manufacturer Tesla in 2014, when Chief [...]

Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Fuel Cell Sedan

Toyota Motor Corp Launches “Mirai” Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle, Plans Hydrogen Stations In Northeast

With Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles being the new alternative fuel vehicle, Toyota Motor Corp. offered more details about its long-awaited fuel-cell powered sedan named “Mirai,” meaning “future” in Japanese. The Japanese automaker made the announcement on the eve of the Los Angeles auto show. The eco-friendly car can travel 300 miles (483 kilometers) deriving energy from [...]

Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp.

Japan Rolls Out First Passenger Jet in 50 Years

Japan showed off its first passenger jet today after a hold-up of about four years, with some assistance from bullet train experts as it plans for test flights a year from now. Mitsubishi Aircraft Corp. unveiled the regional jet to the general public in Nagoya after three hold-ups as clients including ANA Holdings Inc. and [...]

BMW’s prototype models will at first be operated on urban roadways in Beijing and Shanghai.

BMW is testing Autonomous Driving Project in China Next

Last week, leading media publications covered the historic event where Audi and Mercedes-Benz made headlines for receiving permits to test autonomous cars on California’s expressways and neighborhoods. It seems that BMW too has plans to test its fleet of cars, but someplace else, somewhere across the continent perhaps. BMW yesterday revealed plans to begin testing [...]

General Motors headquarters in Detroit, Michigan

Jeff Massimilla Appointed as GMs First Cyber Security Officer

General Motors Co. on Tuesday announced the hiring of its first product cybersecurity chief as data and technology continues to become an integral part of automotive design and engineering innovations. Jeff Massimilla will now lead the No. 1 U.S. automakers fight against hackers to secure their vehicles, GM Vice President of Global Product Development Mark [...]

Lyft acquires Hitch

Lyft acquires Hitch, giving its carpooling platform a jumpstart

Ride-sharing company Lyft announced late Monday that it has acquired Hitch, a small San Francisco startup to accelerate its recently launched carpool service. Terms of the deal were not immediately disclosed. Since early June, Hitch has been providing carpooling service to passengers. That was before Lyft, Uber, and SideCar all announced they were debuting with [...]

Google's Driverless Car

California Issues 29 Permits for Self-Driving Cars on its Roads

Driverless cars which have been put to test on certain Californian regions for more than four years, recently received the nod from the Department of Motor Vehicles on Tuesday. The agency which made it mandatory for self-driving cars to be registered with them, before issuing them testing permits, gave permits to 29 vehicles onto expressways [...]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

Morgan Stanley still views Tesla as the Most Important Car Company in the World despite Warning

Morgan Stanley, one of the most prominent supporters of electric luxury car maker, Tesla Motors Inc., has issued a cautious report sending its shares into the pothole by Monday evening. The news comes after Morgan Stanley’s investment research development cautioned warning in regards to Tesla’s speedy rise in past few months. Morgan Stanley was one [...]

Local Motors - World's First 3D Printed Strati Electric Vehicle

World’s First Entirely 3D Printed Car, Built And Driven At IMTS Chicago

In a world first, a 3D printed car took its first spin during the weekend after being created live in front of spectators at the International Manufacturing Technology Show in Chicago. Phoenix, Arizona-based automotive company Local Motors managed to 3D print and assemble an entire automobile called the ‘Strati’ which was unveiled at IMTS held from [...]

The 2005 Ford Escape Model

Ford Issues Safety Recall 74,000 for a Stalling Problem

Ford Motor Co. has issued a safety recall for about 74,000 older Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner Hybrids for problems with a motor electronics coolant pump that may overheat and cause the vehicles to stall. The affected models are Escapes from 2005-8 model years and Mariners from 2006-8, the automakers said in a report posted [...]

New 2014 Audi Q5

China Imposes $46 Million Anti-Monopoly Fine on Chrysler, Audi

The Price Bureaus in Shanghai and Hubei Province on Thursday announced its first-ever anti-trust fine for price-fixing to foreign automakers including Volkswagen and Fiat’s Chrysler a combined sum of $46 million (31.7 million yuan). Chrysler Gets Antitrust Ticket in Shanghai According to the bureau’s anti-monopoly probe, Chrysler had signed a distribution agreement with car dealers between 2012 [...]

California Achieves A Major Milestone With 100,000 Plug-In Electric Cars On Roads

California Achieves A Major Milestone With 100,000 Plug-In Electric Cars On Roads

More than 100,000 plug-in cars have been sold in California since the market started in 2010, an electric milestone that inducts the Golden State as the worldwide leader of plug-in hybrid and electric cars. “California’s plug-in electric vehicle market is ramping up, and we expect to see significant growth as customers realize how economical and [...]

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk, right, and Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, extreme left, at a press conference where Nevada was announced as the new site for a $5 billion car battery gigafactory, at the Capitol in Carson City, Nev., on Thursday, Sept. 4, 2014

Tesla’s Self-Driving Electric Cars could be closer than you think

American automobile company that designs, manufactures, and sells electric powered cars, Tesla Motors Inc., is developing technology that might one day create self-driving cars – running on “full auto pilot”– say five or six years into the future, according to its Chairman, Product Architect and CEO Elon Musk. The 43-year-old Silicon Valley entrepreneur said his [...]

The semi-automatic system, Super Cruise makes use of cameras, sensors and radar to keep the car in the middle of a lane and also maintain a safe distance behind cars in front of it.

General Motors To Introduce Connected Car, Semi-Automated Driving Technology In 2016

General Motors, the largest U.S. automaker plans to start selling cars that can drive partially in an auto-pilot mode and can communicate with other vehicles to help avoid accidents and ease traffic congestion. Addressing the Intelligent Transport Society, CEO Mary Barra said the first features are expected to show up in the high-end 2017 Cadillac [...]

Tesla Factory, Fremont (CA, USA)

Tesla Picks Nevada for its Massive Gigafactory

Tesla Motors Inc. is planning to pick a site in Nevada for it’s proposed up to $5 billion battery manufacturing plant and could release an official statement on the matter on Thursday, as indicated by an individual acquainted with the electric car makers plans. State authorities have scheduled a press conference at 4 p.m. Pacific [...]

A spokesman for Uber said it would continue to serve German customers despite of the court’s ruling

Uber Plans to Continue its Service in Germany despite of Nationwide Ban

German court has ruled out that Uber Technologies must quit operating its ride sharing service Uberpop in Germany or pay a fine – however the ban on its service could be momentary, a court representative said Tuesday. The Frankfurt Regional Court allowed taxi affiliation Taxi Deutschland a preliminary injunction banning Uberpop around a week ago, [...]

Toyota Headquarters in Torrance, Calif.

Toyota HQ Announces Relocation to Plano, Texas

Toyota, world’s largest carmaker announced on Sept. 1 that it has selected the suburb of Plano in Dallas, Texas to move its headquarters from the Los Angeles area. Despite being offered $100 million in incentives by North Carolina business recruiters to move its North American headquarters to Charlotte, the carmaker chose Texas, which offered incentives [...]