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Salt water-powered Quant e-Sportlimousine gets European approval

The Car that runs Solely on Salt Water is Now Road Legal!

(All Image Courtesy of nanoFLOWCELL) A large number of automotive companies work on concepts and leave them mid-way proving that not all eye-popping innovations can come to fruition. Well one company, decided to prove otherwise. The QUANT e-sportlimousine which made its official debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show has now formally been approved by [...]

BMW will be investing $1 billion through 2016 to heighten its annual production from the current 300,000 units produced to 450,000 and build another flagship crossover the X7.

German Automaker, BMW is Auto Industry’s Leading Exporter in the U.S.

BMW’s Spartanburg, South Carolina, manufacturing unit is the biggest automotive exporter from the U.S. As indicated by a recent profile by Bloomberg vetting at the Spartanburg plant’s twentieth anniversary, it revealed that the SC unit exports more vehicles than all of Michigan combined. BMW’s Spartanburg manufacturing factory opened in 1994, with a narrowly guaranteed success [...]

According to reports, China's new tax break covers all new energy autos comprising electric cars, fuel-cell vehicles and plug-in hybrids

China favours new-energy vehicles, waives purchase tax on electric cars

In an effort to address pollution and energy independence issues of the Asian nation, the Chinese government has decided to waive its 10 percent purchase tax on electric cars. Electric car sales haven’t been stellar recently, but it has jumped significantly in the US, Europe and Japan. China is mandating that the new energy vehicles, [...]

Daimler Automotive Group Unveils a Self-Driving Truck

Daimler Automotive Group Unveils a Self-Driving Truck

Automotive group Daimler has cast a light on the future of the global truck industry by unveiling the prototype of the “Mercedes-Benz Future Truck 2025″, the world’s first driverless truck. On Thursday, the highly advanced prototype was demonstrated to the media, industry experts and government agencies along a 30-kilometre stretch of the A14 autobahn near Magdeburg, [...]

(Image: Dodge Dart, Avg- $17,517)

10 Coolest Cars for Under $18,000 for Bad Credit Buyers, According to KBB

Kelley Blue Book revealed this year’s list of top-tem coolest cars that one can buy for under $18,000. While conjuring the list, two criteria’s were supposed to meet: 1. Fun to drive, and 2. Fun to own, among the deciding ‘coolness’ factor. Each vehicle under the list is available for under $18,000 or less, according [...]

(Jaguar F-Type Project-7)

Jaguar’s Reveals the Fastest and Most Powerful Jag Ever Built!

The Jaguar F-type Project 7 is fastest and most powerful beast built by Jaguar with a classic D-Type-inspired design. The phenomenal Jaguar F-type Project 7 was unveiled by Jaguar’s Special Vehicle Operations (SO) team at the Goodwood Festival of Speed 2014. The car is intended to be a cross between Bentley’s Mulliner and Mercedes’ AMG. [...]

Toyota's fuel cell car can travel about 700 kilometres without the need to refuel, about three times more than an electric car

Toyota looking to launch hydrogen fuel cell car next year

On Wednesday, Japanese auto giant Toyota announced plans of selling its first fuel cell car this financial year, priced at around $69,000 (7 million yen). The vehicle is scheduled to go on sale in Japan in March 2015, and during the summer of 2015 it will develop the environmentally friendly cars available in the United [...]

Harley-Davidson unveils its first electric motorcycle: Project LiveWire

Harley-Davidson unveils its first electric motorcycle: Project LiveWire

(Video Source: Harley Davidson) On Thursday, the legendary company Harley-Davidson rolled out its first electric motorcycle in its 111-year history, a slim, futuristic version that will be environmentally-friendly including a powerful-sounding engine. President Matt Levatich said he expects the company known for its large touring bikes and iconic brand to become a leader in building [...]

Image: Porsche Panamera Turbo

Hyundai, Porsche, Jaguar and Lexus score big in JD Power Survey

J.D. Power and Associates says that the Porsche brand effectively headed its 2014 Initial Quality Study, in spite of the fact Power noted that a large number of issues in all cars was mounting as more perplexing new innovations are introduced. The survey, which ranks brands and individual models for least issues for every 100 [...]

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane. It’s a Flying Car!

Look up in the sky, it’s a bird, it’s a plane. It’s a Flying Car!

Every issue of Popular Science has either covered flying cars or artificial intelligence. No complaints there, everybody loves Popular Science! We’re not bored of our favorite magazine covering the same topic, since it was published first. It’s much better anyway than those sci-fi movies we watch in the movie hall where smug-faced actors are driving [...]

2015 Alfa Romeo 4C

A Sultry American Resurrection: Alfa Romeo 4C comes to the U.S.

(Video Source: Chrysler Group LLC) The boisterous anticipation for Alfa Romeo’s return to the U.S. is more or less over. Chrysler recently announced that the Italian brand will return after a 20-year abyss this summer with the Alfa Romeo 4C Launch Edition. The 4C “Launch Edition” comes glued with a price tag of $68,400, preceded by [...]

The MINI Superleggera Vision Roadster Concept Design

Calling all car lovers for ‘Carpocalypse’: The MINI Superleggera Vision Roadster

All images courtesy BMW Group (Video Source: Design Boom) The Concorse d’eleganza villa d’esta 2014 was enough to create a delightful disco in the hearts of any collector, car enthusiasts from around the globe. It presented some of the finest pieces of craftsmanship – a unique blend of art and engineering poured into the rarest [...]

Vodafone Plans to Integrate M2M Technology with Cobra’s Takeover

Vodafone Plans to Integrate M2M Technology with Cobra’s Takeover

British MNC and world’s 2nd largest telecommunications company Vodafone on Monday announced that it has entered into an agreement with the main shareholders of Cobra Automotive Technologies to acquire it through a voluntary tender offer at €1.49 per share in cash, valuing the firm at €145m. The Italian security and telematics firm Cobra Automotive Technologies [...]

Tesla Gives Up Its Patents In A Bid To Speed Up Electric Car Market

Tesla Gives Up Its Patents In A Bid To Speed Up Electric Car Market

Electric car maker Tesla Motors is taking an unprecedented step of opening all its car patents to outside use in an effort to encourage and speed up development of electric cars by all manufacturers. In a blog post Thursday, Tesla co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk vowed that the company would not initiate legal action [...]

Musk with the Tesla Model S in Fremont.

Two Important Business Strategies that Everyone Can Learn from Elon Musk’s Latest Patent Decision

We live in a world where patent trolling is rapidly dismantling the U.S. consumer market. A single company can burn millions in a go to buy patents and make their business more profitable. A single company can threaten legal action against hundreds and thousands of companies leaving them on the verge of bankruptcy. A rarity [...]

Researchers at Ford and Heinz are investigating the use of tomato fibers in developing sustainable, composite materials for use in vehicle manufacturing. Specifically, dried tomato skins could become the wiring brackets in a Ford vehicle or the storage bin a Ford customer uses to hold coins and other small objects.

TOMAUTOS Fresh of the Vine! Ford and Heinz Collaborate to Make Tomato Car Parts

Next time you’re wolfing down a bowl of chips dipped on tomato ketchup, you might want to give a thumbs up to the fact, that the some very fine tomato’s died in the making of the tangy red sauce. But then you’ll also want to risk doing double thumbs up and look like a weirdo [...]

Special Edition Bang & Olufsen 6 Series Gran Coupe

LUXURY LAUNCH: BMW Teases Special Edition Bang & Olufsen 6 Series Gran Coupe

The BMW Press Release announced the launch of the 2015 BMW Individual 6 Series Gran Coupe “BANG & OLUFSEN Edition”, developed in collaboration with Bang & Olufsen. An engineering prowess of two luxury-sector manufacturers, the 6 Series Gran Coupe is a deadly combination of sexy looks and the finest high-end sound. BMW tells us that [...]

All New 2015 BMW X6 Leaked HD Images

Muscular, Dynamic & Sleek: All New 2015 BMW X6 Leaked HD Images

All new BMW’s low-slung X6 is the first ever coupe-SUV crossover, which has created a new segment in the market that, will soon be lined up with competitors creations. After an instantaneous success met since the launch of its first BMW X model in 2008 – the number one luxury brand in the U.S. has [...]

Smart Driving Assistant Comes To Android With Crash Alerts And Do Not Disturb Features

Smart Driving Assistant Comes To Android With Crash Alerts And Do Not Disturb Features

In the past, only iphone users were able to integrate their Automatic dongles with their handsets, but now it seems that Automatic, the Smart Driving Assistant has finally arrived on Google’s Android platform and Android owners are now on the receiving end of an additional feature. Automatic, the new Android app, which was announced Tuesday [...]