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NASA’s 10-engine Greased Lightning drone

NASA’s 10-engine Greased Lightning drone can take off like a helicopter and also fly like a plane

NASA’s Langley Research Center has developed a brand-new, battery-powered drone having 10 engines that can take off like a helicopter and fly like an airplane. NASA has even successfully tested the plane that can efficiently fly like an aircraft. The prototype of the Greased Lightning GL-10 sports a ten-foot wingspan (3.05 meters) and can alter […]

Image: Moffett Federal Airfield

Google signs 60-year lease on former NASA airfield for space and robotics research

Google has decided to invest in Moffett Federal Airfield which is owned by NASA. The company’s subsidiary Planetary Ventures LLC signed a second long-term lease with National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for expanding research concerning space exploration and robotics. The company already uses Moffett airfield for its top executive’s private jets. The field is […]

In another key aspect of the partnership, many more AA fliers will be able to participate in another promotion that launches later this month.

Cadillac partners with American Airlines to offer exclusive travel benefits to customers

General Motors Co.’s Cadillac brand and American Airlines Monday launched a partnership to bring a wide range of exclusive benefits to travelers, ranging from luxury, on-site airport transfers across the country to offering free frequent flier miles to American Airlines customers who test-drive a Cadillac. Beginning this month a Cadillac CTS, SRX or Escalade will […]

Virgon Boss Richard Branson, is giving his Virgin staff as much annual leave as they want, when they want.

Your World, Your Way? Virgin Boss Offers Employees Unlimited Vacation Policy

The boss of Virgin Group, Sir Richard Branson, is removing limits off on the amount of holidays his personal staff can take in the hope that it will boost morale, creativity and productivity. The billionaire, worth US$4.6 billion according to Forbes Magazine, wrote on his blog that his staff of 170 in the US and […]

Dave Barger, longtime CEO of JetBlue will step down in February 2015

Will the New JetBlue CEO Hayes Make the Same Mistakes Post Succession?

JetBlue Airways Corp. on Thursday named Robin Hayes, its current president and a former British Airways executive, to succeed Dave Barger as CEO, effective February 16, 2015. Investors had expected the transformation, on the grounds that Barger’s contract was about to expire that month and the fact that he had turned blind eye for being […]

NASA Deputy Administrator Tours Blue Origin

Bezos’s Blue Origins to build Rocket Engines for National Security Space Launches

Blue Origin, private spaceflight company backed by e-commerce retail billionaire Jeff Bezos, has entered into a partnership with a Boeing-Lockheed Martin joint venture to supply rocket engines that will launch America’s military and national security satellites. The announcement comes after fellow billionaire Elon Musk revealed developments behind building a rocket and capsule through his Space […]

Airbus Headquarters; Toulouse, France.

Airbus Plans Restructure, Seeks to Sell Defense Units

Airbus Group has revealed plans to simplify its Defense and Space division in order to focus on military aircraft, satellites and space launchers, which has a combined annual revenue of around $2.6 billion, as a part of reorganization efforts which also includes thousands of job cuts. The Blagnac, France-based company will reinforce its remaining portfolio […]

Teague & Nike collaborate to create custom aircraft

NIKE and Design Firm Teague Conceptualize Aircraft Interior for Professional Athletes

Seattle-based Teague, global design consultancy for aviation, and NIKE have collaborated to create an “Athlete’s Plane”, an out of this world pre-and post-game training and treatment facility which could revolutionize the way professional sports teams travel around the world. In a unique collaboration with NIKE, Teague has developed an innovative airplane cabin concept to enhance […]

Dragon is a partially reusable spacecraft developed by SpaceX

SpaceX Picks Texas for World’s First Commercial Rocket-Launch Facility

SpaceX, the space transport services company founded by elite billionaire Elon Musk, will build the world’s first private commercial rocket launch site on a remote beach in South Texas. The announcement comes after 3 years of planning process, which will lead to placing Texas’s role as a space state once the industry evolves, transforming from […]

DOT Proposes Airlines Be More Transparent

DOT Proposes Airlines Be More Transparent About Fees and Other Costs

The Department of Transportation proposed rules on Wednesday that U.S. airlines should disclose ancillary fees for checked baggage, carry-on items and other services to make it easier for passengers to ascertain the actual cost of a ticket. The Transportation Department’s proposed disclosure rules, which build on consumer protections that were issued in December 2009 and […]

Electric Aircraft E-Fan is the latest creation of Toulouse-based Airbus

World’s First Ever Electric Aircraft E-Fan Takes Flight

Airbus’ latest experimental small aircraft E-Fan powered completely by electricity has successfully taken to the skies for its maiden voyage in France. The environment friendly flight took off from an airport close to Bordeaux in south western France and its developers believe that their maiden flight could bring down the cost of air travel by […]

SpaceX files lawsuit against US Air Force

SpaceX files lawsuit against US Air Force over federal rocket contracts

Billionaire tech investor Elon Musk now wants a larger share of the space market and he’s willing to sue the government over the space launch contract. Space Exploration Technologies, Musk’s Hawthorne, California-based rocket company announced Friday that it plans to file a lawsuit against U.S. Air Force over what he sees as a monopoly in […]

(Image Credit: Red Bull)Peter Besenyei flies over the Kaafu Atoll in the Maldives on December 16th, 2011.

Return of the World’s Fastest, Insane and Fiercest Motorsport: Red Bull Air Race World Championship 2014

The Red Bull Air Race World Championship is back in the skies in 2014! The seven-race World Championship is set to stage in six different countries, the first of which was held in Abu Dhabi on February 28, 2014. The sport which was first held in the year of 2003 is since then watched by […]

Moriarty, New-Mexico based 20 people startup; Titan Aerospace will be joining Google

Google Buys drone maker Titan Aerospace, the one Facebook was eyeing for months

Google Inc., has acquired solar-orbital drone marker Titan Aerospace, the one Facebook had been eyeing for months to compliment Project Loon which aims on delivering wireless internet to remote parts of the world. Facebook on the contrary settled for a 20$ million deal to purchase a U.K-based marker of solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicles company named […]

Solar Impulse 2 has better batteries for storing energy soaked up from the sun by the roughly 17,200 solar cells that cover the huge wings, thereby making Solar Impulse 2 more energy-efficient.

Solar Impulse 2 to fly around the world fuel free in 2015

A futuristic flying machine built for an ambitious mission to try and fly around the world without using fuel has been unveiled. The plane is designed to fly around the world powered only by the sun. Pilots André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard revealed the solar powered flight on Wednesday in a ceremony in Payerne Air […]

Facebook plans to buy Titan Aerospace (estimated to be around $60 Million), the maker of solar-powered, high altitude drones which can stay in the air for up to five years at a time

Facebook in acquisition talks with drone maker Titan Aerospace

In an interesting business move, social-networking giant Facebook is reportedly going to acquire Titan Aerospace, the maker of a solar-powered high-altitude drone that can stay in the air for five years at a time. With these drones Facebook plans to offer an online connection to the five billion people who don’t have access to internet or […]

The smartphone does not have a value or discharge rate yet, the company confirmed that it will be selling it to agencies only.

Boeing to Cash on Mission Impossible Style Spy Phone that can Self-Destruct

Cell phones that devilishly wait for warranty to be up before going on self-destruction mode now have a rival, Boeing’s Black Ultra-Secure Smartphone. The Chicago-based Boeing Company, primarily an Aerospace and Defense contractor known for making jetliners and fighter jets, will now make room for expansion of its existing ‘Communication Division’. The aerospace manufacturer already […]

Rolls-Royce is an exclusive supplier of Boeing’s coming twin-engine 777x. The jet is due to enter service in 2020. Its Trent XWB is the sole engine used for the long-range Airbus A350

Rolls-Royce Unveils Gen-Next Jet Engine Designs

British engineering company, Rolls-Royce Holdings PLC has unveiled design plans  of its cutting edge gen-next engine designs, which it trusts will be utilized to power long-range commercial aircraft for Airbus Group NV and its U.S rival Boeing Co. The world’s second largest creator of commercial and military jet engines after General Electric Co. showcased two […]

S512 will have a curved, full-length HD screen that spans the entire fuselage instead of windows

Supersonic Jet S-512 Spike Replaces Windows with Massive Live Streaming Screens

In an ideal world who wouldn’t fancy hovering every day between Fifth Avenue and Oxford Street, spending weekends on the Greek island of Santorini and Amalfi nights in Italy without questioning the paucity of time? Boston-based aerospace firm Spike Aerospace seems to have taken the challenge of blessing  us with the lavishness of flying between […]