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By 2015, the system will contain up to 52 million images that will help identify individuals of interest. Out of these, 46 million will come from criminal images like mug shots

Threat to privacy: FBI’s facial recognition database will contain 52 million criminal, non-criminal images by 2015

The FBI is currently planning to have a fully operational facial recognition system in place, which could contain a massive 52 million images by 2015, a big jump from the 16 million the database contained in the middle of 2013. Documents regarding the construction of FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) database, which may hold data [...]

Gnip originally founded in 2008, is the world’s largest social data provider.

Twitter Acquires Social Data Provider Gnip To Better Deliver Aggregated Data

Adding to its growing list of data companies, the popular micro blogging site Twitter announced on Tuesday that it acquired social analytics firm Gnip to enhance the information it is able to provide to advertisers and businesses. The financial terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. Twitter has already worked closely with the Boulder, Colorado-based company [...]

The combined business of Zebra and Motorola Solutions is expected to have about 20,000 channel partners in more than 100 countries

Zebra Technologies Corporation To Acquire Motorola Division Business For $3.45 Billion

In yet another major tech deal barcode printer maker Zebra Technologies Corp. (NASDAQ:ZBRA) agreed to purchase Motorola Solutions Inc.’s (NYSE:MSI) enterprise business for $3.45 billion in an all-cash transaction, the companies announced in a joint statement on Tuesday. The deal, which was approved by the Boards of Directors of both companies, is liable to customary closing [...]

Google has reportedly patented a smart contact lens system that includes built-in cameras.

Google Patents Smart Contact Lens System That Includes Built-In Tiny Cameras

As the tech giant’s $1500 wearable face computer, known as Google Glass finally went on sale to the US general public yesterday, news emerged that Google is now getting into the contact lens game that could one day revolutionize the way we see the world. Google has reportedly patented a smart contact lens system that [...]

Netflix streaming speeds on Comcast’s internet service increased 65 percent after the deal between the two companies was made.

Huge Boost In The Netflix Streaming Speeds Following Recent Comcast deal

Netflix monthly statistics for March shows a significant boost in the overall performance of the service. Its streaming speeds on Comcast’s internet service increased 65 percent after the deal between the two companies was made.  Comcast is now delivering Netflix content at an average streaming speed of 2.5Mbps, up from the 1.15Mbps delivered in January. [...]

The changes would make it harder for third parties to spy on Internet users, while also giving companies an incentive to prioritize encrypting data.

Google Favouring Encrypted Sites In Searches To Encourage Better Security Across The Web

In a move to secure websites Google is considering tweaking its PageRank software, giving a boost to encrypted sites in its search-engine results. This means sites that are considered safer would appear higher in search results, thereby encouraging better security across the web. Google’s web spam chief Matt Cutts hinted at this possibility recently at the SMX [...]

Moriarty, New-Mexico based 20 people startup; Titan Aerospace will be joining Google

Google Buys drone maker Titan Aerospace, the one Facebook was eyeing for months

Google Inc., has acquired solar-orbital drone marker Titan Aerospace, the one Facebook had been eyeing for months to compliment Project Loon which aims on delivering wireless internet to remote parts of the world. Facebook on the contrary settled for a 20$ million deal to purchase a U.K-based marker of solar-powered unmanned aerial vehicles company named [...]

According to speculations the plastic smartphone will only cost $483 - $350 or 3,000 Yuan

HTC to launch cheaper plastic variant of One (M8) flagship next month

The new HTC One M8 that released recently is regarded as one of the best built smartphones. Android smartphone fans are quite impressed by the high-end specs of the device with its all aluminium chassis and premium finish. However, if rumours are to be believed it appears that the Taiwanese manufacturer is working on plastic [...]

The company has not yet revealed if the phone would run on Google’s Android operating system, which already supports Kindle Fire tablet.

Amazon Reportedly Preparing To Release A Smartphone With 3D Display

E-commerce giant Amazon is entering the already crowded smartphone market. The company plans to announce its new product by the end of June with a possible September release date in the pipeline, just in time for the holidays. In order to differentiate its phone from other models Amazon is launching a smartphone with a screen [...]

Zuta Labs has been working on the Pocket Printer for more than a year. At the moment, the company is offering the first 1,000 early birds a Pocket Printer in Mars Black for $180.

Pocket Printer: a tiny robotic printer that lets you print on the go

Despite our smartphones offering us a plethora of features, one thing people can’t normally do on the go: printing. Well all those problems could be solved soon, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign called the Pocket Printer. Israel-based Zuta Labs has been developing a super small printer that sits on top of the paper and prints [...]

GravitySketch lets you draw images in 3D with AR glasses

Meet the future of 3D Designing: GravitySketch Tablet bringing 3D sketches to virtual reality

A group of Royal College of Art students has invented a virtual reality creative tool called GravitySketch that allows designers to draw in 3D without a screen or computer.  Developed by RCA students – Guillaume Couche, Daniela Paredes Fuentes, Pierre Paslier, and Oluwaseyi Sosanya is a high-tech sketch pad developed so that it doesn’t hinder [...]

Solar Impulse 2 has better batteries for storing energy soaked up from the sun by the roughly 17,200 solar cells that cover the huge wings, thereby making Solar Impulse 2 more energy-efficient.

Solar Impulse 2 to fly around the world fuel free in 2015

A futuristic flying machine built for an ambitious mission to try and fly around the world without using fuel has been unveiled. The plane is designed to fly around the world powered only by the sun. Pilots André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard revealed the solar powered flight on Wednesday in a ceremony in Payerne Air [...]

Facebook started notifying users in the European countries of the upcoming change and soon it is expected to happen in the rest of the world

Facebook To Discontinue Messenger Support From Main App, Forcing Users To Download Standalone Messaging Application

Social networking site Facebook Inc is officially removing Messenger from its main Android and iOS apps. Users will be required to install a separate messaging app to get their FB chat on, the Internet company said on Wednesday. Technically, Facebook isn’t taking Messenger completely away from the main app. The message icon will still there, [...]

Wild Oats a pioneer of organic and natural food trends in the late 1980’s but largely disappeared since 2007.

Wal-mart partners with Wild Oats to offer Organic Food Products at budget friendly prices

In a bid to make organic food affordable to customers, nation’s largest retailer Wal-Mart is trying to re-launch its organic food items at up to 25% cheaper rates.   Wal-mart announced on Thursday that it will be re-launching popular line of organic groceries – Wild Oats, starting this month at much affordable prices, inclusive of [...]

The bug remained undiscovered for more than 2 years, since December 2011.

Time to change your password? Massive Security Flaw “Heartbleed” bleeds millions of passwords

A serious bug “Heartbleed” discovered by researchers at Google Inc. and a Finnish security firm Codenomicon that could expose your password, credit card information and other sensitive data has been recently discovered resulting into recommending password change for millions of web users The bug remained undiscovered for more than 2 years, since December 2011. The bug [...]

Dubbed as a product of the nanotechnology department at Tel Aviv University, its technology is said to be cost-effective and environmental friendly

StoreDot’s new technology claims to fully charge your smartphone battery in 30 seconds

A novel technology promises to bring super-fast charging to your smartphone. An Israeli startup StoreDot is working on a technology that it claims will fully charge your smartphone battery in flat 30 seconds; however, it would be years before the device will be commercially available. The company demonstrated for the first time a prototype of [...]

Google intends to create a simplistic interface with basic TV apps for Android TV.

Google reportedly planning to launch Android TV

Following the footsteps of Amazon’s Fire TV Google is reportedly launching another smart television product based on Android, called Android TV. Google document describes the new Android TV as an entertainment interface and not a computing platform.The set-top box project is said to be less ambitious and simple to navigate than the company’s prior streaming TV [...]

Graphene was discovered physicists at the UK's University of Manchester, Great Britain, in 2004.

Samsung’s new technology breakthrough is said to commercialize Graphene

Samsung Electronics is on the edge of revolutionizing the tech industry. The tech giant along with an affiliated laboratory has developed a technique for growing large scale graphene, creating the possibility of mass manufacturing it for consumer electronic devices. Scientists at Sungkyunkwan University’s School of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering and the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology [...]

Google Loon Fun Fact: Project Loon balloons are made of a very thin plastic, about 3mil thick. We use super pressure envelopes -- this means the volume of the balloon remains constant, like a mylar party balloon. This lets it float much longer than a balloon that stretches as it inflates. (Source: Google Press)

Google Project Loon circles the globe in just 22 days

Google’s Project Loon is off to a quick start. The search giant revealed last week that one of itsWi-Fi broadcasting balloon Ibis-167 circled the globe in a record 22 days. Previously, Google had estimated a total of 33 days for Ibis-167 to successfully move around the globe. Now starting its second lap around the world, the Loon [...]