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Hyperloop is a brainchild of the famous innovator Elon Musk, the co-founder of Tesla and SpaceX.

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop Idea May Soon Become Reality

A group of expert engineers have come together to make Elon Musk’s dream of the Hyperloop, a conceptual high-speed transportation system that would transport passengers at over 800 miles per hour around the U.S. a reality. The developers said it should be ready for travel use in ten years from now. Hyperloop is a brainchild [...]

Guy Fawkers Mask

ICANN hit by Spear Phishing attack, several systems compromised

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, the nonprofit organization that acts as a gatekeeper for the Internet’s IP addresses and domain names said that hackers tricked their way into its computers. The U.S.-based organization said it is investigating a Spear Phishing attack; a malicious email that spoofed the ICANN domain targeting one person or [...]

Electronics factory in Shenzhen

New Investigation Finds Apple’s Failure To Protect Workers In Chinese Factories

In a documentary aired Thursday night called Apple’s Broken Promises, BBC One reports multiple instances of poor working conditions of employees inside the factory’s production line tasked with assembling Apple’s latest iPhone 6 smartphones. At a Pegatron factory just outside the outskirts of Shanghai, one of Apple’s main supply chain partners in China, there were routinely [...]

BlackBerry unveils New Phone, The Classic

The one time giant in the smartphone market, BlackBerry unveiled the new BlackBerry Classic on Wednesday which meant to bring the company back to its roots and lure back traditional customers. The Canada-based company said that it is planning to work in collaboration with various carriers all over the world in order to reach more [...]

Satya Nadella

Media and tech entities rally behind Microsoft in digital privacy case

Microsoft has drummed up an impressive amount of support from ten groups of top technology, media and business organizations in its fight against the American government, which is demanding access to the US giant’s servers in Ireland. “This is not a case about a narrow legal issue but rather a broad policy issue that is [...]

Portones Shopping Mal

American Apparel officially ousts founder Dov Charney, hires a woman CEO

American Apparel Tuesday announced veteran fashion executive Paula Schneider as the company’s new CEO and said controversial founder Dov Charney would no longer be employed by the company following an investigation of his conduct. The California-based company’s board suspended Charney on allegations of misconduct on June 18 and launched an investigation into alleged infringement of [...]

Google Shopping Express

Google planning to launch Amazon-like ‘buy’ button and two-day shipping to retailers

While Google does not want to become a retailer like Amazon, it does aspire to become a major marketplace. The difference is, retailers requires a major investment in inventory and a place to store it all, whereas being a marketplace will only enable the sale of goods and services. Google is apparently planning to enter into the e-commerce segment through [...]

Nexus 9

Nexus 9 4G LTE version available at T-Mobile with unlimited data plans for $599.76

T-Mobile announced that Google’s latest Nexus tablet, the Nexus 9 will begin being sold through them. While Google is still selling Wi-Fi only models from the Google Play Store, T-Mobile’s Google Nexus 9 will be LTE enabled, marking the first time that customers will be able to buy an LTE model of the Nexus 9. [...]

PetSmart Rt. 1, Saugus, Massachusetts

PetSmart to be acquired by BC Partners in $8.7bn deal making it the largest leveraged buyout of the year

Petsmart, the US pet supplies retailer said Sunday that it has approved to sell itself to a consortium led by private equity firm BC Partners Inc. in a deal valued at about $8.7 billion. The agreement represents the largest leveraged deal for a U.S. company this year that has been defined by huge mergers, most [...]

Google Campus

Google News shutting down service in Spain over ‘Google Tax’

Search giant Google’s news service, Google News will no longer operate in Spain as of 16th December. The move comes after Spanish lawmakers changed the country’s law to introduce a so-called Google tax. The law, drafted by Spain’s Ministry of Culture revolves around new intellectual property laws being introduced that enable Spanish publications to charge [...]


Adobe to Acquire Stock Photo Firm Fotolia

Photoshop maker Adobe Systems announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Fotolia, a privately held stock photography company that specializes in royalty-free photos, pictures, graphics and HD video for a price tag of $800 million in cash. Adobe shares were up nearly 8 percent in extended trading. The Fotolia acquisition will enable Adobe Creative [...]


Microsoft Adds Bitcoin Payments for Some Digital Purchases

In a surprise move, global computing giant Microsoft has updated its payment system to accept bitcoin as a payment option for a variety of digital content across its online platforms. According to the company’s payments information page, Americans can make digital purchases like apps, games and videos from its Windows Phone, Windows and Xbox marketplaces [...]

Shelves of Canned Vegetables at Kroger

Canned Food and Drinks Increase Risk of High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Study Shows

Consuming or drinking from cans lined with the chemical Bisphenol A (BPA) could heighten an individual’s blood pressure, according to a new study published in the American Heart Association’s journal, Hypertension. The study was conducted by the new Seoul National University College of Medicine. BPA is commonly used to coat most cans and plastic bottles and [...]

Intel IoT

Intel unveils IoT platform that includes hardware, software and partnerships

Intel announced the release of a new platform called Intel IoT Platform, which it claims is an end-to-end reference model of its products, offering a foundation to unify and simplify connectivity and to deliver data to the cloud and build on the value of analytics. Intel’s focus on Internet of Things seems a rational decision [...]

The package is designed to "help enterprises more easily move into cloud technologies,"

Microsoft, Accenture Partner to Launch A New Hybrid Cloud Offering

In one of the most far-reaching collaborations ever, Microsoft and Accenture have partnered to develop a hybrid cloud platform to help enterprise businesses organize cloud services across their organization easily and more efficiently. The package is designed to “help enterprises more easily move into cloud technologies,” said Paul Daugherty, Accenture chief technology officer. “Our large [...]

Amazon Drone

Upset, Amazon Threatens to Take its Drone Testing Overseas

Amazon sent a letter to the Federal Aviation Administration monitioning that it would “have no choice” but to move a majority of its drone research outside the United States if it wasn’t allowed to carry out more testing outside soon. At present, Amazon is testing its delivery drones, which it hopes will gradually be able [...]


Sony’s PlayStation Network Possibly Disrupted by Hack Attack

Sony has been hit by a second cyber attack in less than two weeks after its online PlayStation store went offline globally for more than two hours on Monday morning. The recent blackout comes after Sony Pictures got hacked last month with a bunch of high profile movies illegally leaked on piracy websites, including its [...]

Lu Wei

Facebook Campus Welcomes Top Chinese Regulator to the U.S

According to a report and pictures posted on a Chinese government website, head of China’s Internet regulator met with the CEO of Facebook Inc., Apple Inc., and Inc., during a recent visit to the U.S. Lu Wei, minister of the Cyberspace Administration of China, visited some of the top technology firms in Silicon Valley, [...]

Moto E

Motorola Moto E second generation android smartphone specs revealed

Earlier this year, Motorola came out with the second generation model of the Moto G and Moto X with few improvements and tasted more success with both. Looks like it’s time for the Moto E now. Motorola’s Moto E proved to be an immensely successful smartphone in developing markets where it also went on to [...]