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Amazon expands its service offerings, launches Amazon Destinations booking service

Amazon expands its service offerings, launches Amazon Destinations booking service

Seattle e-commerce company Amazon Inc. introduced a new service on Monday to help people plan and book short-term trips and hotel offerings through its website. The new service called Amazon Destinations features nearly 150 hospitality properties in adventure travel areas surrounding metropolitan areas. Previously the company provided customers discounted hotel rooms and other flash deals […]

Amazon Travel

Amazon to enter hotel industry, will launch travel service featuring hotel booking

E-commerce giant Amazon is reportedly all set to break into the travel industry with its own travel service that will allow users to book hotels and resorts through the retail giant’s website. Skift, a global travel industry intelligence platform, first broke the news of Amazon Travel, the title of the new web-based travel service. Skift said that it […]

Image Credit: Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas

Malaysian Travelers Prefer Eco-friendly Hotels and are Willing to Pay More

The concept of eco-friendly tourism is growing in worldwide. More and more travelers want to contribute to the conservation and preservation of the environment, thus are place an accent on eco-friendly practices of hotels they stay in. With the peak of travel season around the world, it’s important to know the shift in traveler’s conscience […]

DOT Proposes Airlines Be More Transparent

DOT Proposes Airlines Be More Transparent About Fees and Other Costs

The Department of Transportation proposed rules on Wednesday that U.S. airlines should disclose ancillary fees for checked baggage, carry-on items and other services to make it easier for passengers to ascertain the actual cost of a ticket. The Transportation Department’s proposed disclosure rules, which build on consumer protections that were issued in December 2009 and […]

World’s First Carbon-Neutral Hotel Group

World’s First Carbon-Neutral Hotel Group – a great case study of Environmentally Conscious Entrepreneurship

Born in a family entrepreneurs and healthcare personnel with an inherited entrepreneurial lore, Kristen Brøchner’s philosophy in life is straightforward – if you value ethics in your business, the money will follow automatically. Arthur Hotel Group byproduct of Brøchner Hotels a family owned business running since 1982. In June 2013 when due to generational change […]

Radisson Blu Hotel Frankfurt

Radisson Blu hotels: Designed to Content

When traveling, it is always important to book a comfortable, efficient, and welcoming hotel that helps you relax and makes you feel like home. Radisson Blu, the upper scale brand for Radisson Hotels, not only gathers the entire previous criterion but also adds a couple of stars.

2014 Winter Olympics will be held in Sochi Russia on February 7-23

U.S. joins forces with Russia for the upcoming Winter Olympics

In response to threats against the upcoming Winter Olympics from North Caucasus jihadists, who seek to institute a Caucasus Emirate separate from Russia, the Pentagon has agreed to aid Russian security forces with counter-terrorism technology.


Winner Winner Bitcoin Dinner!

Forget about dollars, euros, and pounds! Get ready for the digital era, for now you will be able to use virtual money to pay in a couple downtown Las Vegas casinos. The Golden Gate and the D casino have disclosed that customers are now free to use Bitcoin digital currency to stay at their hotels.

Billionaire Branson’s commercial spacecraft underwent a successful test flight during 2013 over California

Space tourism, have you booked your ticket?!

If you thought that space tourism a was distant achievable enterprise, 2014 will change your mindset for Branson’s Virgin Galactic is finally poised to lift off this year. Furthermore, a new Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket will help humanity get to Mars three times faster than the existing spacecrafts. Every day science fiction comes closer to reality!

doing business on a plane

Optimized usage of your flight time

What a great day for all of you who don’t feel like wasting time while flying. Pretty soon organization of your business or doing it won’t have to wait till you reach 10,000 feet while flying to a business meeting. Since you will be allowed to use your electronic gadgets all the time while being on the plane. You will be able to use them from gate to gate.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop could be the future of Inter-State transportation

Elon Musk, the chief executive officer of Tesla Motors Inc. and Space Exploration Technologies Corp., disclosed plans on Monday for a futuristic “Hyperloop” transportation system that could deliver passengers from San Francisco to Los Angeles in 30 minutes. If it is ever built, it could revolutionize transportation and energy.

Thomas Cook to replace its old fleet

Thomas Cook makes one more step to replace its old fleet

Here it comes after long talks, Thomas Cook Group Plc has announced that it reached a deal with GE Capital Aviation Services (GECAS) and its one step closer to have a new shining fleet. Its fleet renewal programme is part of the tour operator’s turnaround strategy aimed at improving its dented performance.

Tanera Mòr

Charming Scottish island might be yours for £2.5m

You have a chance to buy a snap of the paradise as a charming Scottish island is on a market for £2.5 million. It is not an exorbitant price for owning an island,Tanera Mòr, which has its own input in film history as it is widely believed to have inspired unforgettable and spine-chilling horror film The Wicker Man.

Packer is interested in investing in Sri Lanka

Packer to turn Sri Lanka into casino hub

James Packer, who is ranked in the top 200 richest people in the world, has ambitious plans of expanding his gambling empire. These days he is vitally interested in expanding in Sri Lanka as the small India Ocean island is considered a perfect place for a casino hub.

London - better business destination

London puts an eye on business

Back in the XIXth century, Benajmin Disraeli said: “London is a modern Babylon.” Time passed, yet the Prime Minister’s allegation is still up to date. Once you visit London, you will not only feel that it is full of tourists from all around the globe as it is full of historic and cultural heritage but you will inhale the air sated with the international business and unlimited possibilities.

Taj Mahal - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Most expensive package holiday ever available for just $1.5m

Are you ready to spend a rather hefty sum for arguably unforgettable moments? If yes, just be prepared to dive deep into your pocket as the world’s most expensive holidays ever costs around $1.5 million or £990,000 per couple. UK-based, the luxury travel agency, now offers the most expensive package holiday. But do not worry… If you want to embrace this lifetime experience by yourself, it is also possible for just the half of the sum and you will be able to admire every single UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Lonely Planet travel guide books

BBC Worldwide is to get rid of Lonely Planet for £50m

At last, BBC Worldwide, the entertainment company, informed that after all it sold its Lonely Planet to NC2 Media for slightly over £50 million. Fortunately for Lonely Planet, it is now in hands of US-based NC2 Media which has plans what to do with it and how to run it to make it even more successful.

Thomas Cook Group Plc to focus on its turnaround plan

Thomas Cook focuses on its turnaround strategy

On the 13th of March, British travel firm Thomas Cook informed that it aimed to improve its profits by around £350 billion by 2015 through its turnaround strategy. The 171-year-old UK tour operator plans to reduce the number of its stores, dispose non-core businesses and concentrate on online sales as it is trying to stand on its feet.

The most luxurious trains in the world

The Top Five Most Luxurious Trains in The World

The carriages, the most luxurious trains in the world, are truly built for kings and queens or the crème de la crème of society. But anyone willing to part with some good amount of money can enjoy this travel luxury.