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Hotel industry hits all-time high in the US Economy

Hotel industry signifies a good amount of growth rate in the US economy. The first notification was signaled by Bill McBride at Calculated Risk, in April, where he stated that all of the major metrics measuring the hotel industry have hit an all-time high. Senior Vice President at STR-Jan Freitag revealed in an interview that […]

Starwood Hotels and Resorts

Hotel guests use smartphones as room keys

Hotel guests will not be required to linger at the front desk or even stop by at all. New applications are helping speed up the check-in approach for busy travelers, or in at least one case, letting them go directly to their rooms by making use of their smartphone to unlock doors. Hotels today are […]

World’s First Carbon-Neutral Hotel Group

World’s First Carbon-Neutral Hotel Group – a great case study of Environmentally Conscious Entrepreneurship

Born in a family entrepreneurs and healthcare personnel with an inherited entrepreneurial lore, Kristen Brøchner’s philosophy in life is straightforward – if you value ethics in your business, the money will follow automatically. Arthur Hotel Group byproduct of Brøchner Hotels a family owned business running since 1982. In June 2013 when due to generational change […]

Another Cyberespionage Target - White Lodging

White Lodging Services Corp, another Cyberespionage Target

In the wake of Target, Neiman Marcus and Michaels, White Lodging Services Corp is the latest to investigate a suspected data breach at 14 food and beverages outlets. It incorporates seven Marriott, two Holiday Inn, and two Renaissance hotels, one Sheraton, one Westin and one Radisson across the states of Illinois, Texas, Pennsylvania Colorado, Texas, […]

Radisson Blu Hotel Frankfurt

Radisson Blu hotels: Designed to Content

When traveling, it is always important to book a comfortable, efficient, and welcoming hotel that helps you relax and makes you feel like home. Radisson Blu, the upper scale brand for Radisson Hotels, not only gathers the entire previous criterion but also adds a couple of stars.


Winner Winner Bitcoin Dinner!

Forget about dollars, euros, and pounds! Get ready for the digital era, for now you will be able to use virtual money to pay in a couple downtown Las Vegas casinos. The Golden Gate and the D casino have disclosed that customers are now free to use Bitcoin digital currency to stay at their hotels.

The New York Hilton to shut down its room service

No breakfast in bed as room service to be shut down at New York Hilton

Don’t imagine yourself lying in bed and having breakfast at the New York Hilton as room service will not be available starting from the summer 2013. It is a revolutionary move for the New York City’s largest hotel, yet the economy is stronger than the habits of faithful customers who will have to walk around themselves with a taste.

Tanera Mòr

Charming Scottish island might be yours for £2.5m

You have a chance to buy a snap of the paradise as a charming Scottish island is on a market for £2.5 million. It is not an exorbitant price for owning an island,Tanera Mòr, which has its own input in film history as it is widely believed to have inspired unforgettable and spine-chilling horror film The Wicker Man.

Casinos are interested in online gambling

Internet gambling becomes tidbit as Casinos eyes it with interest

Internet gambling is becoming a tidbit for many companies, including casinos, as it has been legalized in three states, and other state authorities are seriously considering the legalization of it on their soil. The interest is even bigger as the first legal pay-to-play poker website has been launched. Casinos are observing the new scene with interest as they are eyeing online gambling which might become their next gold goose.

Packer is interested in investing in Sri Lanka

Packer to turn Sri Lanka into casino hub

James Packer, who is ranked in the top 200 richest people in the world, has ambitious plans of expanding his gambling empire. These days he is vitally interested in expanding in Sri Lanka as the small India Ocean island is considered a perfect place for a casino hub.

London - better business destination

London puts an eye on business

Back in the XIXth century, Benajmin Disraeli said: “London is a modern Babylon.” Time passed, yet the Prime Minister’s allegation is still up to date. Once you visit London, you will not only feel that it is full of tourists from all around the globe as it is full of historic and cultural heritage but you will inhale the air sated with the international business and unlimited possibilities.

Taj Mahal - UNESCO World Heritage Site

Most expensive package holiday ever available for just $1.5m

Are you ready to spend a rather hefty sum for arguably unforgettable moments? If yes, just be prepared to dive deep into your pocket as the world’s most expensive holidays ever costs around $1.5 million or £990,000 per couple. UK-based, the luxury travel agency, now offers the most expensive package holiday. But do not worry… If you want to embrace this lifetime experience by yourself, it is also possible for just the half of the sum and you will be able to admire every single UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Titanic to have its modern replica

Replica of Titanic to set sail in 2016. Interested in cruise?

A replica of famous and tragic Titanic is expected to set sail and start the virgin trip from Southampton to New York in 2016. Clive Palmer, an originator of Titanic II, attempts to bring the legend to life… But, do not think that prices will be the same as in 1912! If you want to get on board of Titanic II, you will have to pay a hefty sum – nothing to sneeze at!

Lusting for Temptation Island

Island of the Richest. Lusting for Temptation Island?

Imagine yourself on a beautiful island. You can feel indescribable sea breeze on your face and hear sounds of nature. As private islands for sale can be found in many sizes, and they have different locations and other distinctive features, the initial price may not surprise you, though.

The World Discuss Hotel to be built in Dubai

UnderWater World is closer with World Discus Hotel

Some unimaginably futuristic plans will never be pursued, but some will… Despite the fact that idea of the cities of the future is still more or less on paper, underwater hotels are going to get us closer to a vision of our fate. Even though the Rangali Islands Resort in the Maldives glories in the title of the world’s first “underwater hotel”, on the horizon there is a new project which will certainly be revolutionary – the World Discus Hotel as it is to be the largest underwater building.

2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi to cost $50bn

Russian splendor amounts to $50b for 2014 Winter Olympics

Getting a chance to organize and host the 2014 Winter Olympics is one of few opportunities when Russia can show the whole world how big and powerful it is. And it is – nothing to sneeze at. Yet, the preparations for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi amounted to record $50 billion. Billions of dollars are being spent to rebuild national prestige and pride

MGM China Holdings Ltd set to build 2 casino resort in Macau

MGM China’s plan of new casino in Macau approved

MGM China Holdings Ltd, a venture between Pansy Ho and MGM Resorts International, received an approval from the Macau government to build a second casino in the world’s No. 1 gambling hub, according to a statement released on the 9th January.

Macau gambling revenue climbed 14 percent to $38bn in 2012

Macau sees gambling revenue grow 14% to $38bn in 2012

On the 2nd of January, official data showed that Macau saw gambling revenue increase approximately 14 percent to about $38 billion in 2012. The figures also indicated that Macau casino revenue jumped as much as 20 percent in December, surprisingly topping analysts’ estimates. The results support the Macau’s title of the world’s biggest gambling market.

Mohammed bin Rashid City

Dubai aims high as it plans to open world’s biggest mall and tallest hotel

Dubai aims high as it has announced its plans to build the world’s biggest shopping mall and tallest hotel, not to mention gardens that are said to be larger than London’s Hyde Park. Dubai revives its property projects which have been postponed due to the global financial crisis. And it is not surprising that Dubai wants everything to be big as it always aims at showing off. So its big comeback is not unexpectedly revolving around the business of biggest.