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Jim Koch,Samuel Adams founder and Boston Beer Chairman.

Jim Koch, co-founder and chairman of Boston Beer Company spills the secret to not getting drunk!

Recently, much to the liking of beer drinkers spilled the secret to binge drinking without getting drunk. A secret he learnt from his late friend and biochemist, Dr. Joseh Owades whom Jim recognizes as ‘the best brewer who’s ever lived’. Experts tracked down his statements as a move to increase sales of beer. In an interview […]

Union Wine Company #Beerification of Wine

Clever Packaging: A Great Way of Capitalize on Cost Cutting & Rebranding

Packaging is the primary means of communication brands use to create an identity and demonstrate their philosophy. It’s important for businesses to understand that the brand is fitting their target consumer sectors as well as the cultures it operates in. However, marketers see packaging more of a cost than an investment to remain competitive. Hence, […]

Heineken Beer

Heineken profits drops as beer sales decline

Heineken NV (HEIA), the world’s third-largest brewer delivered a dismal earnings report on Wednesday, saying its first half profit fell 17 percent because of bad weather, weak “consumer sentiment” in Europe and the United States, and sluggish growth in developing countries.

China's anti-dumping probe on EU wine launched in reprisal for solar panels

China strikes back with anti-dumping probe on EU wine

It was widely expected that China would strike back. And the Asian dragon did as it launched anti-dumping probe on EU wine which is simply a counterattack as the world’s second economy cannot resign itself to the European Union’s step to impose tariffs on Chinese solar panels.

Paul Walsh to retire from Diageo Plc - maker of Johnnie Walker

DIAGEO CEO Paul Walsh makes room for his successor – Menezes

Out of the blue, Paul Walsh, successful chief executive officer at Diageo Plc, informed that he would retire after successful and fruitful 13 years managing the drinks giant. As it was made public, he would be succeeded by Diageo COO Ivan Menezes.

Carlsberg Misses Profit Estimates

Carlsberg Misses Profit Estimates

Carlsberg witnessed a decline in its quarterly profits as sales slumped in the Russian and Northern European markets. Similarly, shares of the company shrank following lower-than-expected fourth quarter earnings and high beer making expenses.

France saw Champagne sales drop in France and EU

France isn’t in Champagne mood as sales were hit by economic concerns

With only a few hours left until New Year’s Eve, France might to be in a Champagne mood as sales of its world-known sparkling wine are decreasing in Europe amid the European debt crisis. Yet the Champagne industry reposes hope in the U.S., Japan and other markets where it saw a growing interest in the sexiest wine in the world.

The UK sees an increasing rate of pub closures

British Industry Leaders Struggle with Concerns over Increasing Rate of Pub Closures

As many as 18 pubs are closing in Britain every week. Increasing cost of beer, high taxes and cheap supermarkets deals force owners to shut down their businesses, according to the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA). British industry leaders, including the British Beer and Pub Association, call for action as data on the rate of pub closures is unsetting.

C&C Group Magners

C&C to buy US company as UK market weakens

C&C Group Plc has informed that it would buy US Vermont Hard Cider Co. for approximately $305 million. The Irish group decided to acquire US–based company to get the access to a fast-growing market and offset the weakness in its UK business.

Beer sales dropped in the UK

British beer sales saw a drop

The British beer industry claims that taxes are to be blamed for approximately 5 percent drop in beer sales in the third quarter. 117 million fewer pints were drunk by Britons in the third quarter ended September 30 compared with the same period last year, despite the Olympic Games as well as Euro 2012 football championship.

Paul Walsh, CEO at Diageo Plc

Diageo sales grows due to emerging markets

Diageo Plc, the world’s biggest spirits group, reported a 5 percent growth in quarterly sales. As it was stated the Diageo Plc growth in sales was driven by demand for brands such as Smirnoff and Captain Morgan in tthe United States and emerging markets as well. The company admitted, however, that its sales were affected by tough economic conditions in Southern Europe and Ireland as well.

Heineken's offer to acquire Fraser & Neave Ltd stake in APB accepted by Thai Beverage

Thai Beverage Accepts Heineken’s Offer on Asia Pacific Breweries

Thai Beverage Plc accepted an Heineken N.V.’s $4.5 billion offer to acquire Fraser & Neave Ltd’s 39.7 percent stake in Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd. Till the day of Thai Beverage Plc’s acceptance, its owner, Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi was the main opponent of the Heineken N.V.’s offer.

Mathew Fearn and Rooney Anand, Greene King.

2012 London Olympics to Have Minimal Impact on Greene King’s Sales

2012 London Olympics is said to have quashed trade at Green King’s central London pub but at the same time it helped increase Green King’s sales in the suburbs. According to Green King’s report published today, 2012 London Olympics had a minimal impact on the company’s performance, which had been expected by its officials. However Green King’s sales increased despite the wet weather in the summer.

Molson Coors Brewing Co.

Molson Coors slumps 53% as new unit disappoints

Molson Coors Brewing Co. (TAP.N) published its quarterly profit report on Tuesday, and to everyone’s surprise in Wall Street it blew estimates. The financial result of Molson Coors is surprising partly due to the acquisition of the Central European maker of Staropramen beer, which was bought by Molson Coors in June this year. The company’s second-quarter earnings slumped 53 percent on higher cost, while the top line had been bolstered by higher volume in Canada and the benefits of newly purchased StarBev LP.


Heineken attempts to acquire Singapore-based Tiger Brewer

The tug-of-war over the control for Tiger Brewer which is a group of 24 brewery units in Asia and a profitable soft drinks company should finally come to a head as Fraser and Neave have been brought in to consider a takeover bid by Heineken. Their decision which will be announced by Friday could spell a split up for the Singapore-based property and beverage company.


Happy Hours – Starbucks Expands Wine & Beer Sales

Starbucks Corp., the world’s biggest coffee-shop chain, which proved the world that there’s nothing as paying too much for a cup of coffee, is planning to experiment with wine and beer, the two elixirs that Americans love. Food and Beverage magazines believe that Starbucks is looking to differentiate itself from competitors, by entering into an alcoholic beverage segment. Well, it seems that happy hours are back again for California and Atlanta.

Heineken Beer

Heineken Beer to Use Dos Equis to Boost U.S Sales

Heineken’s flagship beer has lost U.S. market share to the likes of Belgium’s Stella Artois over the last five years, and is using Dos Equis, which Heineken acquired in 2010, as way to boost that market share once more. Sales of Dos Equis beer rose 17 percent for the quarter ending in October 2011, compared with Heineken’s 1-percent sales decline and industry wide declines of about 2 percent.

Xmas Beers

Holiday Beers: 2011 Edition

With the holiday season beginning in less than a week, many breweries are coming up with their 2011 holiday beers for consumers to pair with Thanksgiving turkeys and Christmas hams. Fortunately, there’s no eggnog beer or cranberry beer in the mix. Perhaps those will be some of the holiday beers of 2012? Anyway, here are what some breweries around the world are offering as Christmas beers this holiday season.

Richard Hennessy: The Cognac for Connoisseurs

Richard Hennessy. The Cognac for Connoisseurs.

Exclusive, luxurious and very much desired, Richard Hennessy is the finest Cognac under the Hennessy brand. Originally known as Jas Hennessy & Co., the Hennessy brand was founded by Irishman Richard Hennessy in 1765 in France. A leading Irish Cognac house, Hennessy has established its superiority where the manufacture of Cognac is concerned, and figures […]