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Jim Koch,Samuel Adams founder and Boston Beer Chairman.

Jim Koch, co-founder and chairman of Boston Beer Company spills the secret to not getting drunk!

Recently, much to the liking of beer drinkers spilled the secret to binge drinking without getting drunk. A secret he learnt from his late friend and biochemist, Dr. Joseh Owades whom Jim recognizes as ‘the best brewer who’s ever lived’. Experts tracked down his statements as a move to increase sales of beer. In an interview […]

Suntory-Beam merger spirits

Japan’s Suntory Limited purchases Jim Beam for $16 billion

The agreement to a $13.6 billion cash purchase of Jim Beam by Japanese beverage giant Suntory Holdings Limited represents the first big corporate acquisition of 2014 and is also a sign of the growing popularity of whiskey, particularly Kentucky Bourbon’s whiskey, both overseas and domestically.

Heineken Beer

Heineken profits drops as beer sales decline

Heineken NV (HEIA), the world’s third-largest brewer delivered a dismal earnings report on Wednesday, saying its first half profit fell 17 percent because of bad weather, weak “consumer sentiment” in Europe and the United States, and sluggish growth in developing countries.

Paul Walsh to retire from Diageo Plc - maker of Johnnie Walker

DIAGEO CEO Paul Walsh makes room for his successor – Menezes

Out of the blue, Paul Walsh, successful chief executive officer at Diageo Plc, informed that he would retire after successful and fruitful 13 years managing the drinks giant. As it was made public, he would be succeeded by Diageo COO Ivan Menezes.

Diageo Plc

Diageo 3Q performance boosted by US market

Even giants such as Diageo Plc are vulnerable to hard economic conditions in crisis-hit Europe. The newest findings of the London-based drinks company showed, however, that weak demand in the EU was partially offset by strong results recorded in the US market.

Scotch whisky enters second golden era

Scotch whisky enters “second golden era”

New research, which was conducted by the Scotch Whisky Association, shows that Scotch whisky enters its “second golden era” as it generates over £4 billion per year. The undeniable position of Scotch whisky in the Scotland’s economy is mainly driven by overseas investment.

C&C Group Magners

C&C to buy US company as UK market weakens

C&C Group Plc has informed that it would buy US Vermont Hard Cider Co. for approximately $305 million. The Irish group decided to acquire US–based company to get the access to a fast-growing market and offset the weakness in its UK business.

jim beam girly drinks

Jim Beam Bourbon Targets Female Market

After 216 years of marketing to men, Beam Global Spirits & Wine, the makers behind Jim Beam Bourbon, has finally realized that women like drinking hard liquor too. This is a phenomenal move for the spirits giant, as Jim Beam this month launched a selection of fruitier, lighter spirits such as a Courvoisier cognac infused […]

Japanese Brewery Goes South: Kirin to buy Brazil's Aleadri for $2.6bn

Japanese Brewery Goes South: Kirin to buy Brazil’s Aleadri for $2.6bn

With domestic sales of Japan’s breweries being severely affected by the country’s decreasing population as well as a general decline in the preference for beer in Japan’s beverage market, the nation’s brewers have been on a spree to expand their international operations. The latest among these is the announcement by Tokyo-based company, Kirin Holdings Co., […]

cupcake vodka wins best of show in new york

Cupcake Vodka wins Best of Show: New York World Wine & Spirits 2011

An unlikely name ? Sure. And yet, Cupcake Vodka, by Underdog Wine & Spirits, makers of Cupcake Vineyards wines, the US’s fastest growing $8+ wine brand in 2010, won the Best of Show Award at the very prestigious New York World Wine & Spirits 2011 competition. Offered in four flavours, Original, Frosting, Chiffon and Devil’s […]

Richard Hennessy: The Cognac for Connoisseurs

Richard Hennessy. The Cognac for Connoisseurs.

Exclusive, luxurious and very much desired, Richard Hennessy is the finest Cognac under the Hennessy brand. Originally known as Jas Hennessy & Co., the Hennessy brand was founded by Irishman Richard Hennessy in 1765 in France. A leading Irish Cognac house, Hennessy has established its superiority where the manufacture of Cognac is concerned, and figures […]

Isabella's Islay Whiskey_World's Most Expensive Whiskey

Isabella’s Islay: World’s Most Expensive Whiskey

If this isnt the vice of choice, there aint one. Referred to by its makers as “water of life”, Isabella’s Islay has been designed and then crafted with White Gold, Diamonds, Rubies and the finest hand-cut crystals. With single-malt cask strength, no chill filtering, no additives or colouring, Isabella’s Islay from the Island of Islay, […]

2011's best chardonnays_Chardonnay du Monde® wine competition

Judgment Day Chardonnay du Monde®: 2011’s Best Chardonnays declared

Wine connoisseurs world-over wait for this: a list of the best wines of the year, and given this specific event, a ranking of the world’s best chardonnays for the year. The Chardonnay du Monde® presents itself as the most widely recognized platform for getting your wine judged as one of the world’s best. 2011’s participant […]