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Pepsi to officially sponsor NBA, replacing Coke after 28 years

Pepsi to officially sponsor NBA, replacing Coke after 28 years

On Monday, Pepsi announced that it had signed a multi-year, North American partnership deal with the National Basketball Association, replacing Coca-Cola in the process, which held the sponsorship for 28 years. The new agreement includes the WNBA, NBA Development League and USA Basketball. Pepsi’s Chinese partner Tingyi will become the official sponsor for the NBA […]

COCA-COLA office

Coca-Cola to lay off 1,800 jobs globally

US soda giant Coca-Cola, which has struggled to grow sales announced that it will cut between 1,600 and 1,800 jobs in coming months. As part of a $3-billion cost-cutting plan, the job cuts would come from its corporate headquarters as well as from its North American and international divisions. The world’s largest beverage company, based […]

Cola Drink

Marketers of sugary drinks still aggressively target U.S. children, report finds

Even though Beverage companies like Coca-Cola and PepsiCo have pledged to advertise less to children, they still continued to remain a key target for marketers through various other means such as product placement and social media, according to a report released on Wednesday. The study, conducted by researchers at the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy […]

Coca-Cola Powerade

Coca-Cola’s Powerade Removes Controversial Ingredient After Online Petition

Sports drink Powerade, produced and marketed by Coca-Cola Co., toed the line finally by deciding to drop a controversial ingredient from its line of beverages after a teen’s online petition. In a similar move last year PepsiCo’s Gatorade had dropped the said ingredient from its existing drinks. A Mississippi based teenager had filed a petition on questioning the use […]

Union Wine Company #Beerification of Wine

Clever Packaging: A Great Way of Capitalize on Cost Cutting & Rebranding

Packaging is the primary means of communication brands use to create an identity and demonstrate their philosophy. It’s important for businesses to understand that the brand is fitting their target consumer sectors as well as the cultures it operates in. However, marketers see packaging more of a cost than an investment to remain competitive. Hence, […]

Coca Cola can now be made at home

Open Happiness: Coca Cola can now be made at home

On Wednesday, Green Mountains Coffee Roasters announced that Coca Cola will buy 10% stake by buying 16.7 million shares in GMCR for USD 1.25Billion. The companies have signed a 10year strategic alliance to bring Keurig Cold Beverage System around the world. In return for the investment, Coke would help launch Green Mountain’s new Keurig’s home-beverage […]

Suntory-Beam merger spirits

Japan’s Suntory Limited purchases Jim Beam for $16 billion

The agreement to a $13.6 billion cash purchase of Jim Beam by Japanese beverage giant Suntory Holdings Limited represents the first big corporate acquisition of 2014 and is also a sign of the growing popularity of whiskey, particularly Kentucky Bourbon’s whiskey, both overseas and domestically.


Coca Cola fights

When talking about Coca-Cola Company it’s not even enough to call it beverage giant, the company highly ranked when it comes to most admired companies or the ones with highest income; simply one of the most powerful companies on the globe. How, why? It all started with that magic drink, we all know today as Coke, drink that enjoy something like a status of deities since 94% of world’s population can recognize its logo. Absolutely unbelievable is the number of Cokes sold every day when we include all the articles written bad influence on our health and weight, everybody knows it’s bad , but still many can’t fight the need for it. Nevertheless seems like the beverage giant Coca- Cola has some fights of its own going on.

Kid having a sugary drink

Obesity problems in kids relate to consumption of sweetened Drinks

According to a new study even five year old kids who drink sugar-sweetened sodas, sports drinks, juices and other sweetened drinks daily are at a higher risk of having obesity problems than those kids who have sugar-sweetened drinks often.

Pepsi with Carcinogens

Watch out! Your bottle of Pepsi might be serving you cancer causing Carcinogens…

The Centre for Environmental Health has said that PepsiCo Inc. (NYSE:PEP) has not removed a high levels of a carcinogen from its formula, despite the company’s assurances that it has removed the formula. CEH tested samples of Pepsi purchased from California and 10 other states and found a cancer causing chemical called 4- methylimidazole, or 4-Mel which forms during the caramel colouring process.

Coca-Cola cans

Coca-Cola’s new labels to fight obesity

In a new expression of social responsibility, the giant lifestyle product maker, Coco-Cola Co., has announced a host of measures to tackle allegations propagating obesity to consumers. It will focus on higher-visibility of the calorie counts of its drinks by displaying it more prominently.

Coca-Cola offers green choices

Coca-Cola now offers Live Positively Green Choices

Coca-Cola‘s pro-active green practices and adoption of sustainable and ecological positive processes are again in the limelight. Calling their campaign ‘Live Positively,’ the company has integrated this with its core business plan. The policy will address environmental, workplace as well as community and product needs. Heading Coca-Cola’s ‘greening’ brigade is affable CEO Muhtar Kent, a personable businessman who wears sustainability on his sleeve.

PepsiCo Inc. aims to conquer India

Pepsi to Sponsor IPL to Beat Coca-Cola and Win India’s Market

And here we go again. The rivalry between Coca-Cola and PepsiCo seems to be endless and India is a new battlefield of the two soft-drink giants as PepsiCo Inc. will sponsor the Indian Premier League which is due to start on the 3rd of April. The move is aimed at winning a bigger market share in the fast growing India and the sponsorship of the cricket tournament is expected to help in that as the game is almost a religion in the South Asian country. PepsiCo Inc. reposes hope in the title sponsorship for five years staring in 2013.

Thai billionaire Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi closer to F&N takeover

Thai billionaire Charoen closer to F&N takeover as OUE backs down

After all, it seems that the long battle for Fraser & Neave Ltd. is over. Apparently, a group led by Overseas Union Enterprise Ltd. decided to withdraw from the race as it did not increase its bid to match Thai billionaire Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi’s offer of $11.2 billion for the Singapore-listed property and beverage company. Thailand’s third richest man needs only to gain the shareholders’ and regulatory approvals for his bid of S$9.55 per share for Fraser & Neave Ltd.

Manchester United signed two sponsorship deals with China's companies

China’s businesses to sponsor Manchester United

Manchester United Plc inked two sponsorship deals with China’s businesses, namely, China Construction Bank Corp. and Wahaha Group Co. As it has been underlined, both sponsorship deals are “territory specific” as 19-time English soccer champion Manchester United wants to benefit from its status in Asia.

The Coca-Cola Co. to launch beauty drinks

Coca-Cola & Sanofi venture to release ‘beauty drinks’ in France

The Coca-Cola Co. and Sanofi SA decided to start a venture to launch a line of ‘beauty drinks’ in France. The 50-50 partnership aims at diversification of products and entering a new market for both the Coca-Cola Co. and Sanofi.

Tata Starbucks Ltd. to open first Starbucks store in India

Starbucks to Open Its First Store in India by October End

Starbucks Corp. will open its first store in India by the end of October in an upscale neighborhood of Mumbai. The company has also appointed Avani Saglani Davda a chief executive to head its India joint venture.The company will launch its first store in India through the partnership with Tata Global Beverages.

Heineken's offer to acquire Fraser & Neave Ltd stake in APB accepted by Thai Beverage

Thai Beverage Accepts Heineken’s Offer on Asia Pacific Breweries

Thai Beverage Plc accepted an Heineken N.V.’s $4.5 billion offer to acquire Fraser & Neave Ltd’s 39.7 percent stake in Asia Pacific Breweries Ltd. Till the day of Thai Beverage Plc’s acceptance, its owner, Charoen Sirivadhanabhakdi was the main opponent of the Heineken N.V.’s offer.

Starbucks introduced its new single-serve brewer Verismo

Starbucks introduces “Verismo” brewer for $199

Starbucks Corp. has introduced its new single-serve brewer Verismo, which will be sold online this weekend for $199. The Starbucks Verismo is planned to be sold in the company’s cafés next month. The competitive prices of the Starbucks new coffee machine could be a threat to brewers from Green Mountain Coffee Roaster Inc. and Nestle SA, the dominant players in the single-serve coffee market valued at $8 billion.