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Subway Protests

Subway to Remove Bleaching Chemical from Bread after Protest

As a part of on-going effort to improve its recipes Subway proclaimed that it will be removing a harmful chemical Azodicarbonamide. Popular food blogger Vani Hari, who runs deserves credit for launching a petition this week urging Subway to stop using the chemical which is banned all over the globe. Azodicarbonamide is a yellow [...]


Hershey’s will soon be selling 3D printed edible chocolates!

3D Systems (DDD) announced a partnership with The Hershey Company last Thursday, in order to collaborate on creating a 3-D food printer that will be able to produce printed edible chocolates and other products.

Coca-Cola offers green choices

Coca-Cola now offers Live Positively Green Choices

Coca-Cola‘s pro-active green practices and adoption of sustainable and ecological positive processes are again in the limelight. Calling their campaign ‘Live Positively,’ the company has integrated this with its core business plan. The policy will address environmental, workplace as well as community and product needs. Heading Coca-Cola’s ‘greening’ brigade is affable CEO Muhtar Kent, a personable businessman who wears sustainability on his sleeve.

Robinsons fruit shoot

Cost of Robinson Fruit Shoot Recall raises up to £25m

Robinsons Fruit Shoot from Britvic is an immensely popular brand among the parents and is worth nearly £96m for a year. The Fruit Shoot Hydro another own brand of the Britvic was launched only last year with a quality marketing campaign that cost the company as much as £2.5m. Last week reports from Britvic suggested that the recall of the brands was only a precautionary measure and would not hurt them too much.

Walmart Store_ the world's largest retailer

Wal-Mart Launches it’s ‘Great for You’ Label for Healthy Foods

The green and white seal, which shows the stylized outline of a human figure with its arms spread toward the sky, is the icon for ‘Great for You’ label. If you cannot figure out which foods at Wal-Mart are healthy for you, Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer, will make it obvious by placing its new ‘Great for You’ label right on the package.