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Delivery Hero will consider an IPO Call by next year

Germany’s Delivery Hero will consider an IPO Call by next year, on Monday. The company has raided a massive round of funding, valuing it at $3.2 billion. The company’s CEO Niklas Ostberg is reticent regarding the funding source, and declining to confirm who invested. But, the company does know that it worth at $110 million (£72.2 […]


Hershey’s will soon be selling 3D printed edible chocolates!

3D Systems (DDD) announced a partnership with The Hershey Company last Thursday, in order to collaborate on creating a 3-D food printer that will be able to produce printed edible chocolates and other products.


Reasons to doubt next FDA decision

How often do you reach for herbal supplements during day, week, month, year..? While considering it as doing a favor to your health or immune system, turning it into a substitute for the healthy diet you still haven’t started with. Or when was the last time you didn’t feel comfortable with taking a generic drug, or just had no idea what it really meant? And when was the last time you felt like you have committed a crime after eating frozen pizza? Or is it just FDA having double standards when it comes to some things? Let’s start from the beginning.


Heart enemy food number one, soon to be phased out

When was the last time you decide to take the right side of the street when it comes to your daily nutrition habits? Or if you’re already taking good care of everything that reaches your stomach, have you lately committed a sin, reaching for frozen pizza or doughnut? When it comes to trans artificial fats it’s maybe better to think twice before committing eating sin. Trans fats could be easily recognized as heart enemy food number one.

Coca Cola

Coco-Cola reorganizes its structure

Coca-Cola Co. has announced a reorganization of its operating structure around main units. The remodeling is necessary to better address the changing demands of Coca-Cola’s marketplace. The company is aware of people reducing their soft-drinks consumption. Moreover the economic situation is still uncertain. The new operating structure will consist of three major businesses. In parallel to these changes two executive will be given much larger roles. This move is interpreted as an early step on the road to CEO succession.

Japanese Brewery Goes South: Kirin to buy Brazil's Aleadri for $2.6bn

Japanese Brewery Goes South: Kirin to buy Brazil’s Aleadri for $2.6bn

With domestic sales of Japan’s breweries being severely affected by the country’s decreasing population as well as a general decline in the preference for beer in Japan’s beverage market, the nation’s brewers have been on a spree to expand their international operations. The latest among these is the announcement by Tokyo-based company, Kirin Holdings Co., […]

world's biggest retailer, walmart, tests online grocery delivery service

World’s biggest retailer, Walmart, tests online grocery delivery

Presenting itself as the newest competitor to the online retailing giant Amazon, Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s largest chain of retail outlets, has set up Walmart To Go – a service by way of which customers can visit the website of the store,, order groceries that are usually found in Walmart stores and get […]