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law enforcement authorities have arrested affiliates of a criminal gang that is blamed for installation of data-swiping programs in PCs on various hotel hot work areas in the Dallas/Fort Worth region.

Secret Service Warns of Infected PCs at Hotels in USA

In a discreet advisory distributed by the US Secret Service, owners of various hotel businesses have been quietly cautioned of the on-going incidents of malware slingers that are progressively focusing on PCs in hotel business centers in order to gather sensitive information. In a secret, non-public advisory, which was issued last Thursday and publicized by [...]

Lindt seems, by all accounts, to be challenging the predominating pattern in the chocolate business, which has been to push upmarket.

‘Lindt: Acquired a taste for Russell Stover candies’

Swiss candymaker Lindt & Sprüngli AG is currently in negotiation phase to procure Russell Stover, the U.S. boxed-chocolate maker, a deal close to $1.5 billion, as indicated by individuals acquainted with the matter. Lindt was among numerous chocolate companies that placed bids for Russell Stover in recent months. Chocolate companies are currently seeking after deal [...]

Global demand for coffee is expected to reach 165 million bags in 2020. Sadly, the effects of environmental change are most likely to make meeting those demands difficult.

Climate Change May Cause Global Coffee Crisis by 2020

Regions suitable for coffee growing cultivating will decrease considerably by 2020 due to climate change effects in major coffee producing countries, a new report warns. The Coffee Barometer 2014, delivered by a group of environment and development associations including Oxfam-Novib, Hivos and WWF summarized it in a few words: “The situation is alarming”. Coffee harvest [...]

Nozzles emitting sugar (Bioplastic Fantastic by Johanna Schmeer )

Johanna Schmeer creates Synthetic Foods with Bioplastics that could feed world’s growing population

(Bioplastic Fantastic – Between Products and Organisms from Johanna on Vimeo.) A conceptual project by Royal College of Art graduate Johanna Schmeer builds on developments in the field of nanotechnology to create synthetic foods to meeting the world’s burgeoning population food demands. For the ‘Bioplastic Fantastic’ task, Johanna Schmeer has envisioned how different products produced [...]

Juicy Juice is amongst several other brands that Nestlé sold off in past one year, including PowerBar a sports-nutrition brand and a major portion of Jenny Craig diet business.

Here’s Why Nestlé Sold Juicy Juice to Brynwood Partners

Nestlé SA has sold its Juicy Juice brand to buyout firm Brynwood Partners, in its latest bid to simplify its rambling U.S. business by flaking off languishing brands. Brynwood, of Greenwich, Conn., has a thing for snapping out-of-favor brands from multinational corporations and has long been a regular buyer of Nestlé’s desolated brands including Bit-O-Honey [...]

New Report Warns of UK Facing Shortage of Agricultural Land

UK could ‘run out of land’ by 2030 to meet population demands

The worrisome estimates arrive from a research report co-ordinated by the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, titled ‘The Best Use of UK Agricultural Land’, published in a joint effort with Asda, Sainsbury’s, Nestlé, BOCM PAULS, AB Agri, Yara, BASF and Volac, as well as the English NFA and Country Land and Business Association. Cambridge Institute [...]

The US is the largest exporter of corn in the world. According to a recent study, climate change and unsustainable utilization of water resources and fertilizers possesses a threat to the total output of this industry.

ECORNOMICS: Corn Future Topples as US Weather Remains Soggy

U.S. produces nearly 40 percent of the world’s corn. Almost one-third of the farmland in the US is allotted to corn. The net return for growing corn last year was valued at nearly $70 billion. But now the excessive US moisture has metamorphosed as a canary in a coal mine disrupting edifice of agriculture, promoting [...]

Nestlé scientists aim to deliver vitamins and minerals to people worldwide using coffee pods

Nestlé is developing Nutri-Nespresso Coffee Pods that will eliminate food altogether

Nestlé’ SA is raking in millions serving tasty dollops of caffeine with its Nespresso coffee machines.  What comes as a jolt bigger than one you can get from caffeine is that, they may additionally serve up a custom mix of vitamins and minerals that will dispense with the need for food altogether. Nestlé’s researchers are [...]

In a juicy battle, the Supreme Court granted that POM Wonderful can sue Coca-Cola with a lawsuit

Food marketers be warned, this could be you!

In a unanimous decision last week, the Supreme Court ruled that consumers may possibly be misguided and tricked by the labeling on Minute Maid’s Pomegranate Blueberry flavored juice blend. The Supreme Court granted that POM Wonderful can sue Coca-Cola with a lawsuit alleging false advertising to trick consumers, capturing a large share of POM’s pomegranate [...]

Starbucks to introduce wireless phone charging stations to U.S. stores

Starbucks to introduce wireless phone charging stations to U.S. stores

Seattle based worldwide coffee chain Starbucks has joined hands with Duracell Powermat based in Israel to offer its customers a cable-free smartphone and tablet recharging option throughout the U.S. with Asian and European trials to come. The charging points will be incorporated throughout Starbucks stores, embedded in the tables and counters.  A customer can then [...]

. It is safe to assume that the use of big data is a success, based on 10,000 to 20,000 new ratings that the company receives every day.

NatureBox, a Calif.-based Start Up is using Big Data to Build a Snack-Recommendation Engine

SUMMARY: Over the last few months, a San Carlos, California-based start up, NatureBox has developed an algorithm to convert one time consumers into brand ambassadors. Companies like Fresco Data Inc and Kaggle make us realize how Big Data-related business solutions can help us provide top-notch service to our consumers and add a certain competitive advantage. [...]

Image Credit: Mandarin Oriental, Las Vegas

Malaysian Travelers Prefer Eco-friendly Hotels and are Willing to Pay More

The concept of eco-friendly tourism is growing in worldwide. More and more travelers want to contribute to the conservation and preservation of the environment, thus are place an accent on eco-friendly practices of hotels they stay in. With the peak of travel season around the world, it’s important to know the shift in traveler’s conscience [...]

That’s Japanese!? Unilever Sells Sauce Units to Japan’s Mizkan for $2.15bn

That’s Japanese!? America’s Favorite Pasta Brands Ragú and Bertolli sold off for $2.15bn to Japanese Mizkan Group

Japan’s Mizkan Group announced on May 22 that it will be buying popular western pasta sauce brands Ragu and Bertolli from London-based multinational consumer goods giant Unilever for $2.15bn, making it its most gallant expansion till date. The Mizkan Group’s is a privately-owned corporate entity, and is one of the oldest existing producers of rice [...]

DOT Proposes Airlines Be More Transparent

DOT Proposes Airlines Be More Transparent About Fees and Other Costs

The Department of Transportation proposed rules on Wednesday that U.S. airlines should disclose ancillary fees for checked baggage, carry-on items and other services to make it easier for passengers to ascertain the actual cost of a ticket. The Transportation Department’s proposed disclosure rules, which build on consumer protections that were issued in December 2009 and [...]

Nescafe Alarm Cap

Wake Up & Smell the Coffee… It’s the new Nescafé Jar that Doubles as an Alarm Clock

We’ve all tweeted at least once in our life, how coffee is our only alarm clock, right? And we all share the same philosophy, no humans before coffee, no coffee – no wakey. Looks like Nescafé has just the thing to make it all easy: a lid with a built-in alarm clock! The alarm lid is developed [...]

Coca-Cola Powerade

Coca-Cola’s Powerade Removes Controversial Ingredient After Online Petition

Sports drink Powerade, produced and marketed by Coca-Cola Co., toed the line finally by deciding to drop a controversial ingredient from its line of beverages after a teen’s online petition. In a similar move last year PepsiCo’s Gatorade had dropped the said ingredient from its existing drinks. A Mississippi based teenager had filed a petition on questioning the use [...]

Jim Koch,Samuel Adams founder and Boston Beer Chairman.

Jim Koch, co-founder and chairman of Boston Beer Company spills the secret to not getting drunk!

Recently, much to the liking of beer drinkers spilled the secret to binge drinking without getting drunk. A secret he learnt from his late friend and biochemist, Dr. Joseh Owades whom Jim recognizes as ‘the best brewer who’s ever lived’. Experts tracked down his statements as a move to increase sales of beer. In an interview [...]

Giving in to inflationary pressue that affects profit margins for the company, Chipotle executives are considering an increase of 3% to 5% in its menu prices.

Beware Burrito Lovers! Chipotle plans to charge you up to 5% more for your favourite meal !!

Mexican food chain, Chipotle recently announced that it would raise prices for the first time in three years. Chipotle Chief Financial Officer, Jack Hartung during the quarterly earnings call on April 17th said that “We plan to increase prices on average somewhere in the mid-single digits. We expect we will start installing the menu boards with [...]

Wild Oats a pioneer of organic and natural food trends in the late 1980’s but largely disappeared since 2007.

Wal-mart partners with Wild Oats to offer Organic Food Products at budget friendly prices

In a bid to make organic food affordable to customers, nation’s largest retailer Wal-Mart is trying to re-launch its organic food items at up to 25% cheaper rates.   Wal-mart announced on Thursday that it will be re-launching popular line of organic groceries – Wild Oats, starting this month at much affordable prices, inclusive of [...]