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Wind could supply 35 percent of the U.S. electricity by 2050

Wind power is one of the rapidly-growing new sources of electrical power in the U.S. and could provide 20 percent of the U.S.’s electricity by 2030, and 35 percent by 2050 while yielding a net savings in energy costs paid by consumers. That’s according to a new report, Wind Vision: A New Era for Wind […]

The United Kingdom’s Department for Energy and Climate Change approved the East Anglia One Offshore wind farm last week, which will soon be the largest offshore wind farm in the world.

UK Hoists the Sails for World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm

A majority of future wind projects in the EU and China are going offshore while the US is seriously considering mass auction of shores for offshore wind development. Studies have shown that winds blow 40 percent more offshore than on land, which indicates that offshore wind farms comparatively outperform wind projects on land in terms […]

(Image: Wind Turbine in Water)

U.S. Unveils Massive Auction for Offshore Wind Development

The federal government is officially set in motion to auctioning off commercial wind leasing rights for an area of more than 742,000 acres for wind development. Currently, there are no offshore wind farms in U.S. waters. The government hopes to change the stagnant state of affairs. In a press release announced on Tuesday, US Secretary […]

Power & Money Go Together: Warren Buffet’s Blind Bet on Wind and Solar Power

Power & Money Go Together: Warren Buffet’s Blind Bet on Wind and Solar Power

The most successful investor of the 20th century, Warren Buffett vowed to spend double the current outlay of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. on wind and solar power in the U.S yesterday. At the Edison Electric Institute’s annual convention in Las Vegas yesterday, Buffett not aware of how much they has committed earlier, briefly stopped to enquire […]

The Illinois wind farm is located at a distance from Ikea's properties to directly power their energy needs.

IKEA Buying Illinois Wind Farm, Its First U.S. Investment In Wind Energy Project

Swedish home furnishing giant Ikea’s U.S. subsidiary acquired a wind farm under construction in Illinois, as part of the company’s initiative towards running its stores completely on renewable energy. Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed. Hoopeston Wind, an under-construction 98-megawatt wind energy project in Vermillion County, Ill is the company’s largest, single renewable energy investment to […]

The company proclaimed that, together with The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Ltd., it had included Natixis and Rabobank as "lead arrangers" for the Cape Wind Project.

Cape Wind Project secures $400 Million more in Financial Backing

In a statement released on Wednesday Cape Wind Associates announced it has secured more financial partners – French Bank Natixis and Netherlands based financial services Rabobank, to back the Cape Wind project in its efforts to build a 130-turbine wind farm in Nantucket Sound. The company proclaimed that, together with The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ […]

U.S. wind energy capacity grew from 25 GW to over 61 GW, a 140% growth rate over the past five years, yet electricity produced from these wind turbines grew at a rate of 200%, outdoing capacity growth and making wind energy cheaper than ever

Turbine Tech innovation and operational improvements Played vital Role In U.S. Wind Power Growth, Cost decline

According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), U.S. wind energy generation has surpassed the growth in new wind power capacity, all due to technological innovation and operational improvements. U.S. wind energy capacity grew from 25 GW to over 61 GW, a 140% growth rate over the past five years, yet electricity produced from these wind turbines […]

At times, wind energy produces as much as 25% of the electricity on the Texas power grid.

Wind Power continues to be a major contributor to the US power mix

According to the latest data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA) at the Department of Energy; wind power generated 4.13% of all the electricity in America and is the fifth largest electricity source in the country. It accounts for nearly 30 % of all new generating capacity for the last five years, which is sufficient […]

Wind farms located in hurricane prone areas can be designed to withstand winds in excess of 150 mph (67.056 m/sec) – or a Category 4 hurricane.

Wind Turbines Could Abate Deadly Hurricanes Before The storms Make Landfall, Study Claims

A ground-breaking study published in the journal Nature Climate Change claims that, huge offshore wind turbines have the power to weaken hurricanes, wave heights and reduce storm surge. The study led by Stanford University engineer Mark Jacobson, who has been building a weather and pollution model for the last 24 years, says today’s wind turbines could significantly withstand […]

California procures more than 6 percent of its electricity from wind power and employs around 80,000 workers. Without PTC, the industry can survive but not thrive.

The Future of Wind Power: Without PTC, will the Economically Benefiting Industry Thrive?

American wind power is now a well accepted renewable energy source because of its smart state and federal policies that promotes economic benefits in all 50 states including California. The government’s federal tax policy has been instrumental in growing the energy concord that provides power to California and all over the United States. Be it […]

This computer simulation visualizes the filaments of dark matter thought to underpin the Universe's structure of galaxies and galaxy clusters

2014: a year for synthetic biology, dark matter, and more!

Expectations concerning energy and science continue to build up as new discoveries and enterprises are unveiled during the first weeks of 2014. This year promises interesting energy and health solutions, which go from upgrades in wind powered renewable electricity to further understanding of what black matter is.

Solar Panels

U.S. Government To Create A Big Energy Storage Market

As the renewable electricity generation and electric cars is rising there is also a growing interest in energy storage technology. On Thursday the U.S. Department of Energy released a report on this emerging technology that points out big problems and potential panacea for encouraging energy storage technology development and installation. Lowering the price of energy storage systems and ensuring they are safe to use are among the big obstacles.

Wave farms - the future of the energy sector

“Wave Park” Shown the Green Flag by the Scottish Government

On the 23rd of May the Scottish government has given the go ahead to Edinburgh-based company Aquamarine Power to set up power generation plant in the form of “Wave Parks” which will generate electricity harnessing the inexhaustible tidal energy off the cost of the Western Isles.

BP Plc opts out of wind energy

BP aims to get rid of its US wind arm

If one thinks that renewable energy is the future, then s/he can be surprised with a new decision made by BP Plc. Surprising or not, BP Plc has informed that it wants to get rid of its US wind arm. The sale of the US wind farm assets will close a chapter in the BP’s history of involvement in renewable energy which is also named the fuel of the future. The company intends to fully focus on its oil and gas projects as they are most profitable.

Obama supports wind power projects

Obama administration supports wind power projects

The Obama administration wants the U.S. offshore wind industry to flourish. As it reposes hope in renewable sources of energy, it decided to award $28 million in grants to seven projects. Those projects are aimed at developing different kinds of power-generation technologies.

The Green Investment Bank (GIB) dedicated to green investments

Official Launch of £3bn Green Investment Bank

On the 28th of November, the Green Investment Bank (GIB) is due to be officially opened by the Business Secretary Vince Cable. The Green Investment Bank, which will be entirely dedicated to green projects, is funded with £3 billion of UK government’s money. The official launch of the new bank is to take place in Edinburgh. The Business Secretary Vince Cable is expected to announce two green projects which will be supported by the first green bank in the world.

Wind Power Moving To The Grain Belt Express

Clean Line Energy Marking A Step Forward For Grain Belt Express

The wind power sector is growing rapidly in many mid-western states. Clean Line Energy has taken advantage of this quickly expanding energy sector. The Kansas Corporation Commission has unanimously approved the renewable energy-focused transmission company, Clean Line Energy’s proposal to conduct business as a public utility. This has marked Clean Line’s step forward in the Grain Belt Express.

Solar Ivy: The Flexible, Modular Solar Energy System that looks like Ivy

Solar Ivy: A Flexible Modular Solar Energy System that resembles Ivy

Having fast become recognized for the green consultancy they provide in conjunction with sustainable product development, SMIT has come out with a new solar energy system called Solar Ivy;  leaf-like photovoltaic panels which use both the sun and the wind to generate electricity. Inspired by the ivy often seen on traditional mansions, Solar Ivy, developed […]

Wind Energy for Oahu: First Wind's Kahuku wind farm now operational

Wind Energy for Oahu: First Wind’s turbines in Kahuku operational

A $140million wind energy project, set up by Boston-based First Wind, promises to generate 2 to 5% of the annual electricity consumed on Oahu, powering around 7,700 homes. Hawaii’s first commercial wind energy project, First Wind’s wind farm in Kahuku is a big step towards realizing the future of wind energy for this American state. […]