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SolarCity wants to build one of world’s largest and most advanced solar plants in the state of New York

SolarCity Acquires Silevo, Plans to Build One of the Largest Solar Panel Plants in the World

On Tuesday, SolarCity announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Silevo, a solar panel manufacturing and technology company, which specializes in producing solar panel modules that have both enhanced levels of energy output and low cost of production. With this acquisition SolarCity wants to build one of world’s largest and most advanced solar [...]

Power & Money Go Together: Warren Buffet’s Blind Bet on Wind and Solar Power

Power & Money Go Together: Warren Buffet’s Blind Bet on Wind and Solar Power

The most successful investor of the 20th century, Warren Buffett vowed to spend double the current outlay of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. on wind and solar power in the U.S yesterday. At the Edison Electric Institute’s annual convention in Las Vegas yesterday, Buffett not aware of how much they has committed earlier, briefly stopped to enquire [...]

Solar-Powered Roadways Might Just Become The Roads Of Our Future

Solar-Powered Roadways might just become The Roads of Our Future.

What if we could convert all the roadways in America into a massive solar panel that could generate three times the nation’s power needs? Well, this isn’t just an idea, that’s exactly the technology that Scott and Julie Brusaw, co-founders of Solar Roadways have been experimenting with. Besides, their first prototype of the Solar Roadways [...]

President Barack Obama speaks at a Walmart store in Mountain View, Calif., on Friday.

Obama Lays-Out Carbon-reducing, Energy Efficiency Proposal at Silicon Valley Wal-Mart on Friday

At the first-ever Presidential stop, on a fund raising trip President Obama urged U.S. businesses to curb down emissions to reduce environmental threats that are affecting climate change. Obama announced a series of carbon-reducing steps, which are specifically designed for private companies to boost solar power and promote energy efficiency. “There are cost-effective ways to [...]

Photovoltaic Installation

Greener energy: Tin could replace lead to make solar cells cheap, efficient and environment-friendly

A new super-efficient and environment friendly solar cell technology just got an added boost from a team of researchers, who successfully used tin instead of lead perovskite in order to harvest light. The non-hazardous tin proved cheaper than lead and is just as good at absorbing sunlight in solar panel cells. The low-cost solar cell [...]

Solar Reactor

SOLAR-JET Project Scientist have developed Worlds first Solar Jet Fuel

European Scientists at SOLAR-JET project, have successful created world’s first renewable jet fuel from scratch using only water, carbon dioxide and concentrated sunlight. SOLAR-JET project is a four-year program funded by Europe’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. The breakthrough invention could even help recycle harmful greenhouse, CO2 and use it into petrol, [...]

Illustration: John MacNeill (Image Credit: IEEE Spectrum)

Japan Plans to Build Orbital Solar Farm for 2030 in Outer Space

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) in order to magnify their efforts to find a feasible alternative to nuclear power, has laid out plans in an updates energy source proposal.  JAXA seeks to face its energy woes for the coming decades by launching a series of platforms – ‘a solar-based solar energy farm’ with batches [...]

Solar- powered Ubuntu laptop is set to enter the market at $350. While the submersible waterproof model, comes at a price tag of $400. (Image Credit: WeWi Telecommunications, Inc.)

Meet World’s First Solar Powered Laptop that makes Battlestar Galactica Designs look Lame

Overview: A Canada-based inventor has created the world’s first solar-powered Ubuntu laptop that will cost you just $350. ‘Sol’ has a 10-hour battery life that comes from two to three hours of sunshine and can be exclusively used for military and off-road purposes. It had a built-in GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, WiFI and 3G/4G LTE. Canadian [...]

Solar Impulse 2 has better batteries for storing energy soaked up from the sun by the roughly 17,200 solar cells that cover the huge wings, thereby making Solar Impulse 2 more energy-efficient.

Solar Impulse 2 to fly around the world fuel free in 2015

A futuristic flying machine built for an ambitious mission to try and fly around the world without using fuel has been unveiled. The plane is designed to fly around the world powered only by the sun. Pilots André Borschberg and Bertrand Piccard revealed the solar powered flight on Wednesday in a ceremony in Payerne Air [...]

SolarCity has teamed up with venture firms Vulcan Capital and Omidyar Network to invest $7 million into Off-Grid Electric

SolarCity to invest $7M in Off-Grid African Solar Firm, Could this help the solar services in developing countries?

SolarCity, America’s largest provider of solar services to people who can’t afford to pay upfront for a system is now looking to do the same for off-grid solar in developing nations. SolarCity has teamed up with venture firms Vulcan Capital and Omidyar Network to invest $7 million into Off-Grid Electric, a Tanzania-based company offering solar lighting [...]

Ivanpah is comprised of 340,000 sun-tracking mirrors (heliostats), which surround three, 459-foot towers Read more: World's Largest Solar Thermal Energy Plant Opens in California

World’s Biggest Solar thermal power plant goes online in California desert

World’s largest solar project, Ivanpah solar thermal power station officially opened on February 13, 2014.

Sprawling across 5 square miles (13 square kilometres) in the Mojave desert near the California-Nevada border, the $2.2 billion (USD) Ivanpah solar Electric Generating System has more than 340,000 computer controlled mirrors that focus reflected sunlight onto boilers located on the top of three towers, each of which is 150 feet tall (45 meters). The sun heats water inside the towers, creating steam that moves turbines and generates enough emissions-free electricity to power 140,000 homes, or about 392-megawatts. Far from a distance, these mirrors which are known as heliostats look like a clear lake rising from the desert.

Ford solar-powered hybrid car prototype

Ford unveils prototype of solar-powered hybrid car

Ford has unveiled its plans for a new prototype solar-powered hybrid car. The Ford C-Max solar Energi Concept features a vehicle solar panel system on the roof and a solar concentrator lens that tracks the sun’s position. The firm said it can draw power equivalent to a for-hour battery charge. Fully charged, the vehicle will be able to travel up to 21 miles powered only on electricity. The sample car will be exhibited at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, before testing begins to evaluate if production is viable.

Home Solar Systems

Homeowners get financial and eco rewards by adopting Solar Energy

According to Martin Learn, president and founder of Home Energy Systems, the plenteous availability of free sunshine has got a growing number of San Diego homeowners to earn financial and environmental rewards by choosing the solar electric (photovoltaic) industry as their energy provider.

Solar Panels

U.S. Government To Create A Big Energy Storage Market

As the renewable electricity generation and electric cars is rising there is also a growing interest in energy storage technology. On Thursday the U.S. Department of Energy released a report on this emerging technology that points out big problems and potential panacea for encouraging energy storage technology development and installation. Lowering the price of energy storage systems and ensuring they are safe to use are among the big obstacles.

Solar Manufacturing

Energy Department Announces $13 Million Investment To Drive Innovative Solar Manufacturing

The Energy Department announced over $13 million investment in projects that will help drive affordable, efficient solar power for U.S. families and businesses. It is part of the U.S. Energy Department’s SunShot Initiative, which is working towards strengthening domestic solar manufacturing and speed commercialization of reliable, affordable photovoltaic and concentrating solar power technologies.

SolarCity Rooftop Panels

SolarCity joins hands with Tesla to Provide Affordable Energy

Retail solar service provider SolarCity Corp and Tesla Motors Inc are partnering for the new product, with Tesla manufacturing the batteries for the project. SolarCity intends to bundle energy storage with solar and offer the set to homes and businesses while still beating the energy rates offered by utility companies and also create a source of backup power.

Solar Power Unit

Apple Plans to Set up Solar Power Unit in Nevada

Solar Farm is the hottest trend in manufacturing these days. Many companies now have them. Setting up solar farm next to a factory means that the power doesn’t have far to go. Since power lines aren’t perfect conductors, having a power source hundreds of miles away means a lot of energy is lost during transmission. Of late Solar Farms are quickly becoming routine projects.

Solar Impulse

Solar-powerd Plane flies cross country making a stop in Washington.

A fully Solar powered airplane landed in Washington on Sunday after a flight from St. Louis heading towards the end of its journey across the United States in an attempt to promote clean energy technologies. With the completion of this journey, this aircraft will be one of its kind to complete a day and night journey across the US. One of its kind being the first solar-powered aircraft.

Solar panel trade war between EU and China knocks at the door

Risk of EU – China solar panel trade war nears

The wraith of the EU – China solar panel trade war is nearing as the European Commission decided to impose provisional tariffs on Chinese solar panels as the institution seeks ways to protect the Europe-based industry. For an answer from China, the EC did not have to wait long as the Chinese government underlined that it would not allow anyone or anything to harm its solar companies. Therefore it seems that a trade war between China and the European Commission might be knocking at the door.