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Solar Impulse

Solar Impulse pilots takes off for flight around the world

Air travel has stepped into a new era. In a landmark journey, a Swiss solar-powered plane began its trip around the world. The plane took off from Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates on the morning of 9th March 2015, commencing the first attempt to fly around the world using only solar power. The Solar Impulse […]

According to SolarCity, the new fund is the largest ever created for residential solar power.

Google, Solar City reportedly team up to create $750 million in residential solar projects

Google Inc made a commitment to invest $300 million that would finance residential solar projects. SolarCity Corp on Thursday announced in a company blog post that it has created a fund expected to finance $750 million in residential solar projects with Google Inc investing around $300 million. SolarCity is headed by CEO Lyndon Rive, cousin to Tesla Motors’ […]

Riverside County is now home to the world's largest solar power plant

World’s largest solar plant opens outside desert center in Riverside County

Riverside County is now home to the world’s largest solar power plant, as California moves to expand its use of green power to meet the state’s renewable energy requirements. U.S. Interior Secretary Sally Jewell joined state officials on Monday to open the 550-megawatt Desert Sunlight solar project, which produces enough electricity to power 160,000 average […]

Solar Panel

Old Blu-ray discs can boost solar panel efficiency by 22 percent, study says

Blu-ray discs have become largely obsolete in the arena of digital downloads and streaming video. But they are now gearing up for a new and completely different return. It turns out that, the blue-bottomed discs are very good at enhancing the light-absorbing properties of solar panels. The tiny patterns etched into the bottom of the […]

Solar Energy

Creating solar, wind power now is as cheap as other energy sources

It has been a long-held dream for the solar and wind industries in the United States to generate energy at a cost equal to conventional sources like coal and natural gas. That day seem to be dawning soon. Since the last five years, the cost of providing electricity from wind- and solar-power plants has plunged, […]

First Wind

SunEdison and TerraForm turn to wind generation, will acquire First Wind for US$2.4 billion

Solar developer SunEdison and renewable energy operator TerraForm Power announced on Monday that they have signed a definitive agreement to acquire wind energy projects developer First Wind for $2.4 billion. With this deal, SunEdison would be world’s largest renewable energy development company. SunEdison said it was raising its 2015 project installation guidance from a range of […]

Netherlands solar road, converts sunlight into electricity and is the world's first solar-panelled bike path

Netherlands Opens World’s First Solar-Powered Bike Path For Public Use

The world’s first road that converts sunlight into electricity is set to open in the Netherlands on Nov. 12. The solar-panelled bike path aptly called SolaRoad will stretch about 70-meters or 230 feet long (less than one mile) to connect two suburbs in Amsterdam, Krommenie and Wormerveer. The path will become the first in the […]

Zheng Jianming

Hong Kong Property Investor Creates a $20 Billion Solar Investments Portfolio

A Hong Kong property investor has invested about $20 billion in Chinese solar manufacturing company in hopes of expanding his range of businesses in environmentally friendly technologies and may even seek Wall Street investment for the same. Zheng Jianming, chairman and founder of Asia Pacific Resources Development Investment Ltd., is considering a public listing for […]

The most photographed phone booth in London sits in front of Big Ben.

Solar Calling? London’s Iconic Red Phone Booths Go Green

Britain is just not yet ready to bid farewell to its beloved crimson telephone booths, it seems. Whether it is opening a small library, or opening elongated aquariums or even the world’s smallest pub, the UK has largely fallen into the habit of saving its darling icon by means of creative repurposing. The rescue efforts […]

Oahu, Hawaii,has the highest number of houses installed with rooftop panels compared to the rest of the U.S.

The Bitter Battle between Utilities and Solar around the Globe

Recently when Spain issued a notice of a law enforcing solar energy-equipped homes and offices to pay a reformatory tax, architect Inaki Alonso re-installed a 250 watt solar panel on a bar over his Madrid terrace. “The government wanted people to be afraid to generate their own energy, but they haven’t dared to actually pass […]

Translucent Solar Cells

MSU Researchers Develop Next-Gen Transparent Solar Panels

Scientists at Michigan State University have created a completely transparent solar concentrator, which like your cellphone’s screen could turn any window or sheet of glass into a photovoltaic solar cell. (See Image) The team is certain that the transparent solar panels could be proficiently utilized in an extensive variety of settings, from “tall buildings with […]

Solar Panels

Australian Scientists Create Technology that can 3D Print Solar Panels every Two Seconds!

A group of 50 scientists from diverse field worked since 2007 to create paper-slender, printable solar panels as a major aspect of the Victorian Organic Solar Cell Consortium. The unique technology utilizes specially developed “solar-ink” that can be printed onto plastic film using standard printers. They hope to see commercialization for utilization in low-power applications […]

Most of the countries including Saudi Arabia have been making massive investments in petroleum refineries, seeking to reduce imports of diesel and gasoline.

U.S. Oil Economy Could Falter as Saudi Arabia Enters Solar Market

Just as U.S. Department of Commerce is reconsidering to lift the 1970 ban off U.S. crude oil exports, so that it does not significantly damage the efficiency of oil economy, there’s a whiff of bad news coming from the Middle East. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is set to remove the electrical grid off its […]

SolarCity wants to build one of world’s largest and most advanced solar plants in the state of New York

SolarCity Acquires Silevo, Plans to Build One of the Largest Solar Panel Plants in the World

On Tuesday, SolarCity announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Silevo, a solar panel manufacturing and technology company, which specializes in producing solar panel modules that have both enhanced levels of energy output and low cost of production. With this acquisition SolarCity wants to build one of world’s largest and most advanced solar […]

Power & Money Go Together: Warren Buffet’s Blind Bet on Wind and Solar Power

Power & Money Go Together: Warren Buffet’s Blind Bet on Wind and Solar Power

The most successful investor of the 20th century, Warren Buffett vowed to spend double the current outlay of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. on wind and solar power in the U.S yesterday. At the Edison Electric Institute’s annual convention in Las Vegas yesterday, Buffett not aware of how much they has committed earlier, briefly stopped to enquire […]

Solar-Powered Roadways Might Just Become The Roads Of Our Future

Solar-Powered Roadways might just become The Roads of Our Future.

What if we could convert all the roadways in America into a massive solar panel that could generate three times the nation’s power needs? Well, this isn’t just an idea, that’s exactly the technology that Scott and Julie Brusaw, co-founders of Solar Roadways have been experimenting with. Besides, their first prototype of the Solar Roadways […]

President Barack Obama speaks at a Walmart store in Mountain View, Calif., on Friday.

Obama Lays-Out Carbon-reducing, Energy Efficiency Proposal at Silicon Valley Wal-Mart on Friday

At the first-ever Presidential stop, on a fund raising trip President Obama urged U.S. businesses to curb down emissions to reduce environmental threats that are affecting climate change. Obama announced a series of carbon-reducing steps, which are specifically designed for private companies to boost solar power and promote energy efficiency. “There are cost-effective ways to […]

Photovoltaic Installation

Greener energy: Tin could replace lead to make solar cells cheap, efficient and environment-friendly

A new super-efficient and environment friendly solar cell technology just got an added boost from a team of researchers, who successfully used tin instead of lead perovskite in order to harvest light. The non-hazardous tin proved cheaper than lead and is just as good at absorbing sunlight in solar panel cells. The low-cost solar cell […]

Solar Reactor

SOLAR-JET Project Scientist have developed Worlds first Solar Jet Fuel

European Scientists at SOLAR-JET project, have successful created world’s first renewable jet fuel from scratch using only water, carbon dioxide and concentrated sunlight. SOLAR-JET project is a four-year program funded by Europe’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development. The breakthrough invention could even help recycle harmful greenhouse, CO2 and use it into petrol, […]