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Rubicon’s new app

Rubicon Global Presents Uber Like App for Trash Pickup

Rubicon Global – a North America’s leading provider of recycling waste solution company has now come up new concept like Uber. The concept introduces the invention of a new application that picks your garbage via Rubicon’s trash pickup app. The move was taken that covers both environmental and financial aspects at up front. Earlier this […]

Energy News

European energy groups approached UN government for backing carbon pricing system

For the first time six leading oil and gas companies have been banded together to ask –The UN to agree and help device, and plan to stop global warming at the end of the year. Chief Executive Officer of the six energy group wrote an official letter to the top UN official- in charge of […]

IEA and World Bank to Invest Money at Renewables

IEA and World Bank to Invest Money at Renewables

Recently, World Bank and IEA announced plans to spend more on renewables, as they think that enough money is not invested in such renewable source due to which industries often point out of having lower gains in their profit margins. So, IEA and World Bank came up with an alternative to spend more money in […]

Apple to invest €1.7 billion in two green data centers in Europe

Apple to invest €1.7 billion in two green data centers in Europe

US tech giant Apple announced a €1.7 billion plan to establish and operate two data centres, powered entirely by renewable energy. The facilities will be located at County Galway of Ireland and another one at Central Jutland in Denmark. The US based consumer technology group said the centers are particularly meant for supplying power for […]

China which is the largest carbon emitter is currently measures to cut down its carbon intensity which is also known as emissions per unit of GDP, by 16 to 17 percent by the end of 2015

China’s Carbon Emissions Down by 5%, Premier Li Says

China’s carbon emission of carbon intensity has declined by 5 per cent this year, which has been marked as the largest progress in recent years, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday. “China’s economy maintained medium-high growth in the first half of this year while its carbon emission has achieved the largest reduction this year, down […]

One developing issue is the expanding utilization of microplastics straightforwardly in consumer goods, for example, microbeads in toothpaste, gels and facial cleaning agents, the Year Book says.

UNEP: Plastic Waste causes $ 13 billion damage to Marine Ecosystem

Plastic waste causes an overall financial damage of over $13 billion to marine ecosystems each year, according to two reports released on the opening day of the first United Nations Environment Assembly. The eleventh version of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Year Book takes a gander at ten issues hailed as materializing by past […]

Coca-Cola and collaborate on Ekocycle Cube Printer to Boost Innovative Recycling

Coca-Cola and collaborate on Ekocycle Cube Printer to Boost Innovative Recycling

(All Image Courtesy of 3D Systems) Musician, entrepreneur and chief creative officer of 3D Systems, has collaborated with Coca-Cola to create a new technology piece that is a part of its Ekocycle brand initiative revolving around environmental sustainability and innovative recycling. Ekocycle was launched by Coca-Cola in 2012 in alliance with revealed the […]


Retail Giants join forces on Sustainable Apparel

Retail Giants are now determined to embrace the environment. Levi’s has come out with designer jeans manufactured out of used plastic bottles. Nike has unveiled knitted sneakers that reduce manufacturing waste by 88 percent. A new research shows an increasing pool of global consumers, who are demanding that mainstream brands become sustainable. Green shoppers want green producers.

Recycling E-Waste

Recycling E-Waste Becoming Big, Profitable Business

Electronic waste, or e-waste, has been a problem for some time, with local governments trying to do their part to handle the millions of tons of obsolete electronics that are disposed of every year. E-waste and e-recycling programs may be common in cities, but it’s just recently that big business and industry leaders have taken notice that recycling e-waste is not only good for the environment, but is also good business.

Recycling Plastics

Plastics Recycling: Where does It Stand?

The first curbside recycling program started in France in 1884, the first entirely synthetic plastic created in 1907. However, plastics recycling does have its hiccups. Not all plastics are recyclable like clear water bottles. Plastics such as flower pots and detergent bottles aren’t recyclable at all. So, what’s companies and countries doing about this gap, and what are they doing to do their part in plastics recycling?

Waste Recycling_Waste Management Inc.

Waste Management, Inc.

Integrated Environmental Solutions North America’s leading provider of comprehensive environmental solutions, Waste Management Inc.’s mission is to maximize resource value, while minimizing – and even eliminating – environmental impact, for the betterment of the economy and environment. With an employee strength of 45,000, Waste Management Inc. partners with customers and communities to manage and reduce […]

2012 London Olympics Basketball Arena_Fully Recyclable and Reusable

Citius, Altius, Fortius and now, Green Gen-Z Style, Fully Recyclable

The 2012 London Olympics Basketball Arena The reusable-recyclable Basketball stadium of the 2012 Olympics, unveiled last week, is the fourth Olympic Park venues completed a year in advance of the Olympics, and is being dubbed as one of the quickest venues to complete construction, according to the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) The London 2012 Olympics […]

Waste from Beer turned to Energy

Beer-powered! Canada set to sample ‘beer waste-to-energy’ technology

Give me beer, I’ll give you energy ! A $500,000 modular pilot plant will be set up for ethanol production in Atlantic Canada by the end of this month. This project is part of a research endeavour led by New Brunswick Community College’s bioenergy and bioproducts applied research and technology facility in Grand Falls, New […]

Prefabricated home made from Recycled Plastic

Housing Crisis? Prefabricated, Recycled Plastic could be the answer.

To alleviate the 80,000 units per annum estimated housing shortage in the U.K, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has identified the return of prefab as the most suitable solution! Team that with making these new prefab homes out of recycled plastic, and pricing them at as little as £20,000, and bingo! How many birds […]