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IEA and World Bank to Invest Money at Renewables

IEA and World Bank to Invest Money at Renewables

Recently, World Bank and IEA announced plans to spend more on renewables, as they think that enough money is not invested in such renewable source due to which industries often point out of having lower gains in their profit margins. So, IEA and World Bank came up with an alternative to spend more money in […]

Donald Tusk - the originator of an energy union

Energy Union – pipe dream or real possibility?

Energy dependence is nothing new. But the fact is that the results of it we can fully observe nowadays, just to mention the ongoing political and military struggle in Ukraine. Saying that Russia is fully responsible for the energy dependence of several countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria and others is inappropriate at least. The […]

Experts believe demand will mushroom next year and increase 33 percent by 2020 from last year's 73 billion cubic feet a day.

Natural gas industry struggles with price volatility and delivery issues

Even with plenty of natural gas in the ground, America’s plan to use more natural gas to operate power plants, make chemicals, drive vehicles and heat homes may not go as smoothly as expected. The bitter weather this winter shows there are obstacles in producing and supplying gas. The harsh temperatures increased demand for natural gas […]

World Bank's Thirsty Energy Initiative

World Bank’s Thirsty Energy Initiative Signifies Growing Importance of Energy-Water Nexus

Two of our highly important global resources, Energy and water are intricately linked. However, when it comes to organising, the regulatory agencies, who manage these valuable resources, are often disunited and uncoordinated in their decision-making. With the World Bank recently launching its  Thirsty Energy initiative, it appears that the energy-water nexus is finally being given […]


Crowdfunding Platform Launched to Help Grow Ocean Energy Industry

According to reports the world’s foremost crowdfunding platform for the ocean energy industry launched on 10th Feb, contrived to tackle a dearth of early-stage funding for a rapidly growing part of the renewable energy sector. Clean Reach, reportedly launching five projects, provides a new way to generate an energy source that could apparently offer almost […]

Clean Energy drives job growth in the United States

Overwhelming Support for Clean Energy drives job growth in the United States

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) in its recent report says the renewable energy industry has created around 615,000 jobs in the United States. That’s a huge number of Americans working towards providing this nation with clean renewable energy from sun, plants and wind. Renewable energy development is making a difference in this country, Americans […]

Magma Chamber

Iceland Successfully Harnesses Energy Directly From Magma

Five years ago, engineers at Icelandic Deep Drilling Project, IDDP witnessed a bizarre site while drilling a borehole in Krafla, Northeast Iceland. At 2100m they had accidently hit Earth’s magma chambers, intruding into the planet’s upper crust from below at searing temperatures of 900 to 1000 Celsius that generated super-hot vents of stems. The magma-heated […]

This computer simulation visualizes the filaments of dark matter thought to underpin the Universe's structure of galaxies and galaxy clusters

2014: a year for synthetic biology, dark matter, and more!

Expectations concerning energy and science continue to build up as new discoveries and enterprises are unveiled during the first weeks of 2014. This year promises interesting energy and health solutions, which go from upgrades in wind powered renewable electricity to further understanding of what black matter is.

The flow-through reaction setup progressively dissolves biomass producing fractions that are rich in (from left to right) lignin monomers, hemicellulose and cellulose-derived sugars.

Drop-in fuels will soon come from plant-derived chemicals

Researchers at University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a procedure which uses a plant-derived chemical to create a concentrated stream of sugars that is ripe with possibility for drop-in biofuels.

Algae about to be turned into oil

Researchers turn algae into crude oil in less than an hour

Researchers at the the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Pacific Northwest National Laboratory can spin algae into oil. A biofuels company, Utah-based Genifuel Corp., has licensed the technology and is collaborating with an industrial partner to create a pilot plant using the technology.

hydrogen technology

U.S. Announces Over $7 Million Investment to Commercialize Cost-Effective Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies

The USA Energy Department announced over $7 million investment in projects that will help bring affordable, advanced hydrogen and fuel cell technologies online faster. This investment, which is spread across four projects in Georgia, Kansas, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, will enhance U.S. leadership in fuel cell-powered vehicles and backup power systems, and provide businesses more economical, cleaner transportation and power options.

Solar Panels

U.S. Government To Create A Big Energy Storage Market

As the renewable electricity generation and electric cars is rising there is also a growing interest in energy storage technology. On Thursday the U.S. Department of Energy released a report on this emerging technology that points out big problems and potential panacea for encouraging energy storage technology development and installation. Lowering the price of energy storage systems and ensuring they are safe to use are among the big obstacles.

Department Of Energy

U.S. on its way to energy independence, says DOE

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, the net import share of U.S. energy consumption will only be 4 percent by 2040, meaning that the country is almost breaking even in terms of U.S. energy imports vs. exports. Though the country’s imports still vary, the percentage is significantly less than it was last year when it had net imports of 16 percent and even 2005 when it had net imports of 30 percent.


Power Plant That Turns Unwanted Carbon Dioxide Into Electricity

Scientists are developing a new type of geothermal power plant that will store unwanted carbon dioxide (CO2) underground and use it as a mechanism to improve electric power generation by relatively 10 times in comparison to existing geothermal power. The report was presented at the American Geophysical Union meeting.

World Energy

Rising Living Standards Drive Higher Energy Needs says Exxon

According to Exxon Mobil the drive for better living standards around the world will increase the demand for electricity and transportation fuels even as economies revive and governments put a price on pollution.

Turning point for U.S. oil production

Turning point for U.S. oil production

Can you think of all of the changes along your business or career since 1995? For sure many things have changed; it’s a long time period when it comes to business. This is the exactly same period that took U.S. oil production to accomplish same level of affectivity as it had in 1995. Everybody calls it milestone; turning point, surely it is if we look just few years back, but it’s more like achieving something U.S. oil production already had.

Shale gas industry migh become important for the UK economy

UK should make the best of its colossal shale gas reserves

It seems that the UK might have a golden goose as IGas Energy Plc informed that it had much more shale gas than initially estimated. This revelation might mean an approaching revolution which in turn will significantly decrease the UK reliance on foreign gas. Thus the country should take advantage of its colossal shale gas reserves.

Chevron Corp.

Chevron rather optimistic about its Australia’s LNG projects

Chevron Corp., the US’s second largest oil company, stays rather optimistic on its LNG projects located in Australia as the Gorgon LNG development is in 60 percent finished. The two projects, Gorgon and Wheatstone, poured as much as $30 billion to the local economy, not to mention that they added thousands of job positions. While the projects are smoothly progressing, the oil giant informed that it was negotiating some contracts as it aimed to sell more LNG from the Gorgon project.

Fuels of the future are not whims - they are just necessity

Fuels of the future. Neither dream nor whim – just necessity

We are standing at this point when we just have to either find or develop the fuel of the future. The fact is that mounting concerns over climate changes push us to look for alternative fuels or just fuels of the future. The need is even bigger when we take into account the fact that all reserves of known fossil fuels are slowly running out…