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UK Begins Bidding for Fracking Licenses Today

The U.K is set to begin, the bidding process today, for the next set onshore oil and gas exploration licenses, including shale gas, a solution is viewed as a less expensive and more secure energy source. The details for the bidding are yet to be set out by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. [...]

Last year alone in Oklahoma, there were over a hundred earthquakes of magnitude greater than 3.0.

Fracking Wastewater in Oklahoma Triggers Earthquakes, study says

According to a new study conducted by top US universities, four wastewater wells in Oklahoma, where energy companies dump water following the completion of hydraulic fracturing process, has caused a series of earthquakes, some 30km from the site in the past five years. The report, published in Science magazine, wrapped up on the Midwestern state, [...]

Donald Tusk - the originator of an energy union

Energy Union – pipe dream or real possibility?

Energy dependence is nothing new. But the fact is that the results of it we can fully observe nowadays, just to mention the ongoing political and military struggle in Ukraine. Saying that Russia is fully responsible for the energy dependence of several countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria and others is inappropriate at least. The [...]

Iraq is the second-largest oil producer in the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) group.

Iraq crisis threatens world economic recovery

Military advances in Southern Iraq by Sunni Islamist anarchists, who took over two Iraqi cities earlier this week could disrupt oil supplies if Baghdad doesn’t re-establish its authority in next to no time. The increasing turmoil in Iraqi soil has induced growing concerns – high oil prices – compelling central banks to raise interest rates [...]

Image: Aerovironment Drone

If you’d like more oil fields and pipelines in Alaska, then you might love this

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Aviation Administration took a giant step on Tuesday by easing restrictions on commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) use over land and water in the U.S. Of all companies, oil company British Petroleum and its drone partner AeroVironment have secured the approval to fly an AeroVironment Puma AE for aerial surveys over Prudhoe Bay oil operations in Alaska (which [...]

EPA Pollution reductions will prevent 2000 premature deaths

EPA adopts tougher pollution rule to lower sulfur limits in fuel

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Monday has finalized the new Tier 3 vehicle emission standards for cars and gasoline that the agency claims will significantly reduce harmful pollution, improve public health and prevent thousands of premature deaths and illnesses and create a cleaner environment, all by reducing the amount of sulfur that’s released into [...]

Algae about to be turned into oil

Researchers turn algae into crude oil in less than an hour

Researchers at the the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Pacific Northwest National Laboratory can spin algae into oil. A biofuels company, Utah-based Genifuel Corp., has licensed the technology and is collaborating with an industrial partner to create a pilot plant using the technology.

Solar Panels

U.S. Government To Create A Big Energy Storage Market

As the renewable electricity generation and electric cars is rising there is also a growing interest in energy storage technology. On Thursday the U.S. Department of Energy released a report on this emerging technology that points out big problems and potential panacea for encouraging energy storage technology development and installation. Lowering the price of energy storage systems and ensuring they are safe to use are among the big obstacles.

Oil Exploration

Need for water in Fuel technology may result in energy crisis

In the past, Americans were concerned about running out of energy to keep their cars revving and their homes heated, but with advanced technologies making oil, natural gas and other fossil fuels more abundant, the risk now is that the world might run out of the water needed to generate power.

World Energy

Rising Living Standards Drive Higher Energy Needs says Exxon

According to Exxon Mobil the drive for better living standards around the world will increase the demand for electricity and transportation fuels even as economies revive and governments put a price on pollution.

America Fuel Prices

Americans want to drive more as fuel prices decline

A reviving economy and low prices at the pump have enhanced U.S. gasoline demand in the past months after five years of decline, a change that could continue into 2014. Since 2007, owing to the economic slowdown and expensive gasoline motorists were forced to drive less or buy smaller, more fuel efficient cars but there has been a rise in consumption in the second half of this year

Natural Gas Pipeline

Cheap Natural Gas Driving Major Investment Decisions

The seemingly limitless supply of natural gas at record low prices has got the U.S. chemical industry to experience a surge of new production capacity. According to Thomas Kevin Swift, Chief Economist and Managing Director at the American Chemistry Council who conducts a weekly tally of new plants and expansions says the other industries that use natural gas as a source of energy are also adding new factories.

Coal Energy Plant

Coal to outdo oil as key fuel of the global economy

According to energy consultancy firm Wood Mackenzie (Woodmac) Coal will outdo oil as the key fuel for the global economy by 2020. In spite of government efforts to abate carbon emissions, increasing demand in China and India will push coal past oil, as the two countries will need the comparatively cheaper fuel to power their economies, while coal requirement in the United States, Europe and the rest of Asia will remain stable.


The Rise, unfortunately Gas rise

Business and economy, gas. All know that the latest exceedingly influences the first one, so it comes as no surprise at all that everybody look at the rise of gas with that bitter taste in mouth. Due to latest news aren’t exactly the best ones. Just less than two weeks ago you were reading about Turning point for U.S. oil production, U.S. oil production finally exceeded oil consumption, everybody hardly waited for this to happen, but then this week we get Gas rise.


2014 might be a Great Year for the Oil and Gas Industry

It goes without saying that the oil industry has brought in gainful revenue for companies engaging in shale oil production. Though it is a tough venture, drilling for shale resources has made the United States a record producer in such a small window of time, will soon exceed Saudi Arabia in terms of liquids production. Companies like EOG Resources (NYSE: EOG) have been leading the charge of the national production boom by concentrating on shale areas in Texas.

Shale gas industry migh become important for the UK economy

UK should make the best of its colossal shale gas reserves

It seems that the UK might have a golden goose as IGas Energy Plc informed that it had much more shale gas than initially estimated. This revelation might mean an approaching revolution which in turn will significantly decrease the UK reliance on foreign gas. Thus the country should take advantage of its colossal shale gas reserves.

BP Plc to build two oil drills in Alaska

BP to add 2 drills in Alaska as tax breaks bring a wave of investment

New tax breaks have brought a wave of investment as BP Plc decided to add two new drill rigs to the North Slope. The project, which is to be wrapped up by 2016, is an essential element of a $1 billion investment plan the British oil giant wants to introduce over the next five years.

Fuels of the future are not whims - they are just necessity

Fuels of the future. Neither dream nor whim – just necessity

We are standing at this point when we just have to either find or develop the fuel of the future. The fact is that mounting concerns over climate changes push us to look for alternative fuels or just fuels of the future. The need is even bigger when we take into account the fact that all reserves of known fossil fuels are slowly running out…

BG Group PLc again much interested in LNG

BG again truly interested in exploration and LNG

It seems that BG Group Plc is ready to once again to concentrate on exploration and liquefied natural gas (LNG) as it wants to regain its investors’ favor. The company, which is the UK third largest natural gas producer, aims to engage its partners into investment as it will try to expand its operations.