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IEA and World Bank to Invest Money at Renewables

IEA and World Bank to Invest Money at Renewables

Recently, World Bank and IEA announced plans to spend more on renewables, as they think that enough money is not invested in such renewable source due to which industries often point out of having lower gains in their profit margins. So, IEA and World Bank came up with an alternative to spend more money in […]


Apple Pledges to Boost Its Renewable Energy Goal

On Monday, CEO of Apple Inc. Tim Cook pledged to generate sufficient amount of energy through renewable energy source in China’s manufacturing plant, to power its global operations. Apple, is partnering with WWF which happens to have one of the largest energy manufacturing plants in Sichuan province of China. The company has disclosed a new […]

Robotic Lawnmower uses cuttings from lawn to create a kind of ‘grass biomass’ which can harvest as fuel. The unused pellet fuel can also be used for other tasks such as heating or power generation.

Robotic EcoMow Cut Dependence on Fossil Fuels

EcoMow Technologies a startup founded by CEO graduate student Jason Force from George Mason University have created a prototype of a self-guiding robotic lawnmower that uses cuttings from lawn to create a kind of ‘grass biomass’ which can harvest as fuel. The unused pellet fuel can also be used for other tasks such as heating or power generation.

This computer simulation visualizes the filaments of dark matter thought to underpin the Universe's structure of galaxies and galaxy clusters

2014: a year for synthetic biology, dark matter, and more!

Expectations concerning energy and science continue to build up as new discoveries and enterprises are unveiled during the first weeks of 2014. This year promises interesting energy and health solutions, which go from upgrades in wind powered renewable electricity to further understanding of what black matter is.

The flow-through reaction setup progressively dissolves biomass producing fractions that are rich in (from left to right) lignin monomers, hemicellulose and cellulose-derived sugars.

Drop-in fuels will soon come from plant-derived chemicals

Researchers at University of Wisconsin-Madison have developed a procedure which uses a plant-derived chemical to create a concentrated stream of sugars that is ripe with possibility for drop-in biofuels.

Algae about to be turned into oil

Researchers turn algae into crude oil in less than an hour

Researchers at the the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Pacific Northwest National Laboratory can spin algae into oil. A biofuels company, Utah-based Genifuel Corp., has licensed the technology and is collaborating with an industrial partner to create a pilot plant using the technology.

hydrogen technology

U.S. Announces Over $7 Million Investment to Commercialize Cost-Effective Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies

The USA Energy Department announced over $7 million investment in projects that will help bring affordable, advanced hydrogen and fuel cell technologies online faster. This investment, which is spread across four projects in Georgia, Kansas, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, will enhance U.S. leadership in fuel cell-powered vehicles and backup power systems, and provide businesses more economical, cleaner transportation and power options.

Crystal River Nuclear Plant in Florida

US Stand To Lose Critical Clean Electricity If Nuclear Power Plants Keep Shutting Down

This year, four nuclear power plants have declared closing down. If plants continue to close instead of widening its operations the nation stands to lose 60 percent of its clean electricity beginning in 2030, according to a new report by the American Physical Society.

Electric car

The right time for buying an Electric Car

Eight States pledge for Zero-Emission Vehicles. Governors of eight states announced a groundbreaking initiative to put 3.3 million zero-emission vehicles (ZEV) on the roads by 2025. These eight states representing nearly a quarter of U.S. auto sales signed a pact to boost the number of electric- and hydrogen-fueled cars, trucks and buses. These states have the main mission to help make the highways friendlier for zero-emission vehicles. And California is helping lead the charge.

Fuels of the future are not whims - they are just necessity

Fuels of the future. Neither dream nor whim – just necessity

We are standing at this point when we just have to either find or develop the fuel of the future. The fact is that mounting concerns over climate changes push us to look for alternative fuels or just fuels of the future. The need is even bigger when we take into account the fact that all reserves of known fossil fuels are slowly running out…

BP Plc opts out of wind energy

BP aims to get rid of its US wind arm

If one thinks that renewable energy is the future, then s/he can be surprised with a new decision made by BP Plc. Surprising or not, BP Plc has informed that it wants to get rid of its US wind arm. The sale of the US wind farm assets will close a chapter in the BP’s history of involvement in renewable energy which is also named the fuel of the future. The company intends to fully focus on its oil and gas projects as they are most profitable.

The Green Investment Bank (GIB) dedicated to green investments

Official Launch of £3bn Green Investment Bank

On the 28th of November, the Green Investment Bank (GIB) is due to be officially opened by the Business Secretary Vince Cable. The Green Investment Bank, which will be entirely dedicated to green projects, is funded with £3 billion of UK government’s money. The official launch of the new bank is to take place in Edinburgh. The Business Secretary Vince Cable is expected to announce two green projects which will be supported by the first green bank in the world.


NASA’s Biofuel Project to Help Solve World Fuel Needs

The interest for creating biofuels from algae and other sea-water plants have been increasing off late. Scientists at NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland have been trying to fill the skies with algae and explore new means to create alternative energy source for commercial aviation. It seems like Bilal Bomani, a scientist at NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, has tied the future of space exploration to sub-aquatic life.

Ethanol Tax Break

US Ends Ethanol Tax Break; Brazil Sees Opening

Corn-based fuels have been subsidized by the U.S Congress for more than three decades, ever since the Energy Tax Act of 1978. But, this week, when Congress adjourned for the winter recess, they didn’t renew the ethanol tax breaks for industry leaders.

Chris Browne, MD, Thomson Airways_First British Airline to Fly Planes on Sustainable Biofuel

Thomson Airways: First UK Airline to Fly on Sustainable Biofuel

Sustainable Aviation Leader UK airline company, Thomson Airways, announced on 5th July, that it will operate Britain’s first flight run on sustainable biofuel on 28th July 2011 from Birmingham to Palma. Britain’s Government has recently announced its desired target of reducing carbon emissions by 50% by 2025. Given that the use of sustainable biofuels offers […]

Solazyme_meeting the growing needs for renewable fuels


Solazyme, Inc. is a renewable oil and bioproducts company and the leader in algal biotechnology. Using industrial fermentation equipment to efficiently scale and accelerate the microalgae’s natural oil production time to just a few days, Solazyme’s feedstock flexible platform has the ability of utilizing a wide variety of plant-based sugars, like sugarcane-based sucrose, corn-based dextrose, […]

Ethanol’s new avatar to grow commercial

Ethanol’s new avatar to grow commercial

Cellulosic Ethanol Biorefinery to be constructed in Michigan Finally there’s some good news for Ethanol producers who have been facing a lot of criticism as blame comes in from the industry for driving up the price of corn. Cellulosic Ethanol – a new form of Ethanol that uses a variety of non-food sources as its […]