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Semi-submersible oil drilling rig

Shell Submits Revised Plan for Controversial Arctic Drilling

European oil giant Royal Dutch Shell PLC took its first step toward returning to explore in the Arctic. Shell spokesperson Megan Baldino said that on Thursday morning the oil and gas company filed a revised plan to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management in Anchorage to explore the Chukchi Sea (BOEM, Bureau of Ocean Energy [...]

China which is the largest carbon emitter is currently measures to cut down its carbon intensity which is also known as emissions per unit of GDP, by 16 to 17 percent by the end of 2015

China’s Carbon Emissions Down by 5%, Premier Li Says

China’s carbon emission of carbon intensity has declined by 5 per cent this year, which has been marked as the largest progress in recent years, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said on Tuesday. “China’s economy maintained medium-high growth in the first half of this year while its carbon emission has achieved the largest reduction this year, down [...]

China Rongsheng Heavy Industries, is China’s largest private ship-building and petro-chemical engineering company.

Shipbuilder Rongsheng Heavy Industries Acquires 60% Stake in Kyrgyzstan’s Oilfields

China Rongsheng Heavy Industries, China’s largest private ship-building and petro-chemical engineering company, is now venturing into oil and gas exploration via HK$2.2 billion acquisition in Kyrgyzstan, it announced on Thursday. The Hong Kong-listed Jiangsu-based company revealed in a statement that it has, through a subsidiary, bought a 60 percent stake in New Continental Oil and [...]

BHP Billiton Escondida copper mine in Chile.

BHP Billiton to spinoff assets into Mining Company

BHP Billiton Ltd. announced its yearly profits climbed 23%, as it outlined plans to create a new company to accommodate assets including nickel mines and aluminum smelters that would be listed on Australia’s stock exchange. Australia’s biggest company, BHP reported a net benefit of US $13.83 billion for the year through June, after delivering more [...]

Thunder Horse Oil Field

Mexico Reforms Law for Foreign Oil & Gas Investors

Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto signed into law on Monday new rules legislating an opening of Mexico’s state-run oil, gas and energy industries to foreign and private owned businesses. Pena Nieto announced that the administration will give out more details to potential investors by Wednesday which blocks of gas and oil fields will be open [...]

(Image: Keystone Pipeline)

Study reveals Keystone XL pipeline’s potential carbon pollution much higher than previously estimated

According to a new study, the much-debated Keystone XL pipeline ports could have a much larger impact on greenhouse gas emissions than the State Department originally estimated. The study which was conducted by a non profit research organization, the Stockholm Environment Institute was published Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change. It says the pipeline would [...]

The consolidated Kinder Morgan empire is set to have an estimated value of about $140 billion, which is $100 billion of market value and $40 billion of debt

Kinder Morgan to Consolidate Empire in $70B Mega-Deal

Houston billionaire Richard Kinder is disbanding his pipeline empire to fortify it for growth as the U.S. shale drilling boom opens up $1.5 trillion in potential projects. Kinder Morgan, which incorporates a gigantic network of oil and gas pipelines across North America, is set to acquire its three associated organizations and revamp as one organization situated in [...]

The deal between the two companies brings a new ray of hope for aviation industry that is currently seeking sustainable means to reduce global carbon footprints

Boeing, SA Airways Join Hands to Turn Tobacco into Jet Fuel

Biofuels created from organic sources, for example, plants and green algae could decrease carbon emissions to an extent of 80% in contrast to petroleum-based fuels. Boeing Co. is collaborating with state-owned South African Airways and Dutch aviation biofuels organization SkyNRG to create jet fuel from an entirely new kind of tobacco plant. The effort is [...]

The news broke out creating havoc, since it amounts to being the biggest slackening of the U.S. ban on oil exports since the ruling was passed in 1975

U.S. Condensate Export Put on Hold for Now, Sources Reveal

The  U.S. Department of Commerce has put on hold at least two companies’ appeal for authorization to trade on ultralight type of crude abroad, sufficiently stonewalling an industry push to  export a maddening surplus of oil in the midst of the U.S. shale revolution, sources reveal. Over a month ago in June, the Department of [...]

Grasmere Village, Lake District, Cumbria, England, UK

UK Begins Bidding for Fracking Licenses Today

The U.K is set to begin, the bidding process today, for the next set onshore oil and gas exploration licenses, including shale gas, a solution is viewed as a less expensive and more secure energy source. The details for the bidding are yet to be set out by the Department of Energy and Climate Change. [...]

As the plastic is trapped, architects plan to reuse it into building blocks for new floating parks in the river stream.

Floating Park in Netherlands to Trap Plastic Junk from Reaching the Ocean

One of the greatest difficulties of cleaning up the billions of bits of plastic on the oceans is that those fragments are so little. Water bottles and plastic bags in the long run break apart into much smaller pieces that spread all through the water body in to a mess. While the perfect solution may [...]

One developing issue is the expanding utilization of microplastics straightforwardly in consumer goods, for example, microbeads in toothpaste, gels and facial cleaning agents, the Year Book says.

UNEP: Plastic Waste causes $ 13 billion damage to Marine Ecosystem

Plastic waste causes an overall financial damage of over $13 billion to marine ecosystems each year, according to two reports released on the opening day of the first United Nations Environment Assembly. The eleventh version of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) Year Book takes a gander at ten issues hailed as materializing by past [...]

Last year alone in Oklahoma, there were over a hundred earthquakes of magnitude greater than 3.0.

Fracking Wastewater in Oklahoma Triggers Earthquakes, study says

According to a new study conducted by top US universities, four wastewater wells in Oklahoma, where energy companies dump water following the completion of hydraulic fracturing process, has caused a series of earthquakes, some 30km from the site in the past five years. The report, published in Science magazine, wrapped up on the Midwestern state, [...]

Coca-Cola and collaborate on Ekocycle Cube Printer to Boost Innovative Recycling

Coca-Cola and collaborate on Ekocycle Cube Printer to Boost Innovative Recycling

(All Image Courtesy of 3D Systems) Musician, entrepreneur and chief creative officer of 3D Systems, has collaborated with Coca-Cola to create a new technology piece that is a part of its Ekocycle brand initiative revolving around environmental sustainability and innovative recycling. Ekocycle was launched by Coca-Cola in 2012 in alliance with revealed the [...]

The Harvester transforms organic fertilizers from scraps of meat, seafood, deli and produce division that is then sold to agriculturists, farmers and retail clients.

WISErg Brings Food Waste Recycler to California

WISErg, a bio-tech organization that recycles disposed food waste into organic compost while reaping data from the scraps, announced today that it has raised a Series B round of $5 million from private investors. Total WISErg funding rose to $7.75 million and will permit the Redmond, WA-based organization to venture into California. WISErg makes food [...]

The United Kingdom’s Department for Energy and Climate Change approved the East Anglia One Offshore wind farm last week, which will soon be the largest offshore wind farm in the world.

UK Hoists the Sails for World’s Largest Offshore Wind Farm

A majority of future wind projects in the EU and China are going offshore while the US is seriously considering mass auction of shores for offshore wind development. Studies have shown that winds blow 40 percent more offshore than on land, which indicates that offshore wind farms comparatively outperform wind projects on land in terms [...]

Donald Tusk - the originator of an energy union

Energy Union – pipe dream or real possibility?

Energy dependence is nothing new. But the fact is that the results of it we can fully observe nowadays, just to mention the ongoing political and military struggle in Ukraine. Saying that Russia is fully responsible for the energy dependence of several countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Bulgaria and others is inappropriate at least. The [...]

(Image: Wind Turbine in Water)

U.S. Unveils Massive Auction for Offshore Wind Development

The federal government is officially set in motion to auctioning off commercial wind leasing rights for an area of more than 742,000 acres for wind development. Currently, there are no offshore wind farms in U.S. waters. The government hopes to change the stagnant state of affairs. In a press release announced on Tuesday, US Secretary [...]

SolarCity wants to build one of world’s largest and most advanced solar plants in the state of New York

SolarCity Acquires Silevo, Plans to Build One of the Largest Solar Panel Plants in the World

On Tuesday, SolarCity announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire Silevo, a solar panel manufacturing and technology company, which specializes in producing solar panel modules that have both enhanced levels of energy output and low cost of production. With this acquisition SolarCity wants to build one of world’s largest and most advanced solar [...]