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Radisson Blu Hotel Frankfurt

Radisson Blu hotels: Designed to Content

When traveling, it is always important to book a comfortable, efficient, and welcoming hotel that helps you relax and makes you feel like home. Radisson Blu, the upper scale brand for Radisson Hotels, not only gathers the entire previous criterion but also adds a couple of stars.


Empire State Building – The Art Deco-Style Plans to ‘Go Public’

You might soon get a chance to grab a piece of Empire State Building, the art deco-style, 102-story skyscraper at the corner of 34th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The company that controls the Empire State Building is planning an initial public offering that could raise as much as $1 billion.

Green Building

Commercial Buildings are Going Green

Going green has been a popular initiative for some time, but the commercial sector has been slow to pick up the trend. Only now are commercial buildings beginning to go green in a variety of ways, and are doing so for both financial and environmental benefits.

Building Construction Industry

Global Construction Industry Will Remain Flat through 2012

The latest construction trade survey from the Construction Products Association in the United Kingdom reported that construction output to fall by1.1% in 2011 and 3.6% in 2012, with no return to growth until 2014. The reason for this is the drop in public sector investment spending, coupled with the inability of the private sector to pick up the slack. These numbers are particularly surprising as the country prepares for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

Pionen: Swedish Atomic Bomb Shelter, Now Assange’s WikiLeaks HQ

Pionen: Swedish Atomic Bomb Shelter, Now Assange’s WikiLeaks HQ

This is the high security data centre where mysterious WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, has chosen to store his millions of controversial data files. The Pionen White Mountains data centre, located 100ft below ground, deep within the bedrock, is the high-security Internet Service Provider company Bahnhof’s super server data centre. It is interesting enough that this […]

Kingdom Tower will overshadow Burj Jhalifa, currently the world's tallest building

Kingdom Tower by Bin Laden Group will be the World’s Tallest Building

All set to overshadow Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s tallest building, Kingdom Tower will be built by the Bin Laden family in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, as the focal point of Kingdom City. Billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal’s investment firm Kingdom Holding Co., announced the $1 billion deal they have signed with the Saudi Bin Laden […]

Shapoorji Pallonji project_Infocity Gurgaon

Shapoorji Pallonji.

Delivering Global Icons Produced By Rachel Allen About a century and a half ago, a giant water reservoir was built on the famous Malabar Hills, in an Indian city then named Bombay – by a company called Littlewood Pallonji & Company. Over time, that company has grown to become the Shapoorji Pallonji Group of Companies, […]

World’s Largest Artificial Floating Solar Powered Island: Viva, Seoul

World’s Largest Artificial Solar-Powered Floating Island: Viva,Seoul

With a 700 seat convention hall, restaurants and arcades, all powered by solar energy, Seoul has launched what is likely to become South Korea’s hot new tourist destination. Part of a group of three completely man-made islands, Viva, launched earlier this month demonstrates the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s commitment towards revitalizing recreational areas in a commercially […]

Jumbo Stay, the Plane Recycled into a Hotel

Flying Eco-Hotel? Almost. Jumbo Stay,the Plane Recycled into a Hotel

All those of you who believe in the beauty of recycling, you’re going to love this one, especially so if you’re fascinated by creative spatial transformations. Presenting one of the world’s coolest stays, Jumbo Stay, in Stockholm, offers guests the opportunity to spend the night aboard a retired plane that has been refurbished into a […]

The Royal Villa, Grand Resort Lagonissi, Athens_World's most expensive hotels 2011

Super Luxurious Sleepovers: World’s Most Expensive Hotels 2011

Business or pleasure, whatever your reason for staying over at one of these beyond-fancy hotels, the one thing you can be absolutely certain about is that the experience will leave a very significant impact on your mind (not to mention your pocket!). So which hotels currently figure on the list of the world’s most expensive […]

Marina Bay Sands Skypark and Infinity Pool

Swim in Bliss – 55 stories high! Marina Bay Sands’ Infinity Pool

One of Moshe Safdie’s “first principles” that form the basis of his design philosophy – “humanizing the megascale” takes on an entirely new dimension when considered in context of Marina Bay Sands’ Skypark and Infinity Pool. To start with, think Singapore and you’re probably visualizing an intensely dense city, teeming with people constantly. Sure, there’s […]

Cybertecture Egg Mumbai by James Law

Virtualising Mumbai. The Cybertecture Egg by James Law & Ove Arup

Think Mumbai; what’s the first few visuals that flash by ? “Super-populated”, “ridden with slums and poverty”, “people living and working in exceedingly tiny depressing spaces”, followed by “fast life”, “glamour”, “bollywood” etc. This maximum city, second only to Hong Kong in being the densest place in the world is currently a global symbol of […]

Proposed Railway Station by Strabag in Vienna - Austria


On its way to the top STRABAG is one of Europe’s leading construction groups. With approximately 75,500 employees, STRABAG posted an output volume of around € 13.0 billion in 2009. From its core markets of Austria and Germany, STRABAG, via its numerous subsidiaries, is present in all countries of Eastern and South-East Europe, in selected […]