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Airbnb scores valuation up to $ 25.5 billion

Airbnb is on the brink of raising $1.5 billion that would boost its valuation up to $25.5 billion, as it comes forth as the latest sharing economy company from US. The company attempts to tap into booming demand in Asia. According to PrivCo, the price tag keeps raising for hot startups. But, the recent investments […]

Michael Green Architecture

Michael Green Architecture Plans to Construct World’s Tallest Wood Building in Paris

Michael Green Architecture and DVVD have partnered with REI France developments to construct the world’s tallest wood building in a major European city – Paris. The carbon neutral proposal is mainly developed as a part of the city’s innovative Réinventer Paris – competition for constructing urban projects in Paris, with an aim to improve the city’s […]

(Image Credit: Australian Institute of Architects )

Architecture 2050 Imperative: Australia Takes Leads on War against CO2

The International Union of Architects has unanimously embraced ‘2050 Imperative’ a declaration focusing on the eliminating of carbon dioxide emissions in the environment thereby executing environmental and social sustainability. The 2050 Imperative, was introduced by Australian Institute of Architects CEO David Parken, was exhibited last Friday at the UIA World Congress in Durban, and perceives […]

'An Ethereal Lotus Building Standing on Water' by Studio505 Blooms in China

‘An Ethereal Lotus Building Standing on Water’ by Studio505 Blooms in China

  (Image Source: John Gollings) A magnanimous Australian architecture firm as of late divulged what may be the most spectacular and futuristic municipal facility on Earth (might be the only coolest looking office on the planet)  the ethereal Lotus Building in the city of Wujin, China.   The ‘Lotus Building and People’s Park’ project, covers […]

SPARK Architects floating hawker center

STARK Architects Plans to Create Sustainable Floating Hawkers Centre in Singapore

(All Image Courtesy of SPARK Architects) SPARK architects has presented ‘the solar orchid’, an outline for a floating hawker center equipped for involving waterscapes over the globe, giving visitors a spot to eat and socialize. The self-sustainable, solar-powered pods endeavor to rejoin the island country of Singapore with its harbor, while reinterpreting a traditional and […]

Italian architectural firm, Nemesi & Partners, has revealed its plan to clad the Palazzo Italia in Milan with a smog-filtering cement façade.

Un Capo d’opera! Palazzo Italia to get a smog-purifying façade for Milan Expo 2015

World Expo has always been one of the most noteworthy international exhibitions of all time. Ever since its inception, nations exhibiting embody elements of all the three eras – industrialization, cultural exchange and nation branding to demonstrate new inventions. For the coming World Expo 2015 in Milan, Italian architectural firm, Nemesi & Partners, has revealed […]

Image: Wolfgang Buttress Paul Smith UK Pavilion Milan Expo 2015

Wolfgang Artists Team Set to Beat Architects for the UK Pavilion 2015 Milan World Expo

Godfather of British Fashion, Sir Paul Smith is usually associated in the public eye as multi-millionaire clothing impresario. In what comes as surprise in the world of architecture is that the British Art patron is set to team up with Wolfgang Buttress to design the UK pavilion for the 2015 World Expo in Milan. The […]


Nature as a Mentor: Enterprising Sustainable Innovation

One of the most compelling and evolved peculiarities of nature is sustainability. Nature is innocuous. It banks on diversity, fits form to function and rewards corporation. It is zero-waste, zero-energy. It curbs excesses from within. Mocking as it, nature’s own children are struggling to incorporate lessons from nature’s 3.8 billion years of innovation. Human curiosity […]

Radisson Blu Hotel Frankfurt

Radisson Blu hotels: Designed to Content

When traveling, it is always important to book a comfortable, efficient, and welcoming hotel that helps you relax and makes you feel like home. Radisson Blu, the upper scale brand for Radisson Hotels, not only gathers the entire previous criterion but also adds a couple of stars.

The World Discuss Hotel to be built in Dubai

UnderWater World is closer with World Discus Hotel

Some unimaginably futuristic plans will never be pursued, but some will… Despite the fact that idea of the cities of the future is still more or less on paper, underwater hotels are going to get us closer to a vision of our fate. Even though the Rangali Islands Resort in the Maldives glories in the title of the world’s first “underwater hotel”, on the horizon there is a new project which will certainly be revolutionary – the World Discus Hotel as it is to be the largest underwater building.

2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi to cost $50bn

Russian splendor amounts to $50b for 2014 Winter Olympics

Getting a chance to organize and host the 2014 Winter Olympics is one of few opportunities when Russia can show the whole world how big and powerful it is. And it is – nothing to sneeze at. Yet, the preparations for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi amounted to record $50 billion. Billions of dollars are being spent to rebuild national prestige and pride

Egerton Crescent is the most expensive street in the U.K.

List of U.K. most expensive residential streets revealed

Even though the U.K. saw house prices drop for a sixth month in December, it has still true jewels which cannot be described as cheap and average at all. Lloyds TSB issued its annual list of most expensive streets in the U.K. Not surprisingly, London has once again outperformed other cities in the competition as all from the top ten are located in the capital of the U.K. According to the survey, residences located in Egerton Crescent, Kensington and Chelsea, London, are the costliest with the average house being valued at over £8 million

Mohammed bin Rashid City

Dubai aims high as it plans to open world’s biggest mall and tallest hotel

Dubai aims high as it has announced its plans to build the world’s biggest shopping mall and tallest hotel, not to mention gardens that are said to be larger than London’s Hyde Park. Dubai revives its property projects which have been postponed due to the global financial crisis. And it is not surprising that Dubai wants everything to be big as it always aims at showing off. So its big comeback is not unexpectedly revolving around the business of biggest.

Archstone Inc. is owned by Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.

Archstone Inc. Attempts to Raise $3.5 Billion in IPO

On the 19th of November, Archstone Inc. stated that it expected to collect an amount of almost $3.45 billion in its first public offering. If the plans come true, the Archstone Inc.’s IPO will be, without a doubt, the largest commercial US real estate IPO of all time.

Kingdom Tower will overshadow Burj Jhalifa, currently the world's tallest building

Kingdom Tower by Bin Laden Group will be the World’s Tallest Building

All set to overshadow Burj Khalifa, currently the world’s tallest building, Kingdom Tower will be built by the Bin Laden family in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, as the focal point of Kingdom City. Billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal’s investment firm Kingdom Holding Co., announced the $1 billion deal they have signed with the Saudi Bin Laden […]

Marina Bay Sands Skypark and Infinity Pool

Swim in Bliss – 55 stories high! Marina Bay Sands’ Infinity Pool

One of Moshe Safdie’s “first principles” that form the basis of his design philosophy – “humanizing the megascale” takes on an entirely new dimension when considered in context of Marina Bay Sands’ Skypark and Infinity Pool. To start with, think Singapore and you’re probably visualizing an intensely dense city, teeming with people constantly. Sure, there’s […]

New Chinese Architecture: Fake Hills project by MAD Architects

Eco-friendly Fake Hills in Beihai, China: MAD Architects

This Chinese firm, with its “MAD”-ly distinct sustainable building designs has managed to carve a niche for itself for sure. MAD Architects’ under-construction Fake Hills project in the Chinese coastal town of Beihai beats the current global trend of stand-alone monuments becoming sustainability symbols. This iconic 492,369sqm residential project combines high-density, economically viable housing with […]

Cybertecture Egg Mumbai by James Law

Virtualising Mumbai. The Cybertecture Egg by James Law & Ove Arup

Think Mumbai; what’s the first few visuals that flash by ? “Super-populated”, “ridden with slums and poverty”, “people living and working in exceedingly tiny depressing spaces”, followed by “fast life”, “glamour”, “bollywood” etc. This maximum city, second only to Hong Kong in being the densest place in the world is currently a global symbol of […]

Floating Luxury:Ark Hotel by Remistudio

Noah’s Ark Re-jigged

This giant floating steel-and-glass-vertical-doughnut hotel, claiming to offer a self-sustained environment, its lower half immersed in water and its upper half afloat, is nothing if not intriguing. Designed to withstand floods caused by rising sea levels, The Ark Hotel has been envisioned as a safe, self-contained ‘biosphere’ – a haven in the case of disaster. […]