Google Cardboard

OnePlus2 Surprises By Giving Google Cardboard v2.0 Free

OnePlus, Chinese handset manufacturer best known for producing handset with cheaper rates, has surprised with a good feature by introducing OnePlus’s clone, which will provide you Google cardboard free. Just a few weeks ago, the company announced to debut its second-gen version of OnePlus, along with selling OnePlus Cardboard at free of cost. The surprising […]


Declining Economy of China Puts a Big Question Mark on Industries

China is a well-known spot for export business, covering almost half of the country’s industry sectors, and investors. Since past few months, China’s slow growing economy has led to a series of concerns for the economies of 50 countries, which count china as their top destination for export business. According to economists at UBS, due […]


Hackers Demand 9.5 Bitcoins from Plex as a Ransom Pay

Video streaming service – Plex has reset client passwords, after it was breached by a hacker, who debilitated to discharge stolen information unless he’s paid a payoff. On Wednesday, Plex found that a server hosting its blog, and forum had been compromised, as stated by Chris Curtis – a Plex support engineer, in a blog […]


Aetna, Humana Acquisition Deal on a Fast Track

Aetna is almost close to an agreement to buy its rival Humana for about $34 billion. On Thursday, people familiar with the matter briefed that this is the first in a series of mergers among the country’s big health insurer. Under the agreement, Aetna would pay almost $230 a share in stock or cash. That […]


Biogen Pays $124 Million to Develop Gene-Based Therapies

On Thursday, Biogen Inc. will enter into the area of eye-disease treatment by paying Applied Genetic Technologies Corp. (AGTC) about $124 million for licensing its products, and commercialization rights to a few of its gene-based therapies. Where, the amount ($124 million) incorporates a $30 million equity investment worth of $20.63 per share. Biogen also has […]

BP Plc

BP Plc to Settle Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill at $18.7 Billion

BP Plc will pay up to $18.7 billion as penalty amount to the US government and five states to reimburse almost all claims from its deadly Gulf of Mexico oil spill five years ago in the major corporate settlement in US history. The claim adds $43.8 billion, which BP had already put aside for criminal […]

Glaxosmithkline's New HIV Drug

China to Get Cut-Price Supplies of GlaxoSmithKline’s New HIV Drug

China will get cut-price supplies of GlaxoSmithKline’s new HIV drug Tivicay, after an accord for a Shanghai-based – Desano Pharmaceuticals to turn into an additional manufacturer of the medicine’s active ingredient. The joint effort between Desano Pharmaceuticals and GSK’s HIV unit ViiV Healthcare marks a change in the business atmosphere for the British drug-producer that […]


Bonjour! Chirps Starbucks to France

Popular coffee-chain brand – Starbucks has inked a deal with Groupe Casino – a global grocery behemoth to open Starbucks stores within Geant Casino supermarkets, and Casino hyper markets in France. The deal has been approved to licensing coffee shops in the group’s supermarkets in France. Casino Restauration is subsidiary of Groupe Casino – a French […]


PayPal Avouches The Acquisition Of Xoom Corp.

PayPal Holdings Inc. has confirmed the takeover of Xoom Corp. – an online international money-transfer company for about $890 million in an all-cash agreement. The acquisition will empower PayPal to take advantage of the lucrative market for global remittances. Xoom’s online service lets individuals send money globally; frequently through smartphones – incurring a charge within […]


Mark Cuban lends into Fashion Brand – Mizzen+Main

Well, if you can’t have a smart investor like Mark Cuban in your startup, then it still pays to count him as a customer of your brand. Three-year old fashion brand – Mizzen+Main is building a list of celebrities, who are trading their starched cotton attires for the company’s stretch-knit button-downs, along with prominent entrepreneurs […]


Now Facebook Will Talk and Write Messages for You

Today, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerburg posted in a public Q&A on his own Facebook Page about spending that the company vesting in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality Technology, and the project. The company presents a closer look to improve its product beyond promising that it aims to advance the relevancy of the News Feed, and […]


Electrical Therapies Will Be Used To Treat Deadly Diseases

Envision a world where our deadly diseases are treated using electrical therapies, rather than pills or chemo. The reality is very near to us, as recently scientists have discovered that people dealing with deadly diseases will be treated well by using electronic systems. Generally, human’s nervous system sends signals to tissues or organs to ease […]

Apple Ebook

Federal Charges Apple to Drive up EBooks Price-Fixing

On Tuesday, a federal appealed court in New York upheld a judge’s ruling that Apple Inc was guilty of conspiring with five publishers to drive up the price of e-books. By a 2-1 vote, the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals consented that the conspiracy has violated federal antitrust law, and that the judge acted […]


Chinese Handset-Producer Xiaomi Plans to Set up Its Empire in Brazil

Chinese Handset-producer – Xiaomi will start selling smartphones in Brazil by this month. The company is going to make its first appearance in Latin America, and the first market for the low priced devices outside Asia. Hugo Barra, VP of Xiaomi Global, said in a telephonic talk in Sao Paulo that the Redmi 2 will […]


Samsung’s new technology will expand Smartphone’s battery life

Tired of charging your cell phone battery several times in a day? Don’t fret! Samsung is planning to develop a new technology that will extend the life of lithium-ion battery to double its current capacity on a single charge. The company is planning to extend the battery life of smartphones, without increasing the size. Samsung’s […]


AOL in Talks with Microsoft to Acquire Its Display Ad Business

On Monday, AOL declared a portion of the value, while announcing a deal with Microsoft. At the point when the approval for Verizon to acquire AOL was declared a month ago, officials from both companies said that AOL was a winsome acquisition due to its promoting technology. Under the agreement, AOL will dominate management and […]


Kraft Heinz Management Will Be Dominated by H.J. Heinz’s Executives

H.J. Heinz’s leadership is squandering no time in shaking up with Kraft Foods Group Inc. According to a statement that named the executive group for the consolidation company, both companies declared a raft of administration changes on Monday, in front of their planned merger that is schedule to go to a shareholder vote this week. […]

Yelp and Google

A New Yelp-Sponsored Study Claims Google Distorts Search Results

A Yelp-sponsored study conducted by lead researchers, Tim Wu of Columbia and Harvard’s Michael Luca revealed that Google has discriminated against competitors by worsening its search results. According to lead researchers, their study showed that Google favors search results, which direct users to Google content over listed results that point to competitors, like, Orbitz, and […]

Massive Data Bandwidth Rates

Researchers Set Networking Record with Massive Data Bandwidth Rates

A group of University bodies claim to have developed a method to ramp up the data bandwidth of fiber optic cables by excluding a barrier, which has restricted the maximum power at which optical signals can be sent. The team of researchers from University of California, San Diego said that their technique of adjusting the […]