A Hong Kong-Based Company is using People’s DNA with an intend to shame them for littering in public

It’s a very shameful thing when someone litters in public places, and even after doing such a shameful act, they go on their way thinking there’s nothing wrong in littering in public. Well, things in an Eastern city, might soon change! When such people litter, their posters will be put up around the city, publicly […]

Google is readying 'Brillo,' an OS for the Internet of Things

Google is readying ‘Brillo,’ an OS for the Internet of Things

Google is all set to enter at the Internet of Things (IoT) market at I/O next week with the launch of a platform for Internet connected devices. The search giant is reportedly developing “Brillo” operating system for the Internet of Things. Brillo will apparently be based on Google’s mobile operating system Android, and is targeted […]

LG showcased curved and bended OLED TV, sticks to wall like a refrigerator magnet

LG showcased curved and bended OLED TV, sticks to wall like a refrigerator magnet

  LG showcased a curved and bended OLED TV that sticks to your wall like a refrigerator magnet. Earlier this week, the South Korean electronics giant firm, LG debuted its new innovation- a thin 5.5 inch TV carrying a flexible TV screen, which sticks by pressing on the wall, using magnets. A small induction of […]

Electric Vehicles, and Clean Tech Investments

U.S Positioned as the World’s Top Nation in Electric Vehicles, and Clean Tech Investments

Next 10’s Green Innovation Index, International Edition for the first time has analyzed, and ranked US’ economy and energy performance among the world’s 50 largest leading greenhouse gas emitting nations. The Next 10’s report charts US’ gross domestic product, gas emissions, renewable energy generation, energy productivity, clean tech innovations, and other key metrics. Currently, the […]


TrueView, Google’s Shopping Ads For YouTube

Google on Thursday announced that it is introducing a new feature to its YouTube video ad offering that allows viewers to shop from the video ads they are watching. The new feature, called TrueView for shopping essentially lets advertisers easily list several of the products they are selling alongside or within their video ads. The […]

Cyberattack affects 1.1m CareFirst Customers

Cyberattack affects 1.1m CareFirst Customers

CareFirst, Blue Cross Blue Shield, announced on Wednesday, that the health insurer suffered a cyber-attack in June. It revealed that data breach could impact up to 1.1 million CareFirst’s existing and former customers’ information. The health insurer’s headquarter is situated in Maryland, servicing areas – Washington D.C and Virginia. The health insurer disclosed about the […]

IEA and World Bank to Invest Money at Renewables

IEA and World Bank to Invest Money at Renewables

Recently, World Bank and IEA announced plans to spend more on renewables, as they think that enough money is not invested in such renewable source due to which industries often point out of having lower gains in their profit margins. So, IEA and World Bank came up with an alternative to spend more money in […]

AT&T News

Distracted driving: Smartphone use while on the road grows to include multiple activities

As our smartphones allow us to do more than just email and text, drivers nationwide are increasingly distracted while driving. According to a new study released today by mobile provider AT&T, an alarming 70 percent of smartphone owners use their device while at the wheel, and just sending messages of the text and email variety isn’t the only […]

Hershey Meat Snacks Business

Hershey plans to further drive into in Snacks Business

One of the largest chocolate manufacturing brands in North America, The Hershey Company, after acquiring KRAVE Jerky in January, and finalizing the deal recently, has announced to further dive into snack businesses. Earlier this year, it was reported by a source that Hershey is catapulting into meat snacking segments, after getting business approval with KRAVE […]


Microsoft is reportedly preparing to launch a chat-style email app called Flow for Apple’s iPhone

According to reports Microsoft Corporation is reportedly developing a new application designed to enable quick email conversations on smartphones. The service, known as Flow by Outlook, will apparently function alongside Outlook to deliver rapid chat capabilities to iOS. Microsoft has still to confirm the app’s existence. The announcement described Flow as an app for email […]

Wind Turbines

Advocacy group urges to have wind turbine rules to protect birds and other species

Last year, a golden eagle was seen flying over a wind turbine, a wind farm located at Converse County, Wyoming state of U.S. After this, an advocacy group claimed weak federal policies that are allowing wind energy industries to locate wind turbines in regions where birds are fatal to collision. Especially, in the eastern Michigan’s […]


Google joins hand with Twitter, search results to feature real-time tweets

Search giant Google and micro-blogging giant Twitter have renewed a bond that ended in 2011 with a new agreement which will display live Tweets prominently in search results. Google and Twitter made the announcement on Tuesday. With this initiative, the search giant Google will show most relevant tweets in the search results in its search […]

Automatic Car Adapter

Automatic Launches New App Gallery, a Sort of App Store for Cars

Previously, Automatic launched a Bluetooth enabled car adapter along with a smartphone app to give users various insights about their vehicle. They could use it to track trips, decode engine problems, locating parking spot, tracking mileage and more. And now Automatic is taking that whole smart driving assistant thing one step further by launching their second-generation […]


PayPal Fined $25 Million by the Central Financial Protection Bureau

Online shopping hotspot, PayPal was fined to pay $25 million to the Central Financial Protection Bureau for allegedly deceiving customers in signing up for its undisclosed credit policy. The complaint was logged on Tuesday where TFPB fined PayPal to reimburse $15 million to customers, and $10 million as a penalty amount to the agency. According […]

Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. Partially Wins the Battle over Samsung Patent Case

After a tough fight between smartphone titans, Apple Inc. and Samsung over patent infringement case, finally U.S court grants Apple partial victory over the Samsung patent case. Weeks ago, Apple was handed a mixed ruling by U.S appeals court, for the latest twirl in a blockbuster intellectual property battle with Samsung. It was reported by […]


Asus ZenFone 2 is ready for launch in the US on May 19

Earlier in January, ASUS unveiled the ZenFone 2 line during CES 2015. After hitting stores in some parts of Asia and Europe, ZenFone 2 is finally going to be available in the U.S. At an event in New York, the Taiwanese giant announced their two ZenFone 2 (ZE551ML) models which will be available for purchase […]

Cicada Mini Drones

Cicada Mini Drones Developed by American Military – Useful in Civil Missions and Eavesdropping

Researchers in the US Army have developed a new fierce and efficient weapon suited for war. A new drone that is smaller than a human hand is being developed to be used in war plus civil missions. The Covert Autonomous Disposable Aircraft, also known as Cicada looks similar to a toy-drone. These miniature drones can […]

Ubuntu Advantage Storage Support

Canonical announces Ubuntu Advantage Storage at OpenStack Summit

  On May 18, founder of Ubuntu and Canonical, Mark Shuttleworth announced a new cloud-based service – Ubuntu Advantage Storage at the OpenStack Summit in Vancouver, Canada. The company announced its strategic alliance with software-defined support technologies such as SwiftStack, NexentaEdge, the OpenStackSwift storage module, and Ceph. The Ubuntu Advantage storage provides cloud users with […]

Big brands are no longer special to Target, to focus more on organic food products

Big brands are no longer special to Target, to focus more on organic food products

According to reports, Minneapolis-based retailer, Target Corp recently informed its suppliers that it didn’t want to put as much money and effort into promoting some of their packaged products as it did in the past and instead wants to focus on healthier options. The move reflects the shifting taste of shoppers who are more inclined to […]