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Peninsula_Hong Kong

Peninsula Hotels, Hong Kong

The Peninsula Hotels group has a unique identity among the world’s leading luxury hotels. Peninsula Hotels was established in 1928, and now operates prestigious luxurious properties in nine major cities. Peninsula is a living legend, the name synonymous with luxurious comfort and impeccable service.

The Chancery Hotels

The Chancery Hotels

The Chancery Hotels is a major hospitality brand in India with an emphasis in service and property development. Naveen Raju, executive director of the Chancery Hotels, has been with the business for almost his entire life, although he’s only been executive director for four years.

Kingfisher aircraft A330

Kingfisher Airlines Marooned 15 Aircrafts, Concerns Rise on Domestic and International Operations

The besieged private carrier, Kingfisher Airlines, owned by liquor industry leader Vijay Mallya, is in a financial chaos struggling to pay back its Rs 6,000 crore loans. Kingfisher Airlines is facing a tough time. It has turned penniless and stranded 15 aircrafts following the incapability of paying its maintenance and overhauling expenses.

Luxury hotels

Luxury Hotels are Redefining ‘Luxury’ for Guests

Luxury hotels all over the world are making innovative changes to their luxury offerings in order to attracts guests in a way the competition doesn’t. This roundup covers a few of the more interesting offerings from luxury hotels that improve the luxury experience for guests in ways that haven’t been done before.

European Hospitality

European Hospitality Doing Well Despite Eurozone Crisis

Hotels in Europe are doing well in spite of the ongoing Eurozone Crisis, according to the latest numbers from the European hospitality industry. Although the Eurozone Crisis has made it hard for the expansion of hotels in Europe, the hotels in Europe that currently exist are meeting the numbers they had at this time in 2010.

China Hotels

China’s Hospitality Industry Soaring to New Heights

China’s hospitality industry is doing well right now as three major hotel chains in the past announced this week that they will be opening new hotels in China. China has become a very important market in the hospitality industry as more and more people are choosing to visit China while more Chinese are making visits around the country and staying in hotels in China. China received over 56 million international visits in 2010 and is also world’s third largest market for outbound tourists.


Hospitality Industry Readying for the London 2012 Olympics

  The Summer Olympics in London are just six months away. What’s the hospitality industry in London and the rest of the United Kingdom doing to get ready for the  half a million visitors (not including the athletes) projected to visit the city during the games? First, businesses are evaluating their staffing needs, and the […]

Workplace Wellness

Workplace Health Promotion Program Launches at Westin Properties Worldwide

Prior studies show that for every dollar invested in worksite health promotion, there is a medical cost savings of $3.48 and an absenteeism cost savings of as much as $5.82. With Westin Hotels & Resorts rolling out an employee program this week for 25,000 associates, the international hotel chain is sure to see improvements in […]

Barcello Group

Barceló Group

    Serving Excellence Founded in Palma de Majorca, Spain, over 75 years ago, the Barcelo Group is a global leader in the hospitality and tourism sectors. Owned by the Barceló family and run by three generations of family members, the Barceló Group with its hotel and travel divisions operate more than 185 hotels in […]

The Oberoi Group. Unsurpassed Excellence

The Oberoi Group. Unsurpassed Excellence

Founded in 1934, the Oberoi Group operates 28 hotels and three cruisers in five countries under the luxury brands ‘Oberoi’ and ‘Trident’. Oberoi Hotels & Resorts have become known the world over as leaders in the hospitality business, providing the right blend of service, luxury and quiet efficiency. Internationally acclaimed for all-round excellence and unparalleled […]

Musha Cay : the super-exotic, most luxurious island rental in the world

Musha Cay: the world’s most exotic luxury island on rent

What if you could hire 150 acres of unspoiled tropical environment, white sandy beaches and turquoise crystal clear waters and magnificently seductive quarters for a weekend? Well, you can, with Musha Cay, one of the world’s most expensive private islands available for rent, providing extreme relaxation and therapeutic rejuvenation in total isolation from the rest […]

Jumbo Stay, the Plane Recycled into a Hotel

Flying Eco-Hotel? Almost. Jumbo Stay,the Plane Recycled into a Hotel

All those of you who believe in the beauty of recycling, you’re going to love this one, especially so if you’re fascinated by creative spatial transformations. Presenting one of the world’s coolest stays, Jumbo Stay, in Stockholm, offers guests the opportunity to spend the night aboard a retired plane that has been refurbished into a […]