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Target Launches Image Recognition Shopping App Aimed At Boosting Sales

Now shopping for products will only be a photo away, thanks to image-recognition technology. In its latest effort to boost sales, Target Corp has introduced ... Read more

Apple Granted Patent for Its Wearable Tech, iTime

A recent US patent granted to Apple bolstered rumours that the California-based company has designs on a smartwatch which is expected to launch this fall. ... Read more

CIT Group to Acquire OneWest Bank for $3.4 billion

CIT Group, a supplier of business loaning and renting administrations, declared Tuesday that it plans to purchase Pasadena-based Onewest Bank, paying $3.4 ... Read more

Yahoo Snaps Up Flurry To Bolster Mobile Ad Business

Yahoo is adding to its mobile lineup with the acquisition of Flurry, a mobile analytics company and an advertising startup, in its bid to beef up a fast-growing ... Read more

China’s internet population growth reaches to 632 million, majority using mobile devices for online access

China’s Internet adoption rate had been growing over the years but that growth now appears to be decelerating, analysts say. China is now home to ... Read more

The Car that runs Solely on Salt Water is Now Road Legal!

(All Image Courtesy of nanoFLOWCELL) A large number of automotive companies work on concepts and leave them mid-way proving that not all eye-popping innovations ... Read more

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  • Julius Baer is on the twelfth spot from its previously held fifteenth spot among the list of world’s private banks in terms of assets under management.

    Julius Baer Buys Businesses from Leumi Bank amid U.S. Tax Investigation

    The Julius Baer Group announced on Monday that it is entering into a “strategic cooperation agreement” by securing new businesses from the Israeli lender Bank Leumi. Julius Baer, a Swiss private bank situated in Zurich, said its assets under current management amplified by 8 percent in the initial six months of 2014 in contrast to [...]

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  • An investigative report found that stale meat products were repackaged after processing and their shelf life was increased for another year.

    Another China Scandal Over Alleged Use of Expired Meat, Meat Supplier for McDonald, KFC Suspended

    U.S. fast food chains McDonald’s, KFC and Pizza Hut in China faced a new food safety scare on Monday while authorities investigate a report that alleges a supplier has been selling beef and chicken which are nearly one year past their expiry dates. The Shanghai Food and Drug Administration (SFDA) authorities have suspended the operations of supplier, Shanghai Husi Food [...]

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  • describes Jibo as an emotive robot that is designed specifically to better the lives of the family that owns it and to become part of that family.

    Jibo, World’s First Family Robot Will Be Available in 2015

    Technology has been evolving over the time and virtually every organisation uses an automated system these days. The latest one about to hit the shelves is the eponymous robot called Jibo, the world’s first family robot that could revolutionize personal robotics. It not only recognizes each member of a family but also sees to the unique needs and [...]

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  • BMW will be investing $1 billion through 2016 to heighten its annual production from the current 300,000 units produced to 450,000 and build another flagship crossover the X7.

    German Automaker, BMW is Auto Industry’s Leading Exporter in the U.S.

    BMW’s Spartanburg, South Carolina, manufacturing unit is the biggest automotive exporter from the U.S. As indicated by a recent profile by Bloomberg vetting at the Spartanburg plant’s twentieth anniversary, it revealed that the SC unit exports more vehicles than all of Michigan combined. BMW’s Spartanburg manufacturing factory opened in 1994, with a narrowly guaranteed success [...]

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  • In an unclassified but restricted report, FBI predicts that Driverless cars have the potential to be used as deadly weapons

    FBI Believes Driverless Cars May Be Used As Deadly Weapons

    While Google’s driverless cars are seen as the vision of the future, the FBI isn’t too excited though. In an unclassified but restricted report, FBI predicts that Driverless cars have the potential to be used as deadly weapons. The technology used in automated cars can also be used in lethal applications that pose a dire [...]

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  • goTenna is partially disaster relief-smartphone accessory that Perdomo invented with the assistance of Brooklyn-based design firm Pensa

    No Service? GoTenna Lets You Text When There’s No Service

    When Hurricane Sandy hit New York and New Jersey coastlines, a large number of zonal cellphone towers were devastatingly affected leaving millions of residents stranded without a cellphone service or power. Less than two weeks later, Daniela Perodomo, has outlined designs for a GoTenna, a device that could have given individuals stuck without service the [...]

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  • Members on desktop computers or mobile devices can make use of the buy button to purchase goods directly from participating businesses through their advertisements or other posts on the site.

    Facebook tests new ‘buy’ button to let users purchase products that are advertised on its social network

    Social network Facebook is testing a new buy button on its website to facilitate users to purchase products that are advertised on its social network. The new service represents Facebook’s latest efforts to help businesses accelerate their sales through the world’s largest online social network. The company said in a statement that the button will [...]

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  • Google cars fit with methane sensors have taken millions of readings along the streets of these cities over the past two years as part of a pilot program run by the non-profit Environmental Defense Fund

    Google Street View Cars Being Used to Detect Natural Gas Leaks in US Cities

    Lately Google Inc’s Street View cars have been doing much more than just capturing the world’s roads, highways and back alleys. In Boston, Staten Island, and Indianapolis, Google’s cars were equipped with air monitors to detect the thousands of natural gas leaks that are blighting major U.S. cities. Google cars fit with methane sensors have taken [...]

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  • The settlement would compensate consumers in nearly 33 states whose attorneys sought damages for Apple's price-fixing.

    Apple agrees to pay $400 million settlement over e-book price fixing lawsuit

    Tech giant Apple has agreed to pay as much as $400 million to reimburse consumers for illegally conspiring with publishers to fix the price of electronic books. According to a statement from New York’s attorney general, the settlement would compensate consumers in nearly 33 states whose attorneys sought damages for Apple’s price-fixing. Apple violated antitrust [...]

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  • IBM and Apple plan to develop more than 100 industry-specific enterprise solutions including native apps developed exclusively for the iOS platform along with IBM cloud services, analytics and security.

    IBM and Apple join forces to push iPhone and iPad into the enterprise market

    Two tech titans who were historically fierce rivals are partnering up. Apple and International Business Machines Corp announced an agreement on Tuesday where IBM will develop exclusive iPhone and iPad apps for Apple devices geared at enterprise clients. Neither Apple nor IBM disclosed the financial terms of the deal. The announcement of the deal was [...]

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  • Googles Project Zero to search for online bugs and hackers

    Google Announces Project Zero, An Elite Hacker Squad To Fix The Internet

    On Tuesday, Search giant Google unveiled a new initiative called Project Zero, a broad attempt to weed out security bugs in third party applications through which Google users are harmed every day by a variety of targeted attacks. These vulnerabilities are known as zero-day exploits. Through these flaws, hackers of criminal, government-paid agencies and industrial origin [...]

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  • The acquisition is the way resist market domination of its much bigger rival, the Altria Group, and the steady decline of smokers that has triggered a prophetic warning in the industry.

    Reynolds-Lorillard Merger: Bulked Up to Light up Rival Marlboro?

    Reynolds American Inc. the second-largest Tobacco maker in the U.S., announced on Tuesday that it is planning to buy rival Lorillard Tobacco Company for about $27.4 billion (including debt). The acquisition is the way resist market domination of its much bigger rival, the Altria Group, and the steady decline of smokers that has triggered a [...]

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  • With the evolution of internet and the way lives have changed around us, Nielsen can no longer depend on its presently obsolete methods for measuring TV ratings.

    Facebook Soon to Track User’s TV Habits

    At the point when the fall TV season commences and Facebook users all around the nation are making up for lost time binge-watching their most loved sitcoms and programs throughout the day, Nielsen will be tracking them. Surprised? In yet another partnership between the flagship social network Facebook and Nielsen, will now permit Facebook to [...]

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