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Popular Crowdfunding Destination Kickstarter Updates Terms & Conditions

Popular crowdfunding site, Kickstarter that helped launch a number of successful projects is finally making an effort to revise its terms of use that will ... Read more

Oculus Unveils Crescent Bay VR Headset With 360-Degree Tracking

Facebook-owned Oculus VR introduced its third major revision of the popular Oculus Rift virtual-reality head mounted display, called Crescent Bay. The ... Read more

A Deal Done: Mitsubishi Bids $1.4bn for Norwegian fish farmer Cermaq

Japanese conglomerate, Mitsubishi Corp., proposed a $1.4 billion bid to buy Norwegian fishery Cermaq in a strategic move to expand its food business. The ... Read more

EMC Explores Deal Options with HP, Dell

The Hopkinton, Mass., based EMC Corporation, which is currently facing mounting pressure from a massive activist hedge fund, is seeking optimistic results ... Read more

Siemens Inks $7.6bn Deal with Dresser-Rand

Europe’s largest engineering conglomerate, Siemens has agreed to acquire Houston-based Dresser-Rand in a $7.6bn (£4.6bn) transaction which will help ... Read more

California Issues 29 Permits for Self-Driving Cars on its Roads

Driverless cars which have been put to test on certain Californian regions for more than four years, recently received the nod from the Department of Motor ... Read more

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  • Hamster Wheel Standing Desk

    Exercise While You Work, Upgrade Your Workstation with This Invention

    Sitting in front of the computer all day long glued to the chair? How frustrating is that? Did you know that there’s a study that claims that sitting is just as bad for you as smoking, regardless of how many hours you put to exercise. It simply does no good, well, except the paycheck. But [...]

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  • Inside Dropboxs Urbanized San Francisco

    A Business of Security: Google, Dropbox Partner to Build Ease of Use Internet Security

    In the age of digitization where the recent celebrity photo hack and revelation behind meagre privacy shook the security industry, there are some organization focused on making the world a secure place. Dropbox, Google and the Open Technology World are advocating their support to a new organization devoted to making open-source security and privacy tools [...]

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  • Most texting and driving happen during 5 o’clock traffic, when a huge number of cars drive en masse.

    New Radar Gun In Development To Detect Texting Drivers

    ComSonics, a Virginia-based company is developing a radar gun-like device that will help police officers detect drivers who are texting. The company claims the gadget works by picking up radio frequencies that emit from a vehicle when someone inside is using a phone, surfing the internet or texting. Because texting, calling, and data transferring emit [...]

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  • Chinese authorities accused GSK's China chief of scheming a “massive bribery network” that helped the company with higher drug prices and illegal revenue of more than $150 million

    China Slaps $500M Fine on GlaxoSmithKline for Bribery

    China has fined British pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline $491.5 million after a Chinese court found its subsidiary in the country guilty of bribing non-government staff. Chinese state media said it was the biggest corporate fine the nation has ever issued. GSK in a statement said that it has fully cooperated with the Chinese authorities and taken [...]

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  • The next version of its Android operating system will encrypt user data by default, which means data will be inaccessible unless the person has the decryption key. (Google I/O Device Lab)

    Following iOS 8 Lead, Google steps up encryption on devices

    A day after Apple detailed its new privacy measures; Google also announced that they will be boosting up the encryption tactics on devices powered by their Android operating systems. The next version of its Android operating system will encrypt user data by default, which means data will be inaccessible unless the person has the decryption [...]

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  • Alibaba to open on NYSE Friday under the symbol $BABA

    All Winners, No Losers: Historic Day for Alibaba, To Net $22 Billion in IPO

    Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding on Thursday set its first sale of stock (IPO) at 68 U.S. dollars per share, inking a record-breaking IPO in U.S. history. Value per share is sky-high of its expected range between 66 dollars and 68 dollars that was disclosed weeks ago. The company raised 21.8 billion dollars, offering [...]

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  • Dave Barger, longtime CEO of JetBlue will step down in February 2015

    Will the New JetBlue CEO Hayes Make the Same Mistakes Post Succession?

    JetBlue Airways Corp. on Thursday named Robin Hayes, its current president and a former British Airways executive, to succeed Dave Barger as CEO, effective February 16, 2015. Investors had expected the transformation, on the grounds that Barger’s contract was about to expire that month and the fact that he had turned blind eye for being [...]

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  • Logitech Enters The Home Automation Arena With Harmony Remote And Hub

    Logitech Enters The Home Automation Arena with Harmony Remote and Hub

    Logitech, the company more famous for keyboards and mice has officially entered the home automation space. The company is exploring ways to connect the rest of the house to create a seamless experience across all home automation equipment. At an event Tuesday night in San Francisco, the company’s CEO Bracken P. Darrell introduced the lineup [...]

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  • The collaboration can prove to be advantageous to T Mobile also as it intends to establish and grow itself as a premium network carrier in the U.S.

    ZTE Brings T-Mobile-Exclusive 5.7-Inch ZMAX Phablets

    Chinese Smart phone maker ZTE is introducing a new 5.7-inch phablet that’ll be exclusively available on T-Mobile from Sept. 24. As competition between smartphone manufacturers has intensified, the Chinese company hopes to claim a larger share of American market by offering a new device with some of the most sought after characteristics, bigger display, larger [...]

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  • In recent years, a majority of Japanese electronics giants have undergone structural changes to revamp unprofitable businesses and to amplify their global competitiveness.

    Toshiba Restructuring Struggling PC Business, 900 Job Cuts on the Way

    The PC industry has been affected severely with the advent of tablets and smartphones in recent years. It’s not just PC that we’re talking about, laptop sales too seem to have fallen with the dawn of hybrid laptops and tablets and similar devices replacing them. Japanese electronics conglomerate, Toshiba Corp. on Thursday announced that it [...]

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  • The Luxury Edition Porsche Design P'9983

    Sneak Preview of the Luxury Edition $2,340 Porsche Design P’9983 Smartphone from BlackBerry

    Porsche Design and BlackBerry Limited unveiled the all-new luxury edition Porsche Design P’9983 smartphone from BlackBerry at an event in Dubai on Wednesday. The resulting extravagance of the P’9983 smartphone comes from the iconic style and timeless minimalism typical of Porsche Design brand and the “fluid and effortless productivity experience of BlackBerry 10 technology”. The [...]

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  • NASA Deputy Administrator Tours Blue Origin

    Bezos’s Blue Origins to build Rocket Engines for National Security Space Launches

    Blue Origin, private spaceflight company backed by e-commerce retail billionaire Jeff Bezos, has entered into a partnership with a Boeing-Lockheed Martin joint venture to supply rocket engines that will launch America’s military and national security satellites. The announcement comes after fellow billionaire Elon Musk revealed developments behind building a rocket and capsule through his Space [...]

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  • Yelp settles FTC Suit over collecting data on children

    Yelp settles FTC Suit over collecting data on children

    San Francisco based online customer review stalwart Yelp has agreed to pay US $450,000 to the U.S. Federal Trade Commission to settle charges after it was accused of collecting names and email addresses from children as young as 9 without the consent of their parents. Earlier on Tuesday, the FTC had brought a complaint against [...]

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